Support for BCLK Overclocking of CPUs like i3-6100, Pentium G4400, i5-6400, i7-6700 and all other non-K CPUs.

Don’t use this for K-series CPUs.
It might damage your hardware, no guarantees provided.

Issues found so far

  • No IGPU
  • No dynamic change of CPU frequency
  • No C-states
  • No Turbo Mode
  • CPU temperature reading is incorrect
  • AVX instructions have very low performance
  • Windows XP ACPI not supported

After flashing set the following settings to make it boot into OS with correct CPU speed

AdvancedCPU Configuration
- Boot Performance Mode -> Turbo Performance

AdvancedCPU ConfigurationCPU Power Management Configuration
- Intel(R) SpeedStep(tm) -> Disabled
- CPU C states -> Disabled

Detailed ASUS Z170 Non-K OC Guide

If you have trouble flashing this BIOS (downgrade from newer version), use this guide:

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Create DateJanuary 11, 2016
Last UpdatedOctober 22, 2016


  • Yazon2006

    It seems to me it does not working… Btw, my bios does not have this:
    – Boot Performance Mode -> Turbo Performance
    Even after update. Maybe that’s why I can’t overclock my g4400?

    • Yazon2006

      I have solved problem. The reason was in Intel ME firmware v.1198 which can not be downgraded using EZ Flash utility. Programming my BIOS using programmator flashed bios overriding Intel ME Firmware.

  • Yazon2006

    Can anyone confirm that it works or not?

  • Jim

    Does this also work with ASUS Z170-P D3 version?Thank you.

  • Gabriel

    It is working!!! I manage to OC my i5 6400 at 4.5 GHZ with 1.325V (CineBench R15- 755cb).

  • Gabriel

    Update: 4.05 GHZ with 1.29V (CineBench R15- 676cb)

  • Yazon2006

    Here is my Pentium G4400 at 4,68Ghz and 1,4V core voltage stable overclocked:

  • Andrey

    People! BIOS 1804 and 1803 do not flashing 8001. “selected file is not a proper BOIS!” Help! And sorry for my English.

    • jimmo

      me too! help please

      • Evgen

        Me too!!!!!

        • DimaMark

          Hi. I flashed my bios on 8001.cap straight from the windows.AMI AFUEFI Flasher – EFI shell based AMI BIOS Firmware Update 10 x64
          Привет.Я прошил свой биос на 8001.кап прямо из под винды.AMI AFUEFI Flasher – EFI shell based AMI BIOS Firmware Update флайшер.винда 10с64

  • St3fan

    Same problen as Andrey and Jimmo. Have Bios 1804.
    What I tried to downgrade:

    From Bios: Asus EZ Flash 3 => “Bios is older…”
    From DOS: afudos 2.xx, 4.xx => “Bios is write protected” ??
    From DOS: bupdater 1.31 => “Bios is older…”
    From DOS: reflash => Error, like: “FTP.exe not executable on this platform…”

    No chance to downgrade? I cant accept. 🙂
    Have a G4400 that has only 52°C at 1,35V (Prime95, 10 min.). It needs to be overclocked.

    Has someone another idea?

  • Stevan

    i5 6400@4400mhz 1.3v

  • wu

    1804 version cant back to this bios

  • Denis

    Same problem 1804 not flashing 8001. EzFlash – Selected file is not a proper BIOS! My flash stick Fat32

  • Arti

    bios v. 1803 and cant back bios, Asus suck my dick and dick my neighbor!!!!!!!!

  • JakeOC

    please help us

  • Dmitry

    I flashed 1804 to 8001 with Aptio V Windows Flasher. Check Program All Block in setup Tab.

  • drz

    1stofall thanks for the work performed!

    Ones who are really competent and 100% sure, please answer:

    I have i3-6100 and asus z170-p mobo, bios version 0601, as I understand it permits overclocking, so do I have to upgrade to 0801, will it give some better overlcocking, or stay at 0601 and try over?

    And what about temp detection, I’ve heard that overclocking non-Ks makes it incorrect, is it still true or this 0801 version has this feature fixed?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Dmitry

      0601 version of BIOS isn’t modified yet, so it only allows small overclock up to 105 BCLK. You should roll back to original 0502 version from asus website, then to modified 8001. Modified BIOS will give you huge OC potential. On modified BIOS CPU core temp detection isn’t working, it shows 100 Celcius constantly, but CPU temp is available.

  • DimaMark

    Hi. I do not want to boot Windows after a reboot.Was ustanavlivat processor on another motherboard. Works. The RAM is good.How to reset the BIOS to default? Or just a programmer to sew? Motherboard ASUS z170-p.Help.

  • herc2k8

    i3-6100 and asus z170-p and DDR4 3200 16GB G.Skill Ripjaws V K2 is it working for overcloacking? stable? any new bios ? or we will use the january 2016 ver8001 ?

  • George

    Can i download it if i have a 2003 BIOS ?

  • dizM

    Just a heads up I had some pretty bad luck with this BIOS. The first issue I had was that the ASUS EZ Flash 3 wouldn’t recognize the .CAP file as a valid BIOS so I had to flash it via Windows (for what it’s worth, I couldn’t get any of the official BIOS .CAP files off of ASUS’ website to work either… USB drive was formatted as FAT32 [not a quick format either] and has been reliable in the past). Once I was able to flash to ver 8001 (from 1804) the BIOS was reading my memory speed as 53300 MHz. Not sure if this was a bug or not but no matter what settings I adjusted it stayed the same. Anyways, even on default settings, my computer was thrown into a never ending BIOS boot loop. I spent probably 6 hours trying to get this thing going again and ended up having to just buy a replacement board. I’m chalking it up as a $110 learning experience. The lesson learned? Spend the extra money on a K processor haha.

  • Orion33

    Last Updated October 22, 2016

    I have file from summer 2016. Both files are identical, LOL.

  • Dave


    Can anyone tell if this bios supports i7 6400T ES QH8G A0 cpu? From the latest official bios what works fine it’s 1804. With rev. 2003 it even doesn’t post because the cpu microcode was removed.

    Thank you!

  • Lui13

    Hi, link doesnt seems to work, any mirror?

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