Sapphire RX 460 Nitro 4G Unlocked BIOS

Bios to unlock shader units



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NameSapphire RX 460 Nitro 4G Unlocked BIOS
Size290.67 KB
Total Files1
Create DateDecember 10, 2016
Last UpdatedDecember 10, 2016


  • Ben

    Hi, any way to flash Sapphire RX 460 2GB OC to 4GB?

    • Old Liquid

      Another 2 gigabytes of vram is not a software thing that can be unlocked. Of course you can solder these two 1024mb chips to your graphics card if you own 3k$ infrared solder station and hell of experience and luck.

  • Mic

    did not work on my Nitro OC 4gb. Extra cores showed up in gpuz but clock speeds and other info disappeared and programs stated I didn’t have compatible hardware.

    • der8auer

      Sounds like your graphics driver is not installed correctly?

      • Sordo aka Trip

        Seems i have the same Problem, but it happens to me after the Installation of the of the driver and the needed reboot. See my Post below from this evening.

        kind regards

        • Mr_BlacKs

          Sapphiere Rx 460 4 GB OC

          Habe es mehrmals versucht und es tut sich nichts!!!
          Ich installiere es wie vorgegeben. Ich restarte und schaue nach und siehe…
          es hat sich nichts getan. Die Shaders sind immer noch auf 896. Bitte Hilfe.

    • Old Liquid

      Yes, this patched bios require patched graphics driver, since ReLive driver check the crc of the vBIOS.

  • Korino

    I cannot start any game after that and in device manager I have an error – 43!

  • nitro2gbdualfan

    I need some help (Sapphire Nitro RX 460 2GB Dual Fan). I downloaded the files but when I run “backup bios.bat” as admin, in the cmd window it says:
    Command “AtiFlash” is either misspelled or could not be found. Press any key…

    (The exact wording might be different, I translated from german)

    However the file AtiFlash.exe is in the same folder.

    • nitro2gbdualfan

      Edit: I tried with current driver(16.12.2) and without any. Moreover there is no graphics card listed in my device manager. I also saved the bios via gpu-z but I am unsure how to use this “Baffin.rom” file.

  • Ajeshdjblend17

    How to reverse the steps, how can I roll back to stock bios settings.
    Pls Help…

    • Ajeshdjblend17

      I have the backup of ma stock bios, but how to do that, pls explain. ASAP

    • Obscure

      you have to open your box of devices and quit de battery for 5 minutes and the bios restart automatically.. do no to instal this program, probably is a virusses, the best for actualice your bios is in the web of your motherboard

  • Sordo aka Trip


    ich habe ein Problem.
    Das unlocken scheint soweit zu funktionieren, ich habe dann 1024 shader aber hinterher wird nur noch ein Monitor erkannt und das Bild aber von diesem auf beide übertragen. Des weiteren kann ich die Radeoneinstellungen nicht mehr aufrufen und erhalte die Fehlermeldung “The Driver ist not installed or is not working properly”. Wenn ich den Treiber deinstalliere werden beide Monitore wieder erkannt und ich habe ein normales Bild mit dem Windows standard Treiber, andersrum kann ich auch einfach das original Bios zurück spielen und nach einem Reboot funktioniert alles einwandfrei und auch der Crimson treiber funktioniert dann sauber. Irgendeine Idee?

    Viele Grüße

    PS: Sorry hab das bei der MSI kommentiert, ich habe aber die rx4650 von saphire nitro 4GB

  • Michael

    Anyone tried this on the XFX version of the RX 460 ?

  • rooky

    Dont work for me. Card has still 896 Shaders and act like before. Tried this many times. Flash runs easy and fast but didnt unlocked my Card.

  • Cesar

    windows no me reconoce mi rx 460 ayudaa

  • Ben

    Funktioniert das unlocken noch?

  • David

    Can someone like me the driver that I need it to doesn’t works whit the one I have and whit any

  • ivan

    if i install the unlocked bios my system sees error – 43 but i got the 1024 shades
    when i restore the original my video card works

    help i don’t know what to do

  • Vaughn

    tried this on my sapphire rx460 nitro and now it doesn’t work and has code 43 and i cant install any drivers how can i fix it?

  • andre g

    what about linux? I want to use this card on a linux system. would it be possible to run that firmware upgrade via wine?
    if not, I will find a PC where i can perform the upgrade. But is it possible to use the modded card with linux drivers?

  • Michael

    Did not work on my Nitro OC 4gb

  • 4api

    Greda moiata karta umria

  • Cuauhte

    I download the wrong BIOS and forgot to back up, can someone give me the stock bios please.

  • Cro01

    doesnt work. I tried running the flash many times, even with Admin priviledges but it doesnt actually do anything

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