ASUS Z170I Pro Gaming Non-K OC BIOS

ASUS Z170I Pro Gaming Non-K OC BIOS

Support for BCLK Overclocking of CPUs like i3-6100, Pentium G4400, i5-6400, i7-6700 and all other non-K CPUs.

Don’t use this for K-series CPUs.
It might damage your hardware, no guarantees provided.

Issues found so far

  • No IGPU
  • No dynamic change of CPU frequency
  • No C-states
  • No Turbo Mode
  • CPU temperature reading is incorrect
  • AVX instructions have very low performance
  • Windows XP ACPI not supported

After flashing set the following settings to make it boot into OS with correct CPU speed

AdvancedCPU Configuration
- Boot Performance Mode -> Turbo Performance

AdvancedCPU ConfigurationCPU Power Management Configuration
- Intel(R) SpeedStep(tm) -> Disabled
- CPU C states -> Disabled

Detailed ASUS Z170 Non-K OC Guide


If you have trouble flashing this BIOS (downgrade from newer version), use this guide:


NameASUS Z170I Pro Gaming Non-K OC BIOS
Size6.47 MB
Total Files1
Create DateJanuary 26, 2016
Last UpdatedOctober 22, 2016


  • Ben

    Hi der8auer,

    Thank you for providing us with the bios for the motherboard!

    Really much appreciated 🙂

  • HeyHeyHey

    hi der8auer,
    is this a custom bios compared to the asus website? can it do the same?

  • thank you so much…..

  • H4chi

    This bios not have option

    AdvancedCPU Configuration
    – Boot Performance Mode -> Turbo Performance

    Can’t overclocking non-k cpu

    Pls fix the bios

  • Jon

    I confirm. This BIOS is not working and does not allow for BCLK in excess of 105 (from AI Suite in Windows) and 101 (BIOS).

    I can’t seem to locate a plain English line of text that states “Microcode has affected your board and effects are not reverted on rolling back to a different BIOS” kind of deal.

    Really would like to squeeze some extra muscle out of this very low power 35W Skylake I’ve got my hands on. Anyone?

    • Jon

      Anyone with any update to this? Please?

    • MattH

      “I can’t seem to locate a plain English line of text that states “Microcode has affected your board and effects are not reverted on rolling back to a different BIOS” kind of deal.

      If that is true, and given the lack of any reaction at all, der8auer sounds like a shady guy.

      However user behaviour in reaction to such problems also seems erratic and strangely unclear… Don’t to clarify what you mean or saw?

  • Nathan

    Easily OC’d my 6100 to 4.6 GHz!

    Ripper work with the BIOS, thanks for the effort!

    • Virgil Farcas

      I Have also a 6100 waiting to be OCed.Can you tell me please which bios do i need?is ok 9006 from this page ,or is not?

      Who(What) is Ripper? 🙂

      • Nathan

        I used the ASUS Z170I Pro Gaming Non-K OC BIOS 9006 Bios supplied above and followed the youtube video uploaded by der8auer and it couldn’t have been easier (

        Ripper is an Australian term for “great job”


  • Apouskini

    I upgraded to the latest version of the BIOS(official), to do some tests with the IGP, but now i can’t flash custom BIOS because the BIOS does not allow an old BIOS or custom I don’t know …

    What I need? downgrade version ? or what?

    • Alex

      I have the same issue. I’m currently on bios version 1805, and I am unable to load the custom bios supplied here. Getting an error stating it is not a proper bios.

      Any help would be appreciated. Got the i3-6100 that i’m trying to overclock. It’s not at all necessary, but who doesn’t want to overclock things just for the heck of it?

  • lex.kom

    I am now on the BIOS version 1904 and I can not download the old version of the BIOS.
    I get an error message saying that it is not the correct BIOS.

    I have a Intel Core i5-6500, I’m trying to overclock.
    Help me please.

  • mark

    is this one working? I have i5 6500 and want to try this.Can you revert back or flash back to your original bios without any compromise?

  • paladdinsane

    Got a new z170i pro gaming today, BIOS is ver. 1808 out of the box.

    It will not flash to the custom OC BIOS on this page, ver. 9006.

    Error from EzFlash is “Selected file is not a proper BIOS!”

    Anyone get this to work from a similar situation?

  • mark

    v1808 has an updated microcode. One possible way to downgrade it is to use a flash box. But i don’t have idea how to do it also lol.

  • Lynton

    Yep same issue here. I’m on 1809, flashed before I realised I couldn’t oc my 6100. can’t seem to increase the multiplier past 102.5, certainly nowhere near 120 which I’d need to make use of the watercooling I’ve installed. I’ll keep looking and update here if I find a solution. Can’t believe the shady collaboration intel must have done to get mobo manufacturers to lock this down, shocker really when you’re limiting capable hardware just for commercialism

  • deedo

    hi der8auer

    i have questions this last bios for nonk oc ? it still work ? you have that bios in CAT format ?

    thank you so much


  • gemm

    Used BIOS from this page to OC one Intel i5-6400. Works, but only to BCLK 120 with Vcore of 1.4V (due to bad version of i5-6400 ?). Going back from BIOS version 1809 to this 9006 OC version is not possible by using ASUS BIOS Flash option (“Selected file is not a proper BIOS”).
    I had to program a proper BIOS Chip (Winbond W25Q128FVIQ) by using an external EEPROM Programmer and swap it against the original chip on the motherboard. Works very well.
    Alternatively there are sellers on ebay who offer pre-programmed EEPROMS for different mainboards for 10-15$. Ask them and they usually program the Chip with any BIOS file you send them. This is the most elegant way to downgrade your BIOS.

  • mark

    so if I flashed this 9006 bios to my computer I can’t flash again another official bios from asus via asus bios flash utility?

  • pawala

    Worked perfectly for me. Got my Z170i used with bio 0806. It has BCLK settings, but would not reboot properly after changing the values. After exiting bios, it would just sit at a black screen with fans at max.

    Flashed to your 9006 using the bios EZ Flash with no problems. Can also confirm that flashing back to 0806 works with no problems. I switched back after testing because I only have the stock Intel cooler, and not being able to monitor CPU temps is scary. But since ambient is around 15C during this season, I was a bit more confident with the windows open.

    Important note, I could not find “Boot Performance Mode” in the settings, so I just manually synced all core multipliers to x32 for my i5-6500. After disabling SpeedStep (accidentally left CPU C-states to Auto), everything worked fine. Tested BCLK 125, vcore 1.15 (4GHz) and BCLK 137.5, vcore 1.25 (4.4GHz) while trying to keep DRAM at 2666 (stock for mine).

    Everything booted perfectly, and I was able to confirm clocks in CPU-Z and open up Chrome to do some YouTube testing. Didn’t do stress testing because obviously stock cooler would not be enough and without temp readings, it would be CPU suicide. Interesting note, my YouTube videos used to crash a lot to green screen before the OC, but after doing the OC it was extremely stable. Either bios 0806 had stability issues, or CPU power saving options are causing instability. Going to revisit this after I get a decent cooler.

    Leaving this post here for others who might benefit from it. Cheers!

    • apatheticR

      Hi pawala, are you on windows 10 with latest update? I downgraded bios, followed every steps, could successfully increase BLCK but everytime I restart windows, it gets stuck in the logon screen and goes into recovery loop.

    • mark

      how did you flash back to stock bios?

    • MathiasH

      Hey, you answered a question I had regarding those blackscreens after trying to boot, apparently that’s the restriction without special Bios and not my CPU being total crap (since the BCLK can still be altered in Bios).

      However regardingt temps: there are supposedly some tools that can read the tempts, also: just don’t overclock so much but stay within Boost-specifications, it should be fine with stock-cooler (ramp it up a little bit!). This should remove CPU-limitation in some titles (even Witcher 3, Noigrad, without Vsync, try monitoring your CPU and GPU utuilisations and pay attention to stuttering), and so improve your GPU-speed as well, resulting in an overall significantly sped-up system!

  • Worked perfectly for me. Got my Z170i used with bio 0806. It has BCLK settings, but would not reboot properly after changing the values. After exiting bios, it would just sit at a black screen with fans at max.

  • MathiasH

    Hey, there have been quite frequent Bios-updates, would you consider modifying the latest Bios?

    By the way, I have a question related to that: in fact, I am seemingly able to change BCLK with the latest Bios, even under Windows, however, all the values I tried (like 108 MHz, to get around 2600 MHz RAM, while still being a mild overclock within Boost-specifications [so it should work!]) result in the system not booting or even showing the Bios-screen.

    Therefore I wonder: is this the overclocking restriction eveyone is talking about (and so do I need a different Bios) or does this just mean my CPU is just kind of crap (almost worse than Boost-specifications)?

    That aside, I would still recommend to update the Bios-files some time. It just seems sensible and the right thing to do (if possible).

  • W!ldGunM@n

    Here is a little workaround for downgrading the latest bios(3406):

    1. Download Bios Version 3016 and backflash this with the integrated Flash tool inside the UEFI Bios from the Board. The downgrade from 3406 Bios to 3016 Bios is still possible.

    2. After this, boot into windows and flash the extracted 9006 Biosfile with afuwin 5.05.04 and with the /GAP Option.
    (Extract .cap Bios to .rom file: )

    3. Reboot and be surprised 😉

  • panos

    Hi guys ,thanks for all that you are doing.What about the spectre meltdown? is there a bios update for 1301?

  • well i also know one source from where you can get highly compressed games with working links >>

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