CPU Cooling

CPU Cooling Tests

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  1. Intro and test explanation
  2. Result table explanation
  3. 40 Watt test results (HTPC / Office PC)
  4. 80 Watt test results (Gaming PC)
  5. 120 Watt test results (Gaming PC overclocked)
  6. 160 Watt test results (High-End PC)
  7. 240 Watt test results (High-End PC overclocked)
  8. Summary and product highlights

To test the CPU cooling units we use the der8auer-Test-Bench. It has been modified with a Intel Core i7 4770K Heatspreader on the contact surface. The contact surface itself has been cut down to the shape of a 4770K DIE. This will make sure that the test bench creates heat load similar to a normal CPU and the results are equal to a normal test.


We use the Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut thermal paste for all coolers to make sure the thermal paste is not limiting the test results.

Each cooler is mounted 3 times and we measure the temperature difference between the ambient temperature and the temperature of the heat-base. This means that a lower temperature-difference (dT) equals a better performance.

In addition we measure the sound-level of all coolers in 30 cm distance.

All tests are done at 3 different fan speeds. 5 Volt, 7 Volt and 12 Volt.


Test Scenarios:

The Test Bench can be adjusted from 40- 240 Watt in 40 Watt steps. Depending on the heat load you can apply the test results to different scenarios:

Klick on the scenarios above to view the different test results.

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