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Z97 Pro 4

ASRock Z97 Pro 4 OC-Guide This guide is an example how to overclock your CPU using an ASRock Pro 4 motherboard. This guide is following the instructions given in the general Intel Haswell OC-Guide. This example was done using a i5-4690K CPU. You can apply the same settings if you use any other K-Suffix CPU such as 4770K or 4790K. Setup:

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DDR3 RAM-Myths enlightened

Extreme overclockers know about the importance of the right memory kit and the correct memory settings. Apart from CPU and GPU, the memory can have a huge impact on benchmark results. Being part of several online communities, I read a lot of stuff every day such as “just buy the cheapest memory kit, because more than 1600 MHz and 1,50 Volt

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Voltmod and soldering basics

All modifications at your own risk! Make sure you know what you are doing. Be aware that you will lose the warranty of your hardware. Equipment The equipmen is very important for successful voltmodding. I use an ERSA RDS-80 soldering iron station with 80 W and a maximum temperature of 450°C. Don’t be afraid of the high temperature. The higher

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