PowerColor RX460 Red Dragon 4GB Unlocked BIOS

Bios to unlock shader units



NamePowerColor RX460 Red Dragon 4GB Unlocked BIOS
Size291.07 KB
Total Files1
Create DateDecember 17, 2016
Last UpdatedDecember 17, 2016


  • @der8auer

    Finally, thank you very much.

    Works great on My PowerColor RX 460 4GB Red Dragon.

  • Nikos


    Unfortunately this one didn’t work on my Red Dragon RX 460 4GB V2 videocard. Additional SP were not unlocked. Furthermore I got checkered image after installing the recommended driver version. Eventually I reverted to my original BIOS.

    I suspect the problem is this is the V2 Red Dragon 4GB card. You can find its original BIOS here:

    Can you please try modding it?

  • Toraz

    Please do bios for this video card

  • Jeeme

    (update) I Already Tried 4 times, there is no problem when flashing and mod driver but no change at all during check in GPUZ. Sorry for my english

  • jered

    I did something wrong in the flash process and now windows is giving me error 43 and wont use the card 😕 any ideas or can someone walk me through how to reset the bios?

  • Danny

    Hey everyone!
    So i just tried this on my card (Powercolor RX 460 4gb) and although the unlock worked and gave me more umph windows gave me the (code 43) error and forced the simple graphic driver on me rendering the card pretty much useless!
    If you were like me and forgot to backup your bios before flashing and ran into this issue then fear not!
    After many hours and rages i finally figured it out and fixed it (Or should i say reverted it back to stock) so i uploaded the folder you’d need and you will recognise the files since they are the same files used to flash it in the first place HOWEVER the bios file is different and is the original bios despite the files name, Just follow the steps as you did to flash the card in the first place and you will back up and running in no time!
    Hope this helps :)


  • Barrel

    I’ve spent three hours, but now I know where the problem is. AMD has blocked the ability to use this BIOS version in new drivers. Use Crimson version 16.11.5 or below. The video card can then be defined as a “Standard VGA graphics Adapter”, In this case, install the driver manually from the Crimson folder.

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