MSI Z170I Gaming Pro AC Non-K OC BIOS

MSI Z170I Gaming Pro AC Non-K OC BIOS

Update: New Version with Beta Runner Function.

You can read out the temperature using HWiNFO

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Support for BCLK Overclocking of CPUs like i3-6100, Pentium G4400, i5-6400, i7-6700 and all other non-K CPUs.

Updated MSI Non-K Overclocking Guide

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NameMSI Z170I Gaming Pro AC Non-K OC BIOS
Size6.49 MB
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Create DateApril 18, 2016
Last UpdatedApril 18, 2016


  • Alexander

    Hello. MSI Z170I Gaming Pro speakers installed firmware, i3 6100 run on a 127 but when you restart the bios resets all. What do not they? what is the problem? Thank you

  • Robert

    Same problem here, the board resets the bclk setting to 99,7mhz no matter what i do. Strange thing is that on my 6100 it worked really well with that bios at 120,hz blck, upgradet to an 6400 now it resets. Same bios and same komponents overall.

  • Lukas from PL

    Hi. First think… My english is not the best, but im found the solved for i5 6400.
    It’s simply way to fix the problem.
    After clear cmos overclocking work. but if your oc crash, after restart in bios again nothing work if u set somethings. But if u clear cmos everything work perfect.

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