ASRock Z170 Non-K Overclocking Guide

In this quick guide I will explain the process of ASRock Z170 Non-K Overclocking. The non-K OC is really easy and can be done within few minutes. Few days ago I published a short article about overclocking non-K CPUs. Depending on the CPU you can increase the clock between 15-70 % without any problems.


Unlike K-CPUs which can be overclocked using the multiplier, non-K CPUs have to be overclocked using the BCLK. Pre-Skylake CPUs such as Haswell or Devils Canyon could only be overclocked by about 3-5% using the BCLK because the BCLK was still tied to the DMI and the PCIe.

slide-3However, for Skylake CPUs, BCLK and PCIe have a dedicated reference clock which always stays at 100 MHz – no matter how you change the BCLK. In other words: You can push the BCLK without worrying about other components.

The non-K BIOS is skipping some parts of the power-management, so there are few things you have to keep in mind:

  • The missing power-management will not allow to read out any core temperature. However, you can read-out the package temperature with the tool HWInfo (make sure to stay below 70°C package temperature)
  • HWiNFO
    0.00 KB | 25596 downloads
  • No C-States. CPUs will always run full speed and full voltage.
  • No Turbo-Mode.
  • No iGPU.
  • Intel AVX is screwed. Some benchmarks like Intel XTU use AVX and you will have about 4-5 times lower score. As far as I know no game is using AVX so it’s no problem to use this for gaming rigs. Not suitable for professional usage tho.
  • Avoid high memory clocks. Everything around 2600 MHz will be fine.

For 24/7 overclocking and gaming you don’t have to worry about any of these points. Pentium, i3 and i5 CPUs have a low power consumption which results in a low core temperature for 24/7. As long as follow my guide you don’t have to worry about the missing core-temperature readout.

Compatible CPUs for non-K OC:

CPU NameCoresStock ClockTurbo ClockHyperthreadingL3-CacheTDPAmazon
Pentium G440023300 MHz-No3 MB54 Wlink
Pentium G4400T22900 MHz-No3 MB35 W
Pentium G450023500 MHz-No3 MB51 Wlink
Pentium G4500T23000 MHz-No3 MB35 Wlink
Pentium G452023600 MHz-No3 MB51 Wlink
Core i3-6098P23600 MHzYes3MB54 Wlink
Core i3-610023700 MHz-Yes3 MB51 Wlink
Core i3-6100T23200 MHzYes3 MB35 Wlink
Core i3-630023800 MHz-Yes4 MB51 Wlink
Core i3-6300T23300 MHz-Yes4 MB35 Wlink
Core i3-632023900 MHz-Yes4 MB51 Wlink
Core i5-640042700 MHz3300 MHzNo6 MB65 Wlink
Core i5-6400T42200 MHz2800 MHzNo6 MB35 Wlink
Core i5-6402P42800 MHz3400 MHzNo6 MB65 Wlink
Core i5-650043200 MHz3600 MHzNo6 MB65 Wlink
Core i5-6500T42500 MHz3100 MHzNo6 MB35 Wlink
Core i5-660043500 MHz3900 MHzNo6 MB65 Wlink
Core i5-6600T42700 MHz3500 MHzNo6 MB35 Wlink
Core i7-670043400 MHz4000 MHzYes8 MB65 Wlink
Core i7-6700T42800 MHz3600 MHzYes8 MB35 Wlink

Depending on your budget you should only consider these CPUs:

All of the CPUs should easily reach 4400-4500 MHz and a high multiplier is not needed because you can compensate everything with the BCLK.

ASRock Z170 Non-K Overclocking BIOS

First of all get the correct BIOS for your board. You can find a list of BIOSes in the table below.

After downloading, enter the BIOS and use Instant Flash to update to the Non-K Version:

ASRock Z170 Non-K Overclocking BIOS Flash

ASRock Non-K Overclocking Motherboards and BIOSes

In the table below you can find the ASRock motherboards that support Non-K overclocking using the BIOSes listed below. For more information on how to overclock the Skylake Non-K CPUs using ASRock motherboards, check out the Detailed ASRock Z170 Non-K OC Guide.
MotherboardBIOS DownloadAmazon
Z170 OC FormulaLink
Z170 Gaming K6+
ASRock Z170 Gaming K6+ Non-K OC BIOS
7.23 MB | 1150 downloads
Z170 Gaming K6
ASRock Z170 Gaming K6 Non-K OC BIOS
7.23 MB | 2088 downloads
Z170 Gaming K4
ASRock Z170 Gaming K4 Non-K OC BIOS
7.19 MB | 4765 downloads
Z170 Extreme7+
ASRock Z170 Extreme7+ Non-K OC BIOS
7.60 MB | 1094 downloads
Z170 Extreme6+
ASRock Z170 Extreme6+ Non-K OC BIOS
7.52 MB | 4163 downloads
Z170 Extreme6
ASRock Z170 Extreme6 Non-K OC BIOS
7.52 MB | 1671 downloads
Z170 Extreme4
ASRock Z170 Extreme4 Non-K OC BIOS
7.63 MB | 5012 downloads
Z170 Extreme4+Link
Z170 Extreme3
ASRock Z170 Extreme3 Non-K OC BIOS
7.65 MB | 7216 downloads
Z170 Gaming K4/D3
ASRock Z170 Gaming K4D3 Non-K OC BIOS
7.19 MB | 1354 downloads
Z170 Gaming-ITX/AC
ASRock Z170 Gaming-ITXac Non-K OC BIOS
7.24 MB | 1822 downloads
Z170 Pro4S
ASRock Z170 Pro4S Non-K OC BIOS
7.48 MB | 6241 downloads
Z170 Pro4/D3
ASRock Z170 Pro4D3 Non-K OC BIOS
7.41 MB | 2208 downloads
Z170 Pro4
ASRock Z170 Pro4 Non-K OC BIOS
7.47 MB | 10550 downloads
ASRock Z170A-X13.1 Non-K OC BIOS
7.53 MB | 2363 downloads
Z170M Extreme4
ASRock Z170M Extreme4 Non-K OC BIOS
7.47 MB | 1823 downloads
ASRock Z170M-ITXac Non-K OC BIOS
7.52 MB | 1725 downloads


ASRock Z170 Non-K Overclocking Overclocking

My setup:

ASRock Z170 Non-K Overclocking System

The CPU clock is a result of the BCLK x Multi. E.g. the i3-6100 has a stock clock of 3700 MHz (100×37). For example a BCLK of 120 will result in a core clock of 4440 MHz.

You basically have to change 3 main values to overclock: CPU BCLK, CPU Multi (Ratio) and CPU Core Voltage. While you can always use around 1,325 Volt as CPU Core Voltage, the CPU Multi and BCLK depend on the exact CPU.

Using the ASRock Non-K BIOS, the CPU will always be at the maximum multiplier. This means you only have to change the BCLK, Core Voltage and keep the memory at the correct speed.

CPU NameCPU + Ring MultiBCLK for 4500 MHZ
Pentium G440033137
Core i3-610037122
Core i3-630038119
Core i5-640027167
Core i7-670034133

Make sure you have a sufficient CPU cooler. Don’t try this with the Intel Boxed cooler.

ASRock Z170 Non-K Overclocking in 8 steps

BCLK depends on the CPU. Check values in the table above.

  • Enter the BIOS
  • Go to OC Tweaker – CPU Configuration
  • Set the BCLK you need (in my case 122)
  • Go to OC Tweaker – Voltage Configuration
  • Set the CPU Core Voltage to 1.325 and the the CPU Loadline Calibration to Level 1
  • Go to OC Tweaker – DRAM Configuration
  • Load the XMP Profile
  • Adjust the DRAM Frequency to a value around 2600 MHz

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the forums:

Overclocking.Guide Forums

BIOS Screenshots:

ASRock Z170 Non-K Overclocking BIOS ASRock Z170 Non-K Overclocking BIOS ASRock Z170 Non-K Overclocking BIOS

Now boot into windows and test the stability with Prime95 1344K for at least one hour. For a detailed Prime95 Guide check HERE

These settings should work for almost all boards and CPUs. If you have problems just let me know in the comments.


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  • Mohammad

    Why recommend i5 6400 when you can buy i5 6500 with 10$ more and get much higher base clock than i5 6400 ?!

  • oemspain

    Why not to go up in the BLCK if you have DDR4 3866 modules?.
    You have used in the example with the i3 6100, a BLCK of 122 Mhz and the memory stack on 2600 Mhz (1200 mhz less than memory XMP profile).
    With that confuguration itn’t better to use DDR4 2666 Mhz modules (cheaper than thats)?.

  • Biohazard

    Can someone run though with me what RAM I should be buying and what settings I should put it at?

    I have some RAM but it’s DDR3 1600 MHZ. Can I use it and if not, why not?

    I need to upgrade my computer and this will be my first overclocking. This guide has allowed me to upgrade to a machine that will age well cheaper than Scan’s overclocked bundles. I thank you creator of this post that you have enabled me such a saving!

  • Hi,
    I have ASRock Z170M Pro4S on the table right now but there is no Vcore setting, only Offset (in BIOS version 2.23 even older 2.20). And it seems like Offset doesn’t work too, because there is still default voltage 1.270 V. I have i3-6100 in it and I am able to overclock only to ~4100 MHz with this default voltage.

    • Tennyleaz

      I have Z170M pro 4, also doesn’t have manual Vcore setting (2.2~2.4 bios).
      What ram are you using? Micron DDR4-2133 seems can’t boot with bclk overclock

    • Z

      I think the limit of bios 2.23 just at 4.15ghz
      Coz ill just testing for whole night n get boot lock when try to do more tha 4.179ghz on i5 6500…ill sure that mybe we should do on latest bios that without microcode update

      My board were z170m pro4
      N pretty sure that doesn’t have vcore sett on voltage setting menu on bios 2.23

      I read that some of them wich ther board 170with m version can do up to 4.5 with latest bios as ex bios2.8 then poom there is the vcore setting..ill try tonight n will update soon

    • arian

      to get the vcore setting you need to update your bios to 2.80.

      my bios was 2.40 and the setting was not there, but when i updated to 2.80 the vcore setting was present. my i5 6500 is overclocked to 4.5 ghz.

  • godiego

    i have the same motherboard , the asrock z170 pro4 but what driver i have to download?

  • Jorge

    Hello I have this pc:
    Intel i5 6600
    Asrock Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming K4
    Kingston HyperX Fury DDR4 16GB (Kit 2) 2400MHz CL15
    Tacens Mars Gaming MCPU1
    Gigabyte GeForce GTX 960 WindForce OC 4GB GDDR5

    The bios for Motherboard is 2.40:
    (1.Update Nick’s XMP table.
    2.Update Microcode.
    3.Capable of enhancing CPU performance)

    I overcloked my cpu to 4026Mhz (bus speed122*33 multiplier), everything ok but the temperature is very very hot, I use the bench of CPU-Z for 5 mins and the cpu it reached 85 ° C (72 average). It’s too much hot? All components are new (two weeks) what can i do? Do you recomend me another CPU cooler? If so, which one? (20 or 30 € is my budget :D)

    P.D Obviously I follow your guide perfectly

  • burs

    Der8auer, do you think bios 2.70 for Asrock mainboards kill the non-k overclock since it also has a microcode update? is it still compatible?

  • Dylan

    Is this possible with RAM that has natively lower timings?
    Ie. Can I get a good bclk overclock by reducing the timing of 2600 RAM to say 2133?

  • diego

    i tried with 1.325v and 4,51ghz the i5 6500 and my pc doesnt work but in 4ghz it runs
    i5 6500
    asrock z170 pro4
    2×4 gb ram ddr4 2666mhz
    aerocool strike 1100w

  • Sven


    Does anyone have the ASRock Z170M Pro4S Non-K OC BIOS?
    It´s not listet, but there was a non-K overclocking Bios
    ASROCK changed it on their Website… -.-

  • Pingback: Anonymous

  • Matze

    I have the z170m pro4s board too.
    I use the latest bios version (think 2.4) from the asrock site at the regular downloads.
    OC my 6500 up to 4.00 ghz run fine, but more dont run. I dont no why we dont can set the Vcore at this board/bios…
    All other boards have this setting, and have a special non-k oc bios to download from here, the z170m pro4s are not listet, see only z170 pro4s and z170m pro4(or itx)… Sorry 4 bad englisch

    • Z

      I think the limit of bios 2.3 just at 4.15ghz
      Coz ill just testing for whole night n get boot lock when try to do more tha 4.179ghz on i5 6500…ill sure that mybe we should do on latest bios that without microcode update

      My board were z170m pro4
      N pretty sure that doesn’t have vcore sett on voltage setting menu on bios 2.3

      I read that some of them wich ther board 170with m version can do up to 4.5 with latest bios as ex bios2.8..ill try tonight n will update soon

  • JeRiKo1

    Hi, I have a i5-6400 on a ASRock Z170 Extreme4 with an AIO.

    I can go BCLK of 160 at 1.3V – I managed to even get as low as 1.2V but haven’t tested stability there.

    But as soon as I try to even go one BCLK higher (to 161) the thing won’t boot. Dr Debug will give me error code 19 and after a couple of retries 00.

    Is there any chance I can get the thing to go higher? 4320Mhz is not bad – but I want more! 😉

    Any quick suggestions what I should try?

    • Richard

      4320 mhz is pretty good for core i5 6400. With this oc, you have one of the fastest cpu in the planet for peanuts.

  • I do not understand why you say that the temperature is not displayed under Windows.

    I have a Pro4s Z170 and under A-Tuning and OCCT I see perfectly in W10.

    For now, I have my OC i5-6400 to 4Ghz with the original cooler and have rock-steady with a 1.2v vcore.

    In burn it doesn’t exceed 60 ° 🙂

  • Banana

    Hi, I’m planning to buy an Asrock Z170M Extreme4 with an i5 6400. Is BCLK overclock still possibile if I update the BIOS to the beta version one ? Or I can’t flash an outdated one ?

  • diego

    hi , my record is 4,22ghz with my i5 6500 and z170 pro 4, bclk 130, but if i want 4,5ghz i need up to 140 but my pc doesnt run if i select more than 130 =( i tried with 1,35v what can i do?

  • duniek

    i5 6500 + z170m e4 (bios 1.10 @ 1.35 from this site)

    i started testing from 32×130, increase by blck
    138 not boot at all
    137 also 137,5 is ok

    so Can I say 137.5 is limit for this board?

  • Andre Dijkstra

    For some reason I have to keep the memory at the rated 2400mhz speeds or below or else no boot whatsoever. This is on a z170m extreme4 combined with BLS2C4G4D240FSB Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 2x 4gb modules.)

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  • Marko

    Hi, in order to downgrade the bios to run the version with Non K OC Skylake i have to put the bios file in a usb pen and then flash the bios in the uefi?

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  • Richard

    this a great thread. For the 1st time in forever, i am building a new gaming rig. just got a i5 6400/ ASrock Z170 Extreme m/b, Noctua 14 Cooler, and 8GB G Skills Trident X PC2400 3,000 ram, Fractal Define R5 case, and already have a GTX 960Can’t wait till my parts come from NewEgg.

    Will definately be following your guide and dowloading beta bios and overclocking. Will post results once build is done.

    thx again, this info very helpful for me

    • der8auer

      Sounds great 🙂 Let me know how it goes and if you need any help!

      • Richard

        It worked, i used the bios you had linked for download, flash it to my # 2 bios on ASRock Extreme 4, and set vcore to 1.3 and raised bclk and acheived stable o/c at 4.2 and also 4.5…I’m using Noctua UH 14 Cooler, and temps are 55-60c at load when clocked to 4.2, and around 65c when clocked to 4.5. I have GSkills 3,000 running at the rated speed also, have run Prime 95 stress test and did a few nights gaming and not one crash or blue screen. Suprised at how easy it was to turn a cheap i5 into a monster cpu

        .Looks the silicon lottery was very good to me, couldnt be happier with results.

        thanks again for posting the guide and for the bios update file.

      • Richard

        With C State Disabled – does that mean I cant ever put the computer to sleep? I do have C State disabled in bios. and i went in windows and set a timer for sleep mode, and if it enters sleep mode, it locks up. The power light on case starts blinking, and i lose keyboard, mouse and monitor, and have to hard reset and also unplug PSU to sucessfully reboot.

      • Caleb Smith

        Why do we have to avoid high memory clocks when overclocking the non-k cpu?

  • Joshua Hutchins

    What cooler do you guys recommend? I have an i3 6100 and would love to overclock it. Running the stock cooler right now, so I know I need a new one.

    Cheaper is better, the Hyper 212 EVO seems to be a popular pick, but are there any other, better options?
    Also, how quiet is the EVO? The intel stock cooler is ludicrously loud and it’s driving me insane ( my rig sits about 1.5 feet from my head ).

    I was considering buying an EVO and then a Noctua fan to replace the CM one, but then I’m out about $40, so are there better options in that price range?

    I’d love to try to reach 4.5GHZ.



    • Invasmani

      I reused a Sunbeam CR-CCTF 120 mm Core-Contact Freezer CPU Cooler for a 775 socket CPU, but I needed to buy a 775/1156 mounting bracket and file down the mounting latch nubs for the metal bracket sank down lower when they were clipped on as Skylake socket sits up a bit higher.

      Basically any 775/1156/1155 CPU cooler that uses that type of bracket can be made to work with a bit of DIY modding. I spent $3 for a bracket and saved myself a good $30-$40’s for much better cooling than stock so I can’t complain at all.

  • Andy

    Hello, just looking for a bit of verification. I see the bios update provided here is from December 15, 2015. I ordered the motherboard ASrock Z170 Pro4s this week for my build, will this already come with an updated bios? If so, do I just have to boot the older bios? Is that even possible?

    Just trying to figure out if I should be disappointed in my timing of my i3/ASRock purchase. I really want to experiment with OCing. Thanks in advance!

  • Invasmani

    When I ordered my board a month or so back it came with bios 3.00 so if nothing has changed since then you should be fine. On another note I skipped 3.10 and flashed bios 3.30 and still have SkyOC though it now says my microcode is 73 rather than 74. I’m not sure if it’s better or worse than the default 3.00 bios it came with.

    However I do know a few things in the bios changed like I can individually change PCIe gen1/gen2/gen3 for different PCIe slots as opposed to one setting for all the slots. Also when I raised SA voltage I believe it also raised PCH voltage to match it in bios 3.00 while in bios 3.30 it no longer does so which is nice as I don’t have to readjust PCH voltage it after changing SA. I use a UEFI bios tool to compare and 76 microcode isn’t in bios 3.30, but it was in bios 3.10 so if you skip bios 3.10 you should be fine in terms of SkyOC it’s been working for me. I’m not sure what ASRock might do in the future though.


    Hello is there a bios for Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming-ITX. I recieved my board with the first bios available. Also i have corsair 3200mhz 16 18 18 36 would I have to downclock those to 2666mhz ?

    • Andrea

      try with latest bios, it may work
      at least it work on my z170 gaming k6 with 2.70 bios
      i7 6700 …. 4,6 Ghz@1.33 its pretty good result, memory @ 2847 (16gb ddr4 lpx 3000), over 2900 cause instability with random bsod

  • jay

    Why is intel G3900 not listed?

  • Tre


    I tried to follow your guide. I ended up getting a black screen after windows logo. Any ideas??


  • hausbrandt

    i think there is an error in the description
    ASRock Z170A-X13.1 Non-K OC BIOS

    we should read
    ASRock Z170A-X1/3.1

  • Bastien Roy

    please, i downgraded my ASRock Z170A-X1/3.1 to your version, but i cant ajust the core voltage, the option is not there

  • Adel

    the motherboard asrock z170a-x1 will go to accelerate to 4.5?

  • Misa

    I have a H170 PRO4 which should i download, i really want to speed up my i5 6400, pls help.

  • Paulo

    I have a Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming K4 mobo with the recommended bios version, i5-6500 and 2 x Kingston HyperX FURY DDR4 8GB 2400MHz.
    I would like to know which setting should I use*?
    *BCLK, CPU Core Voltage, CPU Loadline Calibration and XMP Profile (2400?)
    Thx in advance!

  • kartblanch

    Hello! I have a processor 6700, doing all the instructions (set the CPU Core Voltage to 1.325 and BCLK 133), but unfortunately does not turn on the PC. It throws an error loading system. You have to reset the BIOS settings. Are there solutions? I understand I’m not the only one, thank you.

    • Eavonius

      A recommendation that worked for me. Start by setting your CPUs BLCK from “Auto” to what it is supposed to be without any overclocking, set your RAM to 2133, and turn off C-States, Intel Speedstep and Turbo boost and set your voltage to 1.2. If you can boot with these settings, then try upping the BLCK in increments of 5 until you can’t boot. When you can’t boot, I find turning off and back on the computer 3 times (slowly) will cause the bios to auto-boot so I can hit delete to get back in. When you find where you can’t up the BLCK anymore, add .025 at a time to the voltage until it is stable again. Then try upping the BLCK some more. I wouldn’t go above 1.335 voltage. When you’ve found a stable overclock speed, then set the RAM to near 2600.

      • Eavonius

        Oh yeah you might also want to set your fan speeds to “full” if you’re OK with running them all out. Don’t forget to set your RAM to use the XMP profile before setting its speed, I’m not sure why that works but it does.

        • kartblanch

          Hello! If I change the speed of RAM to 2600 XMP Profile that the PC is not turned on … The problem that I described above appeared after the change of the cooling system corsair h105.
          Motherboard: ASRock Z170 Pro4 and I have i7 6700.

  • Eavonius

    Just wondering if there’s any hope for an updated bios for ASRock like the MSI post has. I’m using an ASRock Z170 Pro4.

  • DeadByDay

    Can Someone w/ either one of these boards or definitive info answer this for once and for all,as of JULY/2106,w/ these 2 Motherboards:


    ASRock ASRock Fatal1ty Gaming H170 Performance/Hyper

    I am aware that there is still older bios to flash w/ AsRock Z170 boards to take advantage of Overclocking a Non-K Skylake CPU (e.g. i3 6100 – i7 6700 ) ,known previously as “SkyOC”.Can someone definately confirm that it is ALSO still possible right now w/ either of the above “Fatal1ty B150-Hyper” & “Fatal1ty H170-Hyper) Also.

    If you can include a link to a detailed how-to or which below what bios”version” to flash to and how to be able to use these 2 Hyper mobo’s for “SkyOC” ability…

    Thanks in advance to those w/ answers 🙂

    • Eavonius

      I can’t say definitively, but what I understand is that those two boards use an external BCLK so even if Intel patches the microcode in the bios, you can still overclock. The boards on this site require the specific bioses that set the microcode to a version that allows setting the BCLK the “old” way. I’m afraid that’s all I know, and I can’t say it definitively. I can say though (at least for me) I got 3 ASRock Pro4’s recently and they all overclocked with the bioses posted on here like a champ…(i5-6400 running at 4.2)

  • Carlos San

    I downgraded my asrock motherboard bios to a firmware that supports this, and I tried to overclock my i5 6400 but the system wont post even at a 2900 mhz overclock, is this method dead??
    also my bios does not show the load xmp profile option

    • Eavonius

      It’s not dead as far as I know. What board are you using? Also, as I suggested to someone above – try setting the BCLK to what it would be for your board to be at the stock speed and make sure it boots like that first. If it doesn’t, you probably have something else turned on that needs to be disabled before you can start applying voltage or raising the BCLK.

      • Carlos San

        Thanks for the response! but after some googling, I found that I had to underclock my ram to 1600 instead of overclocking it to ~2400 to get it to work! now I’m at 4 GHz at 55 C under load! and I am happy with that! Also strange note my bios did not include the xmp profile setting but I did buy the cheapest crucial ddr4 ram I could find so that may have been the source of my problems

  • Lonny Snyder

    Just bought an asrock z170m pro4s and i3-6100. My out of the box bios is 2.2 so I believe it’s before sky oc and the microcode change. Does anyone know where to get a sky oc version of my bios? The board is not listed above. Thanks.

    • PB

      Exact same setup here. Go to asrocks website ,

      Download 3.0 , the bios just before they removed sky OC function. Flash 3.0 into your bios. Instead of pressing delete on startup press X to activate Sky OC and boots into your bios. Then follow the same as above. It works and it’s stable for me at 4.5Ghz.

      • Plape

        Just to clarify, were you able to flash to the bios of a different motherboard without issue?
        As in, you were able to use the BIOS of the z170 pro4s on the microatx version, the z170m pro4s (emphasis on the letter M there).
        I ask, because the bios for skylake oc for the z170m pro4s don’t allow for vcore adjustment for some reason, and being able to use the BIOS of another motherboard would solve everything.

  • Nconstruct

    Hi 8auer ich habe alles so versucht wie du es beschrieben hast aber das BIOS will nicht flashen habe ich es vlt falsch extrahiert oder was soll ich unternehmen das es funktioniert

  • jheno

    planning to buy either asus impact viii or maybe asrock fatal1ty z170 itx a/c abroad (not available here in ph).
    i can’t find the bios anywhere here.
    i need some help at least before purchasing one.

  • joczo

    Hi guys.i’m planning to buy an asrock z170 pro4s and a g4400.and i’m planning massive overclocks on it,but i read that some people can’t set voltage on this what do you recommend?is it good for 4.5+ghz or should i buy something else?

  • KrayzKillz

    I have been Getting a Black screen and going crazy trying to fig out the issue OC’n my i3 6100 on AsRock z170m Extreme4 board…I flashed to correct bios so can SKY OC the non- k chip and just realized if I’m reading right that its probably working fine,I just think I’m getting a black screen because when you change the BLCK you lose some things,INCLUDING iGPU…Correct??? So once my gtx 1070 gets here(hopefully today in mail) then I shouldn’t get a black screen when OC’n my i3 6100 upping BLCK & Voltage…

    Can someone else comfirm this is correct that when overclocking a i3 6100 or any iGPU chip the iGPU is disabled and therefore you get a black screen UNLESS you have DEDICATED GPU(e.g. GTX 1070)

    I think I just solved my problem but won’t know for sure until my GPU arrives in the mail today/tomorrow

    I got the info from top of this page where states about “non-K Power Management at the beginning of this article..

    Thank is advance

    • Jakl

      Working yet?

      If so, how. Same board same issue z170m e4′ with 1.35 bios. Getting Black screens. Have to reset PSU before I an boot and it goes into repeat black everytime I reboot.

    • Sjaak

      Did you get it to work with a GPU?

      Can anyone confirm it doesn’t work using the IGP?

  • Ricky D

    I got the asrock z170a x1 not the x1/3 it wont let me change the vcore i have to use mV i don’t know what to set the mV to im trying to overclock my i5 6500

  • matzee

    @ all they have an Z170M Pro4s (not listet here), i have the solution to get what we want.
    first, i tell you what i run now:
    Z170M Pro4S
    i5 6500 @4550Mhz / Vcore 1.29
    DDR4 crucial 4x4GB 2133Mhz -WITHOUT- !!! XMP (i dont know how all tell to must have enabled and bla, but no one knows why he do this, the crucial dont have XMP, so i have it only set near the stock, think +-2230Mhz)
    loadline calib to 1
    c-states off and this stuff,…

    if i use the “beta” non-K oc-bios (v2.23 i think), i dont can change the Vcore, offset doesnt work, i can get max. 4120Mhz with this.

    so, now checked the bios updates, and if u dont get the bios who removed the OC with the updatet microcode, and get the newest one without microcode update (i run atm v2.80), u have the old code and the new settings!
    now u can fixed the Vcore to 1.3v, get BCKL to run at 4500Mhz, set the RAM to the right freq. and have fun.

    spend lot of time, google lot – but no one seems like known whats going on, so i tryed this out, and it work.

    hope it help some people who have the same board, and sorry 4 my bad english, hope u can understand it.


    • NewbieDude

      Awesome, I’m loving this execept the HIGH idle temps.

      i6400 with z170m extreme4 with the 1.35 bios on this site . Everything is great 1.20v gets me to 4.2ghz so I just stayed at it since it was good enough to push my GPU.

      Tip: Needs GPU, XMP has to be off and I manually set my crucial 2400 ddr4 it to 2000 (load XMP would not boot at all, black screen), cstate off, calibration to 1.

      Now my only problem is Idle temp is high. Idles @ 48c then Load at 56 Max. 212 Evo new paste twice. What’s up with that???

      • matzee

        this are not normal, i have it on 4500 with 1.3Vc and a AIO whatercooler (only 120 or 140 radiator, but this is not the problem)
        at idle, i get 35C
        on 4200 / 1.2Vc, i have 28-32C idle

        the problem are the difference from idle to 100% load (use a programm, there heat more up then prime95, dont know why)
        at 4200/1.2Vc it jumps up to 56C and then pending on 60c +-1
        at 4600/1.311VC it jumps (its instand, so not the cooler are the problem) on 100% load up to 69c and pending on 73c, after load goes zero, it goes down to 39-40 into a second,..
        i think it was the thermal past from intel,..

        but u see, all over 4.2ghz, a little more Mhz makes a very higher temp. jump

        @all, they wondering how i get the temp out, Asrock tuning tool can read this out, very good tool at all,


      • Decrease your cpu pll voltage to 1.1. its gives -10deg

    • Z

      I think the limit of bios 2.3 just at 4.15ghz
      Coz ill just testing for whole night n get boot lock when try to do more tha 4.179ghz on i5 6500…ill sure that mybe we should do on latest bios that without microcode update

      My board were z170m pro4
      N pretty sure that doesn’t have vcore sett on voltage setting menu on bios 2.3

      I read that some of them wich ther board 170with m version can do up to 4.5 with latest bios as ex bios2.8..ill try tonight n will update soon

  • AM6

    anyone had tried with i5 6402p? Does it works?

  • Deuz


    Don’t let Intel hear this.

    I own a overclocked I5 6500 4.5GHz on a Z170 Extreme4 official BIOS 2.8, the last with SKY OC feature, but today I decided to try the new bios, the official 7.0 version that enables 7th generation of Intel CPU’s. And i realized that i can overclock my I5 6500 without any issues.

    Do the OVERCLOCK with a more stable BIOS!


  • glassMonk

    I’ve just bought extreme4 mb and downloaded the latest bios v7.0. I don’t know whether it has sky os function or not, but I managed to overclock my i3-6100 from 3.7 to 4,4ghz by changing bclk to 118 and fixing voltage on 1.41. So it looks, that it has such capability.

  • DIlla

    I can confirm that you can use the latest bios version. Once you have not updated to the bios version with the microcode, you are fine!

    Running a z170 Pro4 with an i7 6700T @4.3GHz 1.41v (voltage drops to around 1.37v when benchmarking, but doesn’t boot at that setting, kind of weird.)
    CB score

    • Dmk

      What do you mean by “Once you have not updated to the bios version with the microcode”? latest update has it

      • Dilla

        I meant the Microcode from v3.20, which blocks BCLK overclocking from working. If your motherboard is using the microcode from v3.20, you won’t be able to BCLK overclock (I think, but I’m definitely not gonna check lol).

    • Dilla

      Only problem is, whenever I set the xmp profile, everything goes back to default, except the voltage.

  • Charly

    Hi all,

    i m going to buy this MB: ASRock Fatal1ty Z170 gaming k4
    Wich BIOS version has it? And where do I know that the CPU- Killing microcode from Intel is not implemented on it?
    Or did i misunderstand something?

  • glassMonk

    V1.71 has been released. It is in “beta” section. It seems like no changes in oc capabilities of a mb.

  • john

    I have a I5-6400 and when every i overclock it just down clocks bake to around or below 2.6
    asrock z170 pro4s

    i have maxed all thje power settings please help

  • RickyD

    Im trying to overclock my i5 6500 but with my motherboard it doesn’t allow you to change the voltage. It only lets you change the mV does anyone know anything about this ?

    • matzee

      yes, its named offset, but it doesnt work.
      go to the asrock homepage, and load the latest bios 4 ur board, look all the bios versions down, and one of it says “update microcode, remove sky OC funktion”, thats the only bios, u dont have to update.
      but the microcode are not killing your OC 4 all time, u can anytime flash a older or newer bios wich make an microcode update (or like say downgrade), to can OC as well.

      i have try out ALL bios versions, without the one “special OC kill”, and at all older BIOS, they only have the option with the Vcore offsett, u dont can oc higher then 4120mhz, but it runs with the stock Vcore,…
      at all newest, and i recommend the 7v. u can make it really easy – here a little trick:

      get the new bios on a usb pen with fat32
      go into your bios
      set it to default, restart
      let it restart into Windows or Linux, so u are sure u dont have break the settings
      go to bios, flash it from the drive
      at time it shut down and restarts, dont touch anything, at first it shut down again after the bootlogo
      let it boot to win/linux
      restart and press X at the first seconds (the time u see the asrock logo)
      it shut down auto, and boot again with all bios settings are switched to the right, u need to OC, if u have an i5 6500, it runns now at 3980mhz, with Vcore 1.35, the only u have to do now, are set the BLCK up, the Vcore a bit down and at last the right ram speed, thats it.

      dont know how the set vcore 1.35 at 3980mhz, with 1.35 i was going up to 4700 stable, and i doesnt have try to get higher or set vcore lower, it was only just 4 fun and to make some benchmarks with it,..

  • brithetecchguy1

    Ok, I have tried this with several versions of the BIOS and even when I get it to boot into Windows it throttles back below the original clock speed. i.e. I clock it to BCLK 120.0, DRAM XMP Profile 1 (Also tried leaving this alone and underclocking it), Vcore to 1.3. Nothing works.

    My setup:

    ASRock Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming K4 mobo with BIOS ver. L2.23
    16 GB DDR4 2400
    GTX 1060 6GB

    Why is it throttling back below its spec clock? Why does it boot and show up (in Windows) as 2.6GHz or 2.9GHz when I am clocking it at 3.5 to 3.8? I don’t see what I am doing wrong here. Anyone able to help me get this working?

    • Carguy69

      See if you have “mcupdate_GenuineIntel.dll” in the System32 folder. I’ve seen where that may be the culprit from a Windows Update that effects the microcode. Try deleting it and re-flash the bios with one you are sure you can OC with from the beta on the ASRock website or linked to at the top. Also, did you disable speed step and set to max non-turbo? Finally, add more voltage.

      I just put a new I5 6500 in my Z170M ITX AC a week ago. It’s set up with 8GB DDR4 2400 and GTX 960. I’ve got it at 4.5GHz stable with 1.38v and 140.7 BCLK with no temperature issues (max out 73C on Prime 95, about 60 gaming) with just a TX3 air cooler – so I know non k OC still works. Except for higher voltage it works just as advertised. I can’t hold it stable at a higher BCLK without using more voltage than I feel good about at this point. At 4.5 I don’t need to either. Past that it’s more about records and ego than logic and performance.
      I had an I3 6300 stable at 4.4GHz but am moving that chip to another build. Beyond that cores would shut down.
      Both chips seemed to limit out as the memory clock closed in on 2700MHz. Reducing the memory clock cut too far into performance gains to be justified. Core voltage obviously matters. There seems to be a Chip / Chipset lottery involved too. Some individual chips and some boards just do better than others from what I’ve seen researching this.

  • Looking for advise running a Pentium g4500 trying to get to 4.5 stable if possible running at 4.2 atm vcore is 1.34 ram is at 1.5v. not sure if its smart to push vcore more or what i can do to try and push it more. Anyone have some advise.
    Running a corsair CS650 PS
    Z170m Extreme 4 MB
    8Gb of mushkin ram rated @2800
    Hyper 212 Led (same as the evo basically)

  • SaRiaX

    Successfully overclocked my i5 6500 to 4300MHz
    Asrock z170 pro4


    • Matthews

      Hey man which bios did you flashed on your pro4. I have tried all the bios and cant get to overclock. Whenever i increase my bclk my multiplier drops kindly help me in this regard.
      Also tell me how did you set the multiplier?

      • SaRiaX

        I flashed the bios given in this site. Multiplier was set automaticly i didnt touch it. By the way, after updating windows cant overclock it anymore…

      • SaRiaX

        Update: I flashed newest official bios and overclocked it simply by changing bclk and voltage

  • Tina

    I need a bit help please 😉
    I consider to update my PC with:
    – ASRock Fatal1ty Gaming K6
    – i5 6400
    – G.Skill 2x8GB 3200MHz CL15 (F4-3200C15D-16GVR)
    – Cooler Master Seidon 240V AIO

    1. I did read here in the Z170 Extreme4 BIOS thread, that the 7.00 stock BIOS allowed to OC non-K’s. Does anyone know if that is the case for the Fatal1ty Gaming K6 too and does the non-K OC still work with the stock BIOS 7.20

    Thanks in advance 😉

    • Tina

      I forgot to write Z170 (ASRock Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming K6) 🙂

    • SaRiaX

      Was able to overclock with 7.30 on z170 pro4, I guess it should work on all asrock mobos

      • Tina

        Thank you 🙂
        I did order the K6, a i5 6400, the G.Skill F4-3200C15D-16GVR and the Cooler Master Seidon. This will arrive tomorrow and then it is down to testing 😉 I did have very long ago a Celeron 300@450 and then a Celeron 600@900 😉 After that only AMD’s. IMHO Intel CPU’s are just overpriced and the only way to operate them is OCed 😛

        I will post results here after testing.

    • Tina

      Now got the stuff :))
      – Asrock Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming K6 (came with BIOS 2.80)
      – i5 6400
      – G.Skill RipJaws V 3200 CL15
      – Cooler Master Seidon V240

      First of all I am impressed. Even not OCed the cold boot time is now significant faster (2-3times) compared with my old Phenom II 1090T on a AMD 870 board. Same boot drive: Samsung EVO 850 250GB.

      The i5 6400 runs now stable @ 4.5GHz/1.325V and the RipJaws @ 3340 MHz with 15-15-15-35.
      This was possible with the stock BIOS 2.80 and with the actual 7.20.
      I did a quick test with Prime95 like der 8auer discribes and the highest temperature was 48°C. Read with HWMonitor and the room temperature was 18°C.

  • Frustrated

    Guys this asrock bios is driving my bonkers. How did you guys manage to overclock? No multiplier setting no overclocking options asrock bios is the worst I have seen. Whenever I increase BCLK Value the multiplier drops. If I increase it the further it drops. I am banging my head no matter what I do I cant get it to overclock. Check the following image links.

    Bought Z170 Pro4 which came with 1.5 bios which is way too old. Downloaded 3.00 from the website but still couldn’t overclock.



  • Akash Sancheti

    So i have watched a video of a guy ocing i3 6100 on a Asrock b150m / Hyper board .
    I happen to have the same board and an i5 6500 , where will i found the bios of ocing for the b150 chipset ? or can i oc on the current bios which came with the board or should i need to update the bios?
    P.S- The board is sealed pack , just bought it a few weeks back.

    • Tina

      First, I could not find the B150M/Hyper board on
      I just found the B150M Pro4/Hyper. There I found on the product page a link “Beta Zone”. In there are BIOS versions up to 7.10. I would avoid BIOS versions with the comment “Update Intel Microcode”.

      *no guaranty if that works* 😉

  • Roger

    Hello can you tell me please the aproximate wattage draw from the core i5 with 1.325v and 4.4ghz?

    • Tina

      It is hard to tell, I found no info with a quick search for the non-oc voltage.
      The only way to reliably test this is is IMO to check the voltages and currents delivered to the mainboard, first to run a non-OC setting and then second to run it OCed, both with a stress test like prime95.

      If you measure only the ac voltage/current (wattage) to the PSU, you have to take the power factor (PF) of your PSU into account. Have in mind that this is not a linear line and changes over the power drawn from it. And different PSU models have different PFs. So even systems where only the PSU is different might draw different power.
      Eg. a PSU1 which has a PF of 0.72 (72% efficiency) at 100% load, might have a PF of 0.68 at 100%. PSU2 has a PF of 0.92 at 100% and 0.89 at 50%. Hence you get different results.

      However if you just want to know how much more power your system uses OCed compared to non-OCed, a simple power meter which gives you the wattage and kW/h is the bet way to estimate how much more power your system uses. You get those power meters in DIY and electronic shops for little money (~€20).

  • Levelord

    I don’t see a bios for ASrock Z170A-x1, there’s only a x3.1 version. Anyhow can you add missing one?
    There is a korean mod bios for x1 mobo, but dram functionality is so weird in it.

    • Tina

      Hi Levelord,

      On the ASRock page ( you find the BIOS up to 7.10.

      I just got my Z170 Fatal1ty Gaming K6 a few weeks back. That came out of the box with BIOS 2.80 and was non-K Skylake overclockable. I did update it from 2.80 direct to 7.20 and my i5 6400 still runs at 4.5GHz with that.

      As far as others reported the non-K Skylakes are overclockable with ASRock boards and the later BIOS versions. I would only avoid versions with the comment “Remove SKY OC function”.

  • arian

    OP needs to update this list by adding the bios for the z170m pro4s. the bios for that mobo that has the non k overclock feature is 2.8 btw. someone else in the comments section mentioned that version 3.0 also has this feature.

    • Tina

      IMAO OP (der 8auer) does not need to update the list, as his list does not contain any stock BIOS files. The versions you mention are original ASRock BIOS files, which are available on the ASRock pages 😉

  • malfrat

    Any support for the intel pentium G4600 3.6Ghz kabylake ?

    • Tina

      All non-K Kaby Lakes are not overclockable at the moment.
      Only non-K Skylakes are able to be OCed on Z170 boards.

      As far as I found out the method (microcode?) how the Kaby Lake is locked changed and not one manufacturer has released a BIOS which can OC a non-K Kaby Lake.

  • xfulop

    Could you please tell me if using 7.20 uefi from official website do you still lose all the listed features?
    Also(little offtopic sorry) is it possible to oc on hyper boards with latest uefi?

  • Sam

    Does anyone else have the issue of not being able to go above 16xx MHz on the DRAM without the mobo trying to set the ram at 30xx MHz? I’ve been able to easily OC my i5 6400t to 3.4 ghz but the ram is stuck on 1654

    • Tina

      In order to help you:
      1. What Hardware are you using (MB and its BIOS version, RAM)?
      2. What settings are you are using in the BIOS [BCLK and DRAM frequency (incl. ratio)]

      Without these infos it would be only a wide guess.

  • Skylinestar

    I’ve read the guide here as well as most Skylake bclk guides. Why F-clk and cache-clock are not mentioned at all in this article? Doesn’t boosting bclk increases both of them too, which might contribute instability? Imagine having a BSOD, any chance it could be the F-clk or cache-clk being the culprit? Or does SkyOC has the ability to lock it automatically?

  • Ignacio Kolbeck

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    science, and technology, then an engineering degree could
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