Support for BCLK Overclocking of CPUs like i3-6100, Pentium G4400, i5-6400, i7-6700 and all other non-K CPUs.

Don’t use this for K-series CPUs.
It might damage your hardware, no guarantees provided.

Detailed MSI Z170 Non-K OC Guide

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Create DateDecember 18, 2015
Last UpdatedDecember 26, 2015


  • Rod Anderson

    Looking for a BIOS for my MSI Z170m Mortar board so that I can OC my i5-6500. Only one available on MSI’s site is dated September 2015.

  • Rod Anderson

    Wait a minute…this is titled, “MSI Z170A MORTAR Non-K OC BIOS”. There is no such thing as a Z170A MORTAR board by MSI. There is Z170A Gaming. The only boards that have the “Mortar” label to is is the Z170M and the B150M. So which BIOS is this for OP? If you’re going to post something like this, get the information right so that someone doesn’t flash the wrong BIOS to their motherboard.

    • der8auer

      Relax a bit. You can’t flash a wrong BIOS anyway. I just checked and the BIOS is inded for the M MORTAR.

      • Rod Anderson

        You’re right…you can’t successfully flash a wrong BIOS but trying to can result in a corrupted BIOS and/or in-operable motherboard. Also I apologize for getting upset about the error. Thanks for the clarification.

    • Light Yagami

      But wait a second. Has anyone actually managed to overclock their CPU using the Z170M Mortar? I’ve literally tried everything and it seems impossible. I’ve got an i5 6400, 16GB 3200MHz RAM, x2 120GB SSD, GTX 1060 and of course, the very stubborn MSI Z170M Mortar. If anyone succeeded, please advise.

  • Trevor

    Just to double check, It’s this board right?

    I want to make sure before I buy it.

  • Hereone

    Just updated bios using the latest bios from MSI website – version A3. From the bios, there is a new option called NOC. To enable non k oc just click it on and adjust the bclk and vcore. Able to reach 4.5 ghz @ 1.275v.

    • Lucas McNea

      So the MSI team still allows non-k overclocking even with the new A.3 BIOS (2016-01-27).
      I noticed the BIOS highlights say “Updated CPU Microcode(0x7C).” which is the new update to from intel to stop non-k overclocking.

      Getting new MOBO and wanted to make sure I get the right BIOS for overclocking non-k cpu

  • Can anyone confirm non-K overclocking still works with this board?

  • joe

    Hi all … just to let you know that bios A60 still has the Non-K OC working …
    This board is awesome

  • Joci

    I have tried many oc bios for Z170M MORTAR and the result is the same.
    When I adjust the values, NOC, BCLK, XMP profil, and CPU voltage –> save –> reboot –> after the motherboard reboot again automatically and BCLK is still 100MHz.

    What is the problem?

    • urod

      clear cmos after any oc failed
      flash the latest bios A70,then clear cmos,then try again to oc.
      the latest bios A70 is still working

      • urod

        i don’t know what’s wrong with the bios A70,the Noc function is still there but can’t oc the processor
        with bios A60 everything is working good
        I5-6400 2x4gb balistix elite 2666

        bclk 150 2600 dram frec. voltage override mode set cpu core 1.135v(1.216 reported by bios)
        reerted back on bios A.60
        someone else with the same problem?

  • Zougad

    Hi, is there Γ  version for OC non-K kabylake CPU ? Thanks

  • Jbone

    Is A42 a custom bios? I’m trying to get a stable bios for an engineering sample (QH73). None of the ones on the MSI site stay stable; they all freeze/lock up without warning.

  • Sikorsky

    How to deal with VDROP without load line calibration? I can only oc my i5-6400 to 4,2ghz because when I put to 1.365voltage vdrop goes to 1.320 and if I put 1.4voltage constant its just hot as hell, and still its like only 1,340 under load which is still too low.

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