Support for BCLK Overclocking of CPUs like i3-6100, Pentium G4400, i5-6400, i7-6700 and all other non-K CPUs.

Donโ€™t use this for K-series CPUs.
It might damage your hardware, no guarantees provided.

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Create DateDecember 26, 2015
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  • Cyclone

    Hi! I was tried to overclock this spec:
    I3 6100
    GIGABYTE GA-Z170-HD3 with bios F6E
    Crucial CT8G4DFD8213
    Cooler Master TX3
    But got a fail.

    I was surprised, that even with this settings had no luck: from 101 to 105 mhz BCLK, CPU Clock Ratio and Uncore Ratio is 37 (max out), CPU vCore Loadline Calibration is High, CPU vCore is few try โ€“ from 1.280 to 1.325. Memory i leave close to default 2133, or even belowโ€ฆ

    After apply settings and reboot, booting was failed after long looping, and just load with default settings. Yep, even with 101 mhz nothing happens (boot fast, as with defaults, but clock speed less than default 3,7).

    Something wrong up there, any ideas?

    • Cyclone

      Found reason of fail boot. Besides of cpu vcore, VCCIO and CPU System Agent Voltage must be set manualy.

    • Khalid

      Hello @cyclone, sir when u say “VCCIO and CPU System Agent Voltage must be set manualy” did u just put the normal voltage values manually, or did u have to put higher values? Thanks on advance.

    • Jahid

      Can you share your overclocking settings with us. It will be helpful to others.
      Do you have graphics card or builtin?

      • Cyclone

        I have bad luck with my CPU, so its VID is pretty high – ~1.270v (can’t measure stable value). Batch-code X544C231.
        So, 4218 MHz is now running as everyday use, on 1.335v set in bios, and sensors shows 1.332v. 4400 MHz can operate only with 1.430v (1.428 on sensors), but i haven’t test it much, so think it’s not final stable result. In comparison with 4218 @1.335v, 4400 @1.430v shows about 15 degree difference in temperatures (85 vs 70). Also, more temperature = more voltage required. More voltage = more heat… In march, 4218 was fully stable with 1.320v, but now, when ambient temperature rises, it’s fall with bsod at long high load.
        2x 8gb Crucial CT8G4DFD8213 (C16FAR1 and C16FAR2) tested on 2666 MHz @1.300v with auto timings, and fully stable. But i leave it on 2435 MHz @1.220v, at 14 14 14 35 timings.

        Basic settings in lines:
        CPU Clock Ratio = 37
        CPU Vcore = 1.335v
        CPU vCore Loadline Calibration = High
        BCLK Frequency = 114 mhz
        FCLK = 1000 mhz
        VCCIO = 0.975v
        VCSA = 1.075v

        “Do you have graphics card”
        – GIGABYTE GV-N760WF2OC-2GD

  • Cyclone

    And one more important thing. Original F5 bios from backup, can be easily revert over this F6E bios, as i checked today.

  • LoLeR

    Will this bios support DDR3 version?

  • leticia

    post up ddr3

  • Poka

    Can i upgrade my bios from f6 to f6e?

  • Nazar

    Sorry tell me who knows rialno this BIOS suitable for DDR3 ? Thank You In Adva

  • Tony_Tortuga

    Hello, can anyone help me which version i must choose for Z170-HD3 with DDR3 ??
    Is this F6e version working or should i take the F5 ? ( F5b / F5c )

    Thx in Andvance!

  • Darcija

    I wonder will there be BIOS for overclocking cabylake non-k processors. based on the F20 BIOS official?

    • AzteroJ

      Likewise. Have ordered a Pentium G4560 to replace my G4400 (as it has hyperthreading/slightly higher clock) so very keen to get an Overclockable F20 bios available.

      • Tina

        In order to use a KabyLake you must have a F20 BIOS on the Z170. Huge drawback, once updated to that there is no going back to an earlier version(see Gigabyte pages).

        As far as I understand Intel has changed the non-K KabyLake CPU’s, that it is not possible to adjust the BLCK ๐Ÿ™
        see here:

        But it is discussed that ASRock Z270 boards with the “ASRock Hyper BCLK Engine II” might be still able to overclock non-K KabyLake CPU’s. We just have to wait a bit ๐Ÿ˜‰

        BTW I did ask Gigabyte if the GA-Z270-HD3P would be able to overclock the BLCK with non-K KabyLakes and they just answered very shortly:

        The board allow to adjust BCLK with non-K CPU.”
        This was their whole answer. So I did order that board and as soon as I have it I will post the result here. If it is not overclockable it goes back to the seller ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Koko

          Any news? Got the board ?

          • Jacob

            Hi, can I update this bios without cpu? In another word, can I enter bios if I don’t have the 6th intel cpu? (I just buy Pentium G4560 which can’t be used in old bios version)

          • Snowfox

            My main board is GA Z170 HD3 DDR3, and my U is also G4560. What BIOS support is there? F5b is used before, and then upgrade cpu:g4560, if you have, please contact me.e-mail

  • Michael

    can i downgrade from f22 to this version or will they break my computer?

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