Support for BCLK Overclocking of CPUs like i3-6100, Pentium G4400, i5-6400, i7-6700 and all other non-K CPUs.

Don’t use this for K-series CPUs.
It might damage your hardware, no guarantees provided.

Issues found so far

  • No IGPU
  • No dynamic change of CPU frequency
  • No C-states
  • No Turbo Mode
  • CPU temperature reading is incorrect
  • AVX instructions have very low performance
  • Windows XP ACPI not supported

After flashing set the following settings to make it boot into OS with correct CPU speed

AdvancedCPU Configuration
- Boot Performance Mode -> Turbo Performance

AdvancedCPU ConfigurationCPU Power Management Configuration
- Intel(R) SpeedStep(tm) -> Disabled
- CPU C states -> Disabled

Detailed ASUS Z170 Non-K OC Guide

If you have trouble flashing this BIOS (downgrade from newer version), use this guide:

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NameASUS Z170M-Plus Non-K OC BIOS
Size6.40 MB
Total Files1
Create DateJanuary 11, 2016
Last UpdatedOctober 22, 2016


  • Tennyleaz

    Tried updated to this BIOS, but there’s problem:
    There is no such option:
    AdvancedCPU Configuration
    – Boot Performance Mode -> Turbo Performance

    Every overclock will fail at boot.
    Can you help me?

    • urbanman2004

      Try these settings (for Pentium G4500), they worked for me. Thank me later:
      In BIOS, go to Advanced Mode → Ai Tweaker
      * Ai Overclock Tuner = ‘XMP’, ‘No’
      * Asus MultiCore Enhancement = Disable
      * CPU Core Ratio = ‘Sync All Cores’
      * 1-Core Ratio Limit = ’35’ by default
      * BCLK Frequency = ‘120.00’ (35 x 120.00 = 4200MHz).
      * Make sure DRAM Frequency = what your RAM supports
      * Go to DIGI+ VRM, CPU Load-line Calibration = Level 7.
      * CPU Core/Cache Voltage = ‘Manual Mode’.
      * – CPU Core Voltage Override = ‘1.300’ (That’s around 0.15 above my stock voltage).
      * Leave the rest of the settings at default
      * Go to Advanced → CPU Configuration → CPU Power Management Configuration, disable Intel(R) SpeedStep(tm) and CPU C States.
      * Save your settings and boot into Windows.

      • der8auer

        Thanks for the great feedback 🙂

      • Tennyleaz

        Your method is not working for me.
        I have:
        – Z170m-plus with 8001 bios,
        – i3-6100
        – Kingston Hyperx DDR4-2400 8GB

        Following your steps, even if I set BCLK to 101, it won’t boot past the POST screen. I can’t even see windows booting…
        I tried lowering ram frequency to ~16XX, didn’t work.

        Anyone can help plz?

        • saowei.liu

          Did you succeed?i want to buy Z170m-PLUS to “OC” my 6400t, but i cant insure it work or not。

      • Franck

        Successfully overclocked i5 6400T with stock cooler following your advices. Now tweaking it up to have a optimal overclock with low thermals.
        BTW, I’ve deactived turbo boost (while it’s not stated anywhere here), is it safe to enable it? What will I gain doing so?

  • geckogod

    Will this BIOS work on a Z170M-PLUS/BR? This one:

    Looks identical to the Z170M-PLUS.

  • Jay Scott

    I have an Asus Z170M-Plus currently with 1803 Bios and was unable to flash to the non-K 8001 OC Bios.

    “Selected file is not a proper BIOS” was the error displayed.

  • JumpJet

    Please I need help too. I cant flash the Bios to 8001 as needed.

  • Thanks for the 8001 file. when i heard that the companies locked the mobo bios. i thought that i had lost this for good.

    Someone with skills needs to fix it though.

    • Mgik

      You mean fix the bugs?

      The stability of this BIOS is disappointing.

      Sometimes it will suddenly say over clocking failed at boot even without oc

  • pyroman712

    Hello, can I flash official bios update on this bios version or will I destory bios ?

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