GIGABYTE Ryzen 7 Overclocking Guide

The GIGABYTE OC team prepared a GIGABYTE Ryzen 7 overclocking guide for those who wish to get the most out of their AMD Ryzen 7 and AM4-based processors. The guide was originally published by GIGABYTE and is shared at with explicit permission.


Introduction: Ryzen Marks the Return of AMD

Since the glory days of Athlon AMD CPUs have been mostly used in budget builds. With the release of Ryzen™, AMD processors are now back in the limelight. Ryzen, built on the AM4 socket, brings large IPC improvements, multi-threading and DDR4 support and increased energy efficiency—all at a competitive price. Read on to learn how to get even more value out of your AMD Ryzen processor.


How to Overclock Your AMD Ryzen 1800X CPU

For reference we are using a GIGABYTE AORUS AX370-Gaming K7 motherboard, an 1800X AMD Ryzen 7 processor, 16GB G.Skill DDR4 Trident Z 3600Mhz, an air cooler, the ETS-T50A-BVT, and a liquid cooler, the Lepa AquaChanger 240 All-In-One.

Based on our testing most Ryzen 1800X processors can hit around 4GHz on standard air coolers using a 1.45-1.5 Vcore. In this guide we will be targeting a frequency of 3.9-4.0GHz from a stock frequency of 3.6 GHz.

Disclaimer: Overclocking will technically void your warranty. While it’s usually safe, there is potential to damage the chip if you push voltages too high.


Taking Your CPU to the Next Level – Overclocking

Simply follow the steps below and you’ll be enjoying your overclocked Ryzen powerhouse in no time.

Step 1: Enter the BIOS

Enter the BIOS by restarting your computer and pressing the “delete” button before the OS launches

Gigabyte AM4 M.I.T bios

Step 2: Enter “Advanced Frequency Settings”

Change your “CPU Clock Ratio” to “39.00”. A CPU clock ratio of 39 multiplied by 100 which is our default “Host Clock Value” gives you a frequency of 3900 MHz.

The CPU comes with a default CPU frequency of 3600 MHz, which means that it has a default “CPU Clock Ratio” of “36.00” and a default “Host Clock Value” of “100”.

Interesting fact! We noticed that if you look in CPU-Z while running at default clocks, the frequency jumps up and down. This is the power saving settings at work. Once you overclock and increase your “CPU Clock Ratio” to any value about the default setting of “36.00” the measured frequency stops going up and down.

Different from Intel, “CPU Clock Ratio” can be adjusted in increments of 0.25x instead of 1.0x. For example “CPU Clock Ratios” of 36.25, 36.50, 36.75 etc are possible.

Gigabyte AM4 advanced frequency bios

Step 3: Adjust Your Voltage Settings

Now we have tuned almost all the features and the frequencies of our CPU but in order for the CPU to work at a higher speed it needs to be supplied with higher voltage.

Go to the starting BIOS page (M.I.T.) and select the “Advanced Voltage Settings” option.

Gigabyte AM4 advanced voltage bios

3a. Change CPU Vcore: Raising this helps keeps the system stable at higher CPU frequencies. However, it also increases the amount of heat your CPU produces. We suggest you to keep Vcore from 1.4 to 1.5v when overclocking to around 4 Ghz–however—CPUs differ, some require higher voltages to be stable, some lower. There’s a large component of luck involved.

Gigabyte AM4 advanced voltage bios

3b. Adjust the Three New Voltage Settings: VCORE SOC, CPU VDD18, CPU VDDP

These are new settings that only exist on our X370 Chipset motherboards. For a little extra boost in stability while overclocking we suggest you to change VCORE SOC up to 1.35 volts when using standard air or liquid cooling, for CPU VDD18 you can adjust it up to 2.1 volts and for CPU VDDP up to +0.2 volts.

3c. Adjust CPU Loadline Calibration Setting

If you need some extra stability adjust this setting to either “Turbo” or “Extreme”. You may notice that after this adjustment your CPU Vcore is higher.

Step 4: Optimize Your Memory Settings

There are two different methods of optimizing your memory settings, the easy way through the Extreme Memory Profile (X.M.P.) option, and the more difficult way through manually adjusting your ram settings.

4a. Easy Way

Go back to the “M.I.T.” starting page. Select “Advanced Memory Settings”. Here you see the “Extreme Memory Profile (X.M.P.)” option. Enable it. The system will choose the optimal memory frequency and DRAM timings for you.

Gigabyte AM4 XMP

4b. More Difficult Way

AMD only supports the following system memory multipliers (memory frequencies): 2133, 2666, 2933 and 3200MHz. Select the frequency that your memory sticks run at. Since X.M.P. is not enabled, your memory timings will be automatically set by the CPU. Next, go back to “M.I.T.” and select “Advanced Voltage Settings”. Set your DRAM Voltage to your specific memory modules recommended voltage setting.

Gigabyte AM4 advanced memory bios

Now that you’ve set your overclocks, it’s time to make sure that your system is stable!


Stability Testing & Results

Congratulations! You have obtained a clock rate of around 4 GHz. Now it’s time make sure that it’s stable. We’re going to use the software below to monitor our system, stability test, and adjust our overclocks.

Prime95 – This is used to stress test our CPU in order to ensure that it’s stable in the most taxing of conditions.

CPU-Z – Used to monitor our CPU frequencies. Version 1.78.3 is preferred.

HWiNFO – Used to monitor idle and load temperatures and vcore settings.


How to Stability Test

Step 1: Prepare Stability Testing and Monitoring Applications

Open up CPU-Z, HWiNFO, and Prime95 so you are able to stress test and monitor CPU temperature, frequency, and memory timings all on the same screen.

prime95 configuration

Step 2: Start Prime95

After starting the Prime95 torture test highlight the Prime95 tray icon—all cores should say “self-test”, if it shows “not working” that means that specific core has failed to pass the test. Another form of failing the stability test is that your system may simply just reboot or freeze, which means your settings were too aggressive and your CPU has failed the stability test. We normally test Prime95 for 1 hour. This duration can be increased for more assurance.

Step 3a (Fail): Close Prime95

Close Prime95 by right clicking the Prime95 icon on the tray bar in the lower right side of your screen and selecting “Exit”. This closes Prime95.

Step 3b (Fail):  Adjust Frequency or Voltage

Now it’s time adjust your frequency or voltage settings. You can do this either through the BIOS or using EasyTune which is available through the GIGABYTE App Center. You have two options: Either increase CPU Vcore or decrease “CPU Clock Control”. We recommend you to stay under 95° C on your CPU along with a CPU Vcore below 1.55 volts if possible. After making adjustments go back to Step 1. If it continues to fail dial down your “CPU Clock Control” until you pass stability testing.

gigabyte am4 easy tune


Step 4 (Success): Enjoy Overclock or Increase Frequency

Congratulations, your current overclock is stable. You may want to try for a higher frequency. To do so, experiment with raising your CPU Clock Control and CPU Vcore settings either in BIOS or EasyTune and go back to Step 1 for stability testing to ensure that it’s stable.

The below picture shows a 4.0 GHz OC on liquid cooling passing 1 hour of stability testing:

gigabyte am4 overclocking success



We ran tests using air and liquid cooling setups at different voltages using an AMD Ryzen 1800X to show the difference in thermal performance. As you can see with our liquid cooling setup our average temperatures are 8.5° C lower. However, we did not notice the ability to obtain higher frequencies when going from air cooling to liquid cooling despite the difference in average temperatures.

  • Our Liquid Cooling Setup (83.3 – 84.6°C)

    • Liquid cooler: Lepa AquaChanger 240 All-In-One CPU Liquid Cooler
    • Motherboard: AX370-Gaming K7
  • Our Air Cooling Setup (92.6 – 98.0°C)
    • Air cooler: ETS-T50A-BVT Air Cooler
    • Motherboard: AX370-Gaming K7


At a stock frequency of 3.6GHz we obtained 1612 cb on Cinebench R15.

gigabyte am4 overclocking cinebench r15

At our goal of 4 GHz while using memory XMPs at a frequency of 3200 MHz we obtained a Cinebench R15 score of 1773 cb. That’s a 161 point difference!


GIGABYTE Ryzen 7 Overclocking Advanced Notes

For experienced users, here are some notes that may aid you.

If you try to manually adjust your memory timings you will notice that at above 2666 system memory multiplier your CAS Latency timing when measured in Windows will always go up to the next even number. For example a CAS Latency timing setting of 15 in the BIOS will show a setting of 16 in Windows.

AMD only provides 5 memory timing settings: CAS Latency, tRCDRD, tRCDWR, tRP and tRAS. On Ryzen command rate is always at 1T and it cannot be changed.

If your settings are too aggressive you might see the two following codes on your Diagnostic LED:
F9 followed by shutdown: To resolve this cycle your PSU
F9 followed by 0d: Your OC settings have been reset

On Ryzen the Northbridge frequency is tied to memory frequency. 3200 DDR4 frequency is 1600 DDR frequency which gives us 1600 MHz of Northbridge frequency.

If you want to achieve higher memory frequencies than 3200 MHz then you need to raise “Host Clock Value”. For frequencies above 104 MHz on the “Host Clock Value” you need to change the “PCIe Slot Configuration” setting to “Gen2”, which is under “Miscellaneous Settings” under “M.I.T.”.


  • Tina

    Has any one tried to OC the Ryzen 1700 and if so what where your results?

    • Nappy

      Yep. I’m running VERY stable with Ryzen 7 1700 OC’d at 3.9ghz with 1.3875 volts. On STOCK cooler, ASUS Prime X370 Pro MOBO, GeForce 1060-6gb GPU, EVGA 750 modular power supply.

  • Jdwii

    I do not recommend using more then 1.35V-1.4V if you want it to last

  • Using this guide I actually produced a very nice overclock. It seems the higher voltages recommended in this guide really do help. Some people say 1.45volts for the cpu is the max, but even Ryzen itself will overclock to 1.5+ when XFRing to a higher frequency, but only on a few cores that is true.
    I have just done a 10 hour blend test on Prime95 and everything looks and feels very stable.

    The setup:

    AMD Ryzen 7 1700X @ 3.9Ghz (39 x 100mhz)

    CPU Cooler:
    Noctua NH-D15 SE-AM4
    – 1 x NF-A15 140MM PWM in the middle
    – 1 x Noctua NF-F12 120MM PWM on the side above the ram.

    Gigabyte GA-AX370-Gaming 5
    – CPU vCore @ 1.425v
    – CPU vSoc @ 1.250v
    -vDD18 @ 2.120v
    – dRAMt @ 0.675 (half the voltage of your ram sticks)
    -vDDP @ +0.2v
    -Load Line Calibration CPU and SOC @ Extreme (without this the whole system crashes into oblivion)

    2 x 8GB Corsair Vengeance LPX CMK16GX4M2B3200C16W
    – Frequency 29.33 (2933Mhz)
    – DRAM voltage @ 1.350V
    – CAS (CL) 14
    – RAS to CAS (tRCD) 14
    – RAS Precharge (tRP) 15
    -Cycle time (tRAS)
    -Bank Cycle Time (tRC) 62
    -Command Rate (CR) 1T

    Corsair RM750x

    Samsung 850 EVO 1TB

    NZXT S340 Elite White

    2 x intake (Noctua NF-A14 PWM)

    Asus R9290-DC2OC-4GD5 (waiting for VEGA 😉

    CPUZ Validation:

  • Fun fact: I also bought the ASUS ROG Crosshair VI, and tried everything to get it up to the same overclocking results as the Gigabyte Gaming 5, but It could not be done. I would crash at 3.9Ghz 1.425V or 1.450V even when the ram was @ 2133Mhz 1.2volts all on auto.
    I watched like 20 guides and how to’s and played with voltage, full phase mode, cpu power delay, vrm spectrum enz.

    It was only stable at LLC Extrame, and 1.475V which resulted in like 1.55 volts going to the CPU. Now that is a sure way to fry your cpu in like 3 weeks. 1.500 Volts max with LLC should be fine. It only touches this voltage sometimes in specific Prime95 workloads, but usally stays around 1.416v – 1.466v which is just fine.

    Temps are like 40-45 in idle and 69-74 under load, in the small FFT test in Prime95 it reaches 80 degrees Celsius max.

    Happy overclocking!

  • Cant edit comments here, haha

    “1.500 Volts max with LLC should be fine. It only touches this voltage sometimes in specific Prime95 workloads, but usally stays around 1.416v – 1.466v which is just fine.

    Temps are like 40-45 in idle and 69-74 under load, in the small FFT test in Prime95 it reaches 80 degrees Celsius max.”

    This piece of text is about the Gaming 5, the first part was about the ROG Crosshair, which I returned to the store.

  • Ryddla

    OC at 4.02! But cannot get the ram to run at 3200 and its the Vegenence LPX modules. Timing is right, 16,18,18,18, 32 still CPU-Z shows..15, 15, 15, 36? That is not what the bios shows….using the 1800x chip on the AB350 gaming 3 board……

    Not sure what my options are.


    Tha Ryddla

  • KingBAS

    hey that all sounds nice but if i adjust the vcore from auto to anything els my ryzen dropps into idle at 1,55ghz…….
    iam using the gaming 5 on x370 and iam very dissapointed

  • Matt

    Hi Pieter,

    Mind updating as we are on bios F6 now?

  • Alan

    i run the lpx 3200 from corsair not using the xmp profile.I put 1.450 on ram voltage,rised soc voltage and i managed to put the timings on 16 16 16 16 36.
    I have a video where some times the bios reset but when you not enter bios the next times allways enter at first try.

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