MSI RX 460 2GB OC Unlocked BIOS

Bios to unlock shader units


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NameMSI RX 460 2GB OC Unlocked BIOS
Size290.72 KB
Total Files1
Create DateDecember 13, 2016
Last UpdatedDecember 13, 2016
MSI RX 460 2GB


  • Sordo aka Trip


    ich habe ein Problem.
    Das unlocken scheint soweit zu funktionieren, ich habe dann 1024 shader aber hinterher wird nur noch ein Monitor erkannt und das Bild aber von diesem auf beide übertragen. Des weiteren kann ich die Radeoneinstellungen nicht mehr aufrufen und erhalte die Fehlermeldung “The Driver ist not installed or is not working properly”. Wenn ich den Treiber deinstalliere werden beide Monitore wieder erkannt und ich habe ein normales Bild mit dem Windows standard Treiber, andersrum kann ich auch einfach das original Bios zurück spielen und nach einem Reboot funktioniert alles einwandfrei und auch der Crimson treiber funktioniert dann sauber. Irgendeine Idee?

    Viele Grüße

  • No sirve no lo prueben puede causar artifacts y reinicios en los juegos

  • Help! Unstable work…
    Need stock bios from MSI RX460 OC 2Gb

  • gibson

    not work for me

  • Dentix

    Did not work, it doesnt crash, nothing happens. Everything Works but nothing is different 🙁

  • Tom

    Hmm, please provide a working version for the MSI RX 460 4G OC

    • yes please, someone!! or do you all suggest to go ahead with the unlocker for the MSI RX 460 2GB???
      Is it all the same, as in the the number of shaders is gonna be the same right?

  • Steve

    works on my msi rx460 oc 2gb, i tested doom and artifacts didn`t happen

  • Alex

    need for 4gb version.
    posted bios but “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” for a millenia now

  • DKAR


  • ahmad

    does it work?

  • James

    Can you help with this bios please? Very much appreciated!

  • James

    This bios is confirmed to be working.

  • otto

    Anyone have the unlocked bios for the 2gb dual fan version? Please and thank you.

  • koxy

    This bios isn’t working with Msi rx 460 2g. Artifacts on screen, card not recognized anymore.

  • robohauler

    i have flashed this unlocked bios previously on my msi card..but nothing happened. the shader count remains the same even after flashing and restarting. i also tried ddu, uninstalled the crimson drivers and retried but got the same result. I guess it only works with some cards which have the potential to unlock those disabled cores, well for others might be that the cores are binned so bad that they cannot be activated.

  • Eker

    I need this for the 4GB edition, pleassee!!

  • Konstantin

    Works fine with my MSI RX 460 2G OC but only while GPU temperature < 66 degrees celcium. After that green dots may appear in left corner and center of the screen. Increasing fan speed and decreasing temperature solves the issue.

  • Alex

    Hello, could you throw me the bios version of the 896 texture blocks at 1024 did not get any increase

  • FunkerWolf

    Not suitable for my card, the driver gives an error 43. I restored it from backup, everything works as it was before.
    MSI RX460 OC 2GB

  • FunkerWolf

    MSI RX460 2GB OC, works fine! need signature patch.

  • Arnold

    Will this Work on RX 460 2GB Low Profile from MSI

  • Sergio

    Someone could tell me because when you play games crash or skip blue screens with the following error “VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR” I do not know if it just happens to me. But could anyone help me?

  • marian

    I have managed to flash the bios only with ati winflash.In first instance,by using the batch file (flash unlocked bios.bat) my vidocard died and it was not listed in DOS,but thankfully i was listed in the device manager in windows therefore i was able to restore the original rom using winflash and then reflash it with the MSIRX4602GBunlocked.t1 flash and it appeared properly with 1024 shaders and 16/64 TMus and i was able to patch the old driver as instructed.The problems appeared shortly after:
    artifacts after exiting skyrim,all over the screen,and BSOD and restart.
    2.the computer was unable to boot at all after overclocking my cpu (intel 8600k) from 4600 to 4700.Although i am able to overclock it stable at 5.1ghz…Strange enough,after reseting the bios on the motherboard,i was not even able to boot using the default CPU frequency.The only way to POST was to reset the bios and not enter bios settings…wtf.
    After restoring the original .rom on the video-card,everything went back to normal and i am again able to overclock the CPu and memory withouth any issues. I am not really sure but i suspect that there is not enough power provided to the videocard due to the fact that this card does not have a power port and the pci-e port could not provide enough power…i don’t know what to say…

    • marian

      I forgot to mention that my CPU was already overclocked to 4600mhz and it worked fine until the first BSOD,only after the crash i was unable to POST at that frequency.
      I have a 500w PSU and it should be enough…
      This rom is great anyway…but if these issues are caused by the lack of provided power from the pci-e port…then it cannot be used.
      Any idea if i can update to latest available driver after patching the 16.xx driver?
      I would want to test this further…
      Thank you for your work!

      • marian

        Guys do not leave your bios on UEFI! the videocard can only be flashed with the custom bios,at least in my case (msi z370i ac) while the legacy bios mode is used.
        Everything works ok,apart from the videocard driver…it is too old.Is there a way to use a newer driver?i have tried to patch the latest 12.7 but it is not working properly.

  • leve1ord

    Is this hynix or samsung vram bios? I got samsung vram. Didn’t work for my rx 460 2gb. Artifacts and bsod on boot.

    • leve1ord

      Just checked with polaris bios editor it is hynix type. Any ideas where can i get a samsung vram bios?

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