XFX RX 460 Passive Edition 4GB Unlocked BIOS

Bios to unlock shader units




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NameXFX RX 460 Passive Edition 4GB Unlocked BIOS
Size290.93 KB
Total Files1
Create DateDecember 13, 2016
Last UpdatedDecember 13, 2016


  • dian

    XFX RX460 4G D5 blackwolf ITX Edition why has no Unlocked BIOS yet?

  • dian

    when I SAY “XFX RX460 4G D5 blackwolf ITX Edition” I MEAN THIS– XFX AMD Radeon RX 460 4GB 1220MHz Core Edition Graphics Card – RX-460P4SFG5

  • SakisX

    Must warn people with the 2G version of the xfx passive that on my GPU I got grumbled graphics and almost brick my card.
    (Had to hardwire the bios chip and spend 6 hours googling & trying to figure it out…)

    It could be 2 things:
    1. The 2G and 4G versions have something else different beside the RAM
    2. My gpu had defective units…

    I am willing to retry but must be sure that the bios is moded from the original xfx 2G version (passive)

    • Mahesh

      Hi, I have same XFX 2G passive RX460, which BIOS can unlock my card? is this BIOS suits this card? please reply, thanks

  • HyJung

    After bios update, HDMI sound do not work.
    so I could not use monitor speaker.

    How do your experience ?

  • Extherian

    This doesn’t work, flashing the BIOS just bricks the card.

    I tried to restore it from my backup ROM, but the card still doesn’t work properly.

    Whoever said this is confirmed to be working is wrong. Don’t try and unlock this card, you’ll ruin it and it can’t be fixed by any means.

    • Buddy Sales

      Has this issue been resolved?? Would like to know if I can use this BIOS to flash my card please. Thanks!

  • John

    It bricks my card a passive xfx R460 4G ,
    do not flash it!
    does anyone know how to fix it please let me know 42171718@qq.com, many thanks

  • Shawn

    To get back to original bios, go into the unlocked bios folder and remove XFXRX460DoubleDissipation4GB.t1. Put in your backup bios and rename it to XFXRX460DoubleDissipation4GB.t1, restart and the original bios will on there. Hope this helps.

  • Edgar

    I need help. I Flashed card and it made my card stop working. now I cant find the original bios to make it work again. am I out of luck? help plz

  • sms

    I stopped download this when seeing reply above. I unlocked successfully using SRBPolarisV3.5, xfx 460 4G nofan. Just little improvement

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