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Splave’s How to Overclock Memory Frequency


Splave’s How to Bench Memory for Frequency, Featuring HyperX Fury Black Extreme overclocker Allen “Splave” Golibersuch helps you reach new memory frequency heights using the HyperX Fury Black. Benching memory for frequency is kind of interesting. Some love it, some think it’s useless. Manufacturers like it in general I believe because it is a simple case of a single number

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Updated MSI Z170 Non-K Overclocking Guide (new BIOS!)

MSI Z170 Non-K Overclocking

Five months after the first guide for MSI Z170 Non-K overclocking, we have some new insights which will make non-K OC safer, easier and better. Enjoy the updated MSI Z170 Non-K Overclocking Guide! For those who are not aware of non-K OC: Depending on the CPU you can increase the clock between 15-70 % without any problems. In this quick

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