PowerColor RX 460 Red Dragon 2GB Unlocked BIOS

Bios to unlock shader units



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NamePowerColor RX 460 Red Dragon 2GB Unlocked BIOS
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Create DateDecember 15, 2016
Last UpdatedDecember 15, 2016


  • Could you unlock bios for the PowerColor RX 460 4GB Red Dragon too? BIOS for the Sapphire Nitro 4G it’s working, but subvendor changed to be Sapphire too.

    The original bios PowerColor RX 460 4GB Red Dragon from GPU-Z:

  • Heart Foam

    This didn’t work for me, and I’m back on the stock BIOS. Windows disabled it and enabling it in the device manager just made the screen blank, with the odd flash of white.

  • José Augusto Rocha Filho

    It worked perfectly on my Red Dragon 2GB.

  • bepis32

    This, nor have any other unlocked 2GB RX 460 BIOSes have unlocked my GPU to any more than 896 shader cores.

    GPU-Z before flashing unlocked BIOS – https://i.imgur.com/D7JipHa.png

    After – https://i.imgur.com/dZVSOPv.png

    I couldn’t get the ReLive driver to launch even with the driver with the BIOS signature check disabled. It looks like my card’s model number is slightly different from the one this BIOS is made for, as well. This screenshot was taken while flashing back my old BIOS, FYI, so the actual model number is the last one. https://i.imgur.com/8K30Lk3.png

  • Remy

    Has anyone tried updating with just the basic 16.12.1 55 mb driver? Would I be wasting my time? Or is the mod my best bet Iwith the driver signing issues?

  • Got my card bricked. Needed second one to get it working again. BTW , i am sure that shaders are fine but product id on this bios update is different than mine Rx460 RD2gb. Noticed that after flashing and restarting.

    Here is a printscreen after reflash.


  • Here is the stock bios for this (2nd revision) “same model” RX 460 Red Dragon 2gb


  • Sam

    I need a stocked BIOS for red dragon 2gb,please someone give me !

    • Goxy

      Guys , listen …

      There is 2 version of the same card. One with bios build from july 2016 (before launch) and one with bios build from november 2016.

      This unlocking for Red Dragon RX460 2gb is for 1st variant (july 2016 bios) with hynix memory.

      2nd variant is Red Dragon Rx460 2gb (november 2016 bios) with elpida memory. Unlocking doesnt work for second one even it accepts flashing. GPU bricks itself , no display from PC and you need mobo with 2 PCIEx16 slots with another card to unbrick it and reflash factory bios.

      Both cards are same with clocks , design , packaging.

      If u wanna flash your card , export bios with gpu-z 1st , than check memory manufacturer and on exported generated link (techpower website) for your bios check build date. If it matches , feel free to flash , if not , dont do it.

      1st revision RD Rx460 2gb (hynix memory) default bios : https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/185221/powercolor-rx460-2048-160704

      2nd revision RD Rx460 2gb (elpida memory) default bios (exported by me before bricking , unverified ) : https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/188674/188674

      Again , this unlocking is only for 1st revision hynix model.

      I would like to see unlocked bios for elpida RD rx 460 2gb (2nd) on this website , so people can unleash full potential of those cards.

      • Dennis

        You. You are the man.

        You just saved my card. It went from bricked and screwing up Windows from even booting to working like a charm.

        Thank you for the detailed explanation and links to both versions.

  • Kamil

    Hello. I just flashed that bios to mine Powercolor RX460 2gb and after rebooting its blackscreen. Is there any other way to unlock this card or its over for me?
    (hopefully I flashed back stock bios and everything runs just fine)
    Any suggestions write below or: ks192117(at)gmail.com

  • Rolly Carlos

    Since the vBIOS posted here does not work on the PowerColor RX 460 2GB Elpida, I decided to mod the vBIOS myself.

    I have two versions. One has fully unlocked gpu cores and the other has fully unlocked gpu cores plus memory strap mod

    The vBIOS I modded is only compatible with Elpida memory so beware.

    I am also not responsible if you brick your card or something bad happens.

    password on the rar is 1337


  • Goxy

    After testing , i must say that there is RX 560 with elpida bios for Red Dragon 2gb 80W tpd which is 1024 SP with lower freq and dual fan. Dunno what Powercolor did on this model but i wanted to try and flashed it on Rx 460 2gb elpida.

    Btw, elpida mod from Rolly Carlos also works fine but if someone wants new drivers with integrity check that doesnt need ati patcher and stuff, u can flash elpida models with RX 560 bios and install newest drivers same as people that bought the card and get 1024 SP.

    I must report that i can install drivers with ease, Grimson Relive 17.7.2 and play games. Fan spins as it should …gave it a +20 power in Watman and everything works fine so far. GPUZ cant detect current speed as info but reads on load and idle when u check sensors, watman works as it should.

    RX 560 Powercolor Red Dragon Dual Fan 2gb Elpida memory (1180mhz/7000mhz) -> flashed -> RX 460 Powercolor Red Dragon single fan 2gb Elpida memory(1212 mhz/7000 mhz).

    Results are fine, Grimson Relive 17.7.2 installed, shaders unlocked ofc.
    Played witcher 3 for 1 hour, high/ultra settings … tried to melt it and it survived. GPUZ stress test 1 hour also , everything is as it should.

    RX 560 stock bios that worked : https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/193464/powercolor-rx560-2048-170508

  • Goxy

    Gpuz now works properly with Grimson relive 17.6.2 and RX 560 bios Elpida for RX 460 Powercolor RD 2gb. Dont download latest driver 17.7.2 … there is mouse sluttering on desktop. In games works fine… didnt noticed so far and reverted to 17.6.2 and now is everything fine and gpuz reads all frequencies and works rock solid.

  • Goxy

    Hi, its me again. Couldnt resist, but learned to mod myself.

    Here, RX460 unlocked (128 shaders more) Elpida Powercolor Red Dragon, Power tuned (TDP to 57W max) , temp moded, downlvolted.

    Fan kicks in when it should, target is 60 degrees celsius, no power throtling on defaults. No downclocking with vcore lowered above 1.0v, rock solid stable, faster than RX560 with factory bios. Userbenchmark score 33.3% , (RX 560 on average scores 31.5%)

    WIth this VBios, my gpu can handle 24/7 furmark with no downclock and throtling – 1202 mhz, max vcore 1.05v. Vbios is setup with vcore of 0.975v for stable load speed – 1202 mhz. If you want to reduce voltage to 0.975v , just enable watman and click on manual voltage, it will be auto-loaded.
    It will reduce TDP even more, around 45W with new drivers.

    Simple to use, flash and install latest driver 17.11 and Ati Pixel Patcher 1.4.5 , dont touch anything with watman and will work like a charm with max 55W TDP

    If you want to reduce TDP and heat even more, start watman and just enable manual vcore readings. It will reduce it to around 45W – 1202 mhz , rock solid performance.

    No need to setup power limit, fan speed or anything, everything is allready setup on defaults.

    This is for elpida vram models only – Powercolor Red Dragon RX 460 unlocked – downvolted – no throtling, moded.


    If you want to overclock it more, remember, polaris is no power friendly on gpu overclocking.

    • TsunaXZ

      I have the same card but it has Samsung memory (not Hynix or Elpida)

      I wanna unleash the full potential of this card so please help thanks!

  • The process has been extremely simplified with the new version of AMD/Ati Pixel Clock Patcher (1.4.4) https://www.monitortests.com/forum/Thread-AMD-ATI-Pixel-Clock-Patcher
    WORKS WITH NEWEST DRIVERS ! Easy and simple !

    1. Download the program
    2. Rename it to atikmdag-patcher-bios.exe
    3. Run the patching process
    4. ????
    4. Profit!!! 🙂

  • cyrus dean

    my gpu suddenly go black
    it go well for 3-4months
    but when i play games
    my rx460 elpida videocard suddenly go black no signal for a few sec then comeback to normal after few sec no signal again
    can anyone help me
    i download goxy rx460 elpida 2gb default bios rom
    but i dont know how to use it.. :/

  • cyrus dean

    damn i brick my gpu
    and theres no way it cant be fix
    already used usb method and using integrated graphics

    i found a way it says pin 1+8 method
    but i cant find it on my rx460 powercolor reddragon 2gb elpida
    is there anyone where can teach me ?

  • TsunaXZ

    My card got bricked and when i flash stock bios using atiwinflash/atiflash on bios & command promt (admin) it always say “Adapter not found Error 0FL01” any solutions ? Btw use APU since I cant use this card… Help please. Thank you..

  • TsunaXZ

    Go this this thread if you managed to bricked your card: http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-3716082/powercolor-460-bricked-unlocking.html#21018573

    this is the method I’ve used, its easy and understandable so goodluck.

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