XFX RX 460 Single Fan 2GB Unlocked BIOS

Bios to unlock shader units



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NameXFX RX 460 Single Fan 2GB Unlocked BIOS
Size290.89 KB
Total Files1
Create DateDecember 15, 2016
Last UpdatedDecember 15, 2016


  • sifupepe

    please XFX RX 460 Single Fan 4 GB Unlocked BIOS

  • Fon589

    Please check XFX RX 460 Single fan 4gb same as the 2gb?

    I’m use sometime error screen not control and move to windows desktop screen.

    Please check

  • pedro

    Works ???? 4 gb version please.

  • Hiago

    Not working.

  • hanawa

    not working. its show 1024 but GPU clock and memory clock always 0mhz

  • Dex

    Dont work =(((((

  • Goran

    It doesn’t work for my XFX RX460 2GB Single Fan. It does nothing for shaders or ROPs/TMUs and the card randomly crashes very often. As someone above mentioned, when flashing it reads 4GB instead of 2GB in the bios description – could it be that the wrong file has been uploaded?

  • Tim

    It didnt work for my XFX 460 OC 2GB single fan.
    GPU-Z showed 1024 shaders but the moment i installed an older version
    of the driver, the system always froze the moment i typed in my windows pw.

    With the current 17.2.1 driver it just showed a hardware failure in the devicemanager and thats it.

    End of the story

  • help

    when it flash it .

    atiflash show new prodect name : C99401 BAffin PRO A1 GDDR5 128bit 4GB!! 214e/300m

    i am going to reboot now.

    i dont know what whill happen

  • Guys, really, you linked to a 4 GB file. Please, chek it up

  • help

    when view bios file memory information is 2g but only one memory Vendor(H5GC4H24AJR)

    my card backup bios has
    3 kind of momory infor
    1 H5GC4H24AJR 2 EDW4032BABG 2 blabla(polaris bios editor not sopport egatley…………………..um… pefectly? kkkk

  • Kundak

    You uploaded 4gb bios for a 2gb model and named it 2gb.
    You also uploaded 4gb “original” bios in your bios database for this card named as 2gb.
    I thought I screwed my card until I realised you upload 4gb bios for 2gb cards.
    When I put the real 2gb bios back on everything went back to normal.
    gg wp, quit your job

  • Warren

    So has anyone found an actual solution to this?

  • Meis

    Thank you. It’s worked.

    The driver won’t work though, you will have to use AMD/ATI Pixel Clock Patcher to patch the driver.

    • RIPRX460

      ^ Did this and bricked my card, my pc won’t recognize it so i can’t even flash it back. I tried to save it in all possible ways bypassing bios etc but nothing. Just sell it and buy better card if you can find one cheap, this isn’t worth it.

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