80 W Heat-Load (Gaming PCs)

80 W Heat-Load (Gaming PCs)

Test Details:

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To test the CPU cooling units we use the der8auer-Test-Bench. It has been modified with a Intel Core i7 4770K Heatspreader on the contact surface. The contact surface itself has been cut down to the shape of a 4770K DIE. This will make sure that the test bench creates heat load similar to a normal CPU and the results are equal to a normal test.


We use the Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut thermal paste for all coolers to make sure the thermal paste is not limiting the test results.

Each cooler is mounted 3 times and we measure the temperature difference between the ambient temperature and the temperature of the heat-base. This means that a lower temperature-difference (dT) equals a better performance.

In addition we measure the sound-level of all coolers in 30 cm distance.

All tests are done at 3 different fan speeds. 5 Volt, 7 Volt and 12 Volt.


Result-Table Explanation:

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The result-table is fully sortable. Simply click on a category of the header such as Vendor or Height.

If you click on the Product in the table you can view the detailed product review page.

dT @ x V:

Delta Temperature at a given voltage (5, 7 or 12). Lower dT = better

A delta temperature of over 40 Kelvin is not recommended and would cause your CPU to overheat.

dB @ x V:

Sound-Level at a given voltage (5,7 or 12) in dB. Lower dB = better

<30 dB: unhearable
30-35 dB: very silent
35-40 dB: silent
40-45 dB: hearable
45-50 dB: distinctly hearable
>50 dB: annoying

Height (mm):

The total hight of the cooler measured in mm.


80 W Heat Load Test results (Gaming PC)

VendorProductdT 12VdB 12VdT 7VdB 7VdT 5VdB 5VHeight (mm)
NoctuaNH-U12S (2 x fan)9.4243.310.0739.910.9135.8158
NoctuaNH-U9S (2 x fan)11.7046.912.8641.114.2936.6125
AkasaNero LX15.9248.418.6239.620.7834.459
GELID SolutionsSiberian PRO22.2439.425.1834.228.5530.589
GELID SolutionsSlim Silence i-Plus31.6344.235.4537.841.3332.628
GELID SolutionsSiberian34.6438.039.2933.944.8031.166