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GIGABYTE X470 Overclocking Guide: Ryzen 7 2700X at 4.3 GHz


The GIGABYTE OC team prepared a GIGABYTE X470 overclocking guide for those who wish to get the most out of their AMD Pinnacle Ridge Ryzen 2000 processors. The guide was originally published by GIGABYTE and is shared at with explicit permission.   Introduction With the release of Ryzen™ last year, AMD processors were back in the competition. Pinnacle Ridge,

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Optimizing RAM Performance for 3DMark Time Spy

Optimizing RAM Performance for 3DMark Time Spy Benchmark

Pro OC overclocker Alva “Lucky_n00b” Jonathan dives in to optimizing RAM performance for Futuremark’s latest DirectX12 benchmark Time Spy. It’s been only a few weeks since Futuremark’s latest Benchmark, 3DMark Time Spy, was released to public. Now, overclockers and enthusiasts alike can start benching their system, and find out how their system compare to each other in that shiny new DX12

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Intel Skylake Non-K Overclocking BIOS-List

Skylake Non-K Overclocking

On this page we compile an overview of all the Z170 Non-K Overclocking enabled BIOSes from ASUS, ASRock, GIGABYTE and MSI. Updated regularly!                   Compatible CPUs for non-K OC:   If you have any kind of questions or problems, don’t hesitate to ask in the forums:     Changelog: 21.12.2015: ASUS

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Skylake Non-K Overclocking Performance Tests

Skylake Non-K Overclocking

Few days ago the overclocker DHENZJHEN uncovered the Skylake Non-K overclocking capabilities of the Supermicro H170 mainboard and set serveral new top scores on with an overclocked Intel Core i3 6320 at about 5 GHz. He also found out that the overclocking limit was only caused by the BIOS itself. There was no special hardmod needed to overclock the Core

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The Truth about CPU Soldering

Skylake delidding seems to be very common by now. Every day I read postings from people complaining about Intel and the thermal paste between IHS and die. Even tho Skylake is performing great, people are not satisfied with the temperatures on load. Compared to older generations there is conventional thermal paste between the IHS and the die while Sandy Bridge and

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Voltmod and soldering basics

All modifications at your own risk! Make sure you know what you are doing. Be aware that you will lose the warranty of your hardware. Equipment The equipmen is very important for successful voltmodding. I use an ERSA RDS-80 soldering iron station with 80 W and a maximum temperature of 450°C. Don’t be afraid of the high temperature. The higher

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Guide for Haswell-E 4GHz+ Uncore

First of all I want to thank GIGABYTE. I had the possibility to bench at their OC Lab in Taipei, Taiwan for one week. Without their resources (CPUs and motherboars) I would not have figured this out. Thanks a lot guys especially Sofos and HiCookie! NOTE: This is all based on some reverse engineering and experimenting. I’m just reporting what

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