GIGABYTE Z170 Non-K Overclocking Guide

In this quick guide I will explain the process of GIGABYTE Z170 Non-K Overclocking. The non-K OC is really easy and can be done within few minutes. Few days ago I published a short article about overclocking non-K CPUs. Depending on the CPU you can increase the clock between 15-70 % without any problems.


Unlike K-CPUs which can be overclocked using the multiplier, non-K CPUs have to be overclocked using the BCLK. Pre-Skylake CPUs such as Haswell or Devils Canyon could only be overclocked by about 3-5% using the BCLK because the BCLK was still tied to the DMI and the PCIe.

slide-3However, for Skylake CPUs, BCLK and PCIe have a dedicated reference clock which always stays at 100 MHz – no matter how you change the BCLK. In other words: You can push the BCLK without worrying about other components.

The non-K BIOS is skipping some parts of the power-management, so there are few things you have to keep in mind:

  • The missing power-management will not allow to read out any core temperature. However, you can read-out the package temperature with the tool HWInfo (make sure to stay below 70°C package temperature)
  • HWiNFO
    0.00 KB | 26060 downloads
  • No C-States. CPUs will always run full speed and full voltage.
  • No Turbo-Mode.
  • No iGPU.
  • Intel AVX is screwed. Some benchmarks like Intel XTU use AVX and you will have about 4-5 times lower score. As far as I know no game is using AVX so it’s no problem to use this for gaming rigs. Not suitable for professional usage tho.
  • Avoid high memory clocks. Everything around 2600 MHz will be fine.

For 24/7 overclocking and gaming you don’t have to worry about any of these points. Pentium, i3 and i5 CPUs have a low power consumption which results in a low core temperature for 24/7. As long as follow my guide you don’t have to worry about the missing temperature readout.

Compatible CPUs for non-K OC:

CPU NameCoresStock ClockTurbo ClockHyperthreadingL3-CacheTDPAmazon
Pentium G440023300 MHz-No3 MB54 Wlink
Pentium G4400T22900 MHz-No3 MB35 W
Pentium G450023500 MHz-No3 MB51 Wlink
Pentium G4500T23000 MHz-No3 MB35 Wlink
Pentium G452023600 MHz-No3 MB51 Wlink
Core i3-6098P23600 MHzYes3MB54 Wlink
Core i3-610023700 MHz-Yes3 MB51 Wlink
Core i3-6100T23200 MHzYes3 MB35 Wlink
Core i3-630023800 MHz-Yes4 MB51 Wlink
Core i3-6300T23300 MHz-Yes4 MB35 Wlink
Core i3-632023900 MHz-Yes4 MB51 Wlink
Core i5-640042700 MHz3300 MHzNo6 MB65 Wlink
Core i5-6400T42200 MHz2800 MHzNo6 MB35 Wlink
Core i5-6402P42800 MHz3400 MHzNo6 MB65 Wlink
Core i5-650043200 MHz3600 MHzNo6 MB65 Wlink
Core i5-6500T42500 MHz3100 MHzNo6 MB35 Wlink
Core i5-660043500 MHz3900 MHzNo6 MB65 Wlink
Core i5-6600T42700 MHz3500 MHzNo6 MB35 Wlink
Core i7-670043400 MHz4000 MHzYes8 MB65 Wlink
Core i7-6700T42800 MHz3600 MHzYes8 MB35 Wlink

Depending on your budget you should only consider these CPUs:

All of the CPUs should easily reach 4400-4500 MHz and a high multiplier is not needed because you can compensate everything with the BCLK.

GIGABYTE Z170 Non-K Overclocking BIOS

First of all get the correct BIOS for your board. You can find a list of BIOSes in the table below.

After downloading, enter the BIOS and use Q-Flash to update to the Non-K Version


GIGABYTE Non-K Overclocking Motherboards and BIOSes

In the table below you can find the GIGABYTE motherboards that support Non-K overclocking using the BIOSes listed below. For more information on how to overclock the Skylake Non-K CPUs using GIGABYTE motherboards, check out the Detailed GIGABYTE Z170 Non-K OC Guide.
MotherboardBIOS DownloadAmazon
Z170X-SOC ForceLink
Z170X-Gaming GTLink
Z170X-Gaming G1Link
Z170X-Gaming 7 (F7a)Link
Z170X-Gaming 7 (F6)Link
Z170X-Gaming 3Link
4.43 MB | 3242 downloads
4.43 MB | 2656 downloads
4.43 MB | 4379 downloads
4.46 MB | 4710 downloads
4.43 MB | 5070 downloads
4.53 MB | 2581 downloads
4.50 MB | 21086 downloads
Z170-Gaming K3Link


GIGABYTE Z170 Non-K Overclocking Steps

My setup:

The CPU clock is a result of the BCLK x Multi. E.g. a i3-6100 has a stock clock of 3700 MHz (100×37). For example a BCLK of 120 will result in a core clock of 4440 MHz.

You basically have to change 3 main values to overclock: CPU BCLK, CPU Multi (Ratio) and CPU Core Voltage. While you can always use around 1,325 Volt as CPU Core Voltage, the CPU Multi and BCLK depend on the exact CPU.

CPU NameCPU + Ring MultiBCLK for 4500 MHZ
Pentium G440033137
Core i3-610037122
Core i3-630038119
Core i5-640027167
Core i7-670034133

Make sure you have a sufficient CPU cooler. Don’t try this with the Intel Boxed cooler.

GIGABYTE Z170 Non-K Overclocking Example

BCLK depends on the CPU. Check values in the table above. Example with Pentium G4500T to 4300 MHz.

  • Enter the BIOS
  • Go to Advanced Frequency Settings and to the sub-menu Advanced CPU Core Settings.
  •  – Adjust CPU Clock Ratio to the maximum value (in my case 30)
  •  – Adjust Uncore Ratio to the maximum value (same as CPU Clock Ratio)
  • Go back to Advanced Frequency Settings
  •  – Change the BCLK Frequency to the value you need (in my case 143)
  •  – Load the XMP Profile (if available)
  •  – Adjust the System Memory Multiplier to stay below 2800 MHz or lower if you have a memory kit with lower specs (e. g. 2133 MHz)
  • Go to Advanced Voltage Settings and to the sub-menu Advanced Power Settings.
  •  – Set CPU vCore Loadline Calibration to High
  • Go back and go to the sub-menu CPU Core Voltage Control
  • – Adjust CPU Vcore to 1.325 Volt
  • Safe settings and exit (F10)

Depending on the CPU quality you migh also need a little bit more CPU Core Voltage. Up to 1.40 Volt is safe to use with sufficient cooling.

If the setting is working well you can also try to use a higher memory clock.

If you have any kind of question, don’t hesitate to ask in the forums:

Overclocking.Guide Forums

BIOS Screenshots:

Advanced CPU Core Settings_[15-31-24] Advanced CPU Core Settings_[15-31-34] Advanced Frequency Settings_[15-31-17] Advanced Memory Settings_[15-31-42] Advanced Power Settings_[15-31-49] CPU Core Voltage Control_[15-31-55] DRAM Voltage Control_[15-32-06]

Now boot into windows and test the stability with Prime95 1344K for at least one hour. For a detailed Prime95 Guide check HERE

These settings should work for almost all boards and CPUs. If you have problems just let me know in the comments.

Video Tutorial:



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  • yong


    does the b150 or h170 will support this oc?

    • Youngman

      Only z170 does

    • brokengineer

      hi. yesterday, i overclocked my i5 6400 cpu to 4.05ghz (150mhz blck) with 1.325 core voltage and 2400mhz ddr4 memory clock thanks to your tutorial. i ran 1 hour prime95 stress test. avarage temp was 62 degrees, max was 69 degrees.
      now, i have few questions.
      i have 1080p 60hz monitor. my cpu only bottlenecks when i played gta v at ultra settings (in stock frequencies, %5 of the game). Now, i am around %85 percent cpu usage. can i reduce voltage to run cpu even cooler at 4.05ghz.
      if i keep voltage at 1.325, how much do you recommend me to push clock speed further.
      Also, for given voltage,how increase in frequency affect cpu temp and vice versa.
      which one affect cpu temperature more?

      • brokengineer

        btw, i have gigabyte z170x gaming 3 mobo.
        hyper 212 evo cooler.
        evga gtx970ftw gpu
        by saying about my monitor specs, i mean, i dont need to get more than 60fps

        • JWong


          So these motherboards are not microcoded where we can’t flash them. I read other messages in the asrock mentioning they can’t flash as it’s currently micro-coded into the motherboard.

          • gagarin77

            LoL you got that wrong pal. BIOS/UEFI is not “micro coded” into mobo.
            The people you are mentioning probably were talking that BIOS has specific microcodes stored inside for the cpu’s that it can use. And currently there is no tool (at least I didn’t heard of it) that allows for editing (adding / removing /replacing) of microcode table on Asrock Z170 chipset (generally there are problems with UEFI AMI APTIO V5 for all mobo manufacturers).

          • Jwong

            Oh ok, sorry , just started this stuff… lol. So is it still a gamble to OC, I want to get a z170 board that will allow the bios to go in smoothly to OC.


  • Alex

    Dear der8auer!

    I see you are communicate with vendors. Can you ask them if they (Asus, Gigabyte, MSI) would do BIOS for B150/H170 chipset? Maybe later? Maybe they will give a hint… I hope you, man. 🙂

    Thanks a lot.

    • der8auer

      H boards can’t tune the BCLK unless they have an external clock generator. However, I think there is no H board on the market with an external clock generator :/

      • Cyclone

        Hi! I was tried to overclock this spec:
        I3 6100
        GIGABYTE GA-Z170-HD3 with bios F6E
        Crucial CT8G4DFD8213
        Cooler Master TX3
        But got a fail.

        I was surprised, that even with this settings had no luck: from 101 to 105 mhz BCLK, CPU Clock Ratio and Uncore Ratio is 37 (max out), CPU vCore Loadline Calibration is High, CPU vCore is few try – from 1.280 to 1.325. Memory i leave close to default 2133, or even below…

        After apply settings and reboot, booting was failed after long looping, and just load with default settings. Yep, even with 101 mhz nothing happens (boot fast, as with defaults, but clock speed less than default 3,7).

        • Andrew Knight

          I have the same problem. GA-Z170N Gaming 5 – BIOS F4, i5 6400, 16GB G.Skill 2400

          Can change all the other settings with no issues, soon as I adjust the BCLK even to 101 I get boot failure 🙁

          • Yves

            its not possible anymore to oc by bclk i think ?

          • der8auer

            you can still do it like before. Only bullshit media spread out that it would be blocked (which is not true obviously)

          • der8auer

            It’s still possible like on the first day 😉 nothing is blocked

          • mario

            found a working non k bios for the z170n gaming 5 bios number is f4d got my 6500 to run up to 4.1ghz der8auer it needs to be added up here to update this list as well
            look up z170ng5.f4d theres one link still posted on it just google it

        • Quinlan

          Try disabling Intel Turbo Boost and the onboard graphics, also try increasing VCCIO and the System Agent voltages to around 1.2-1.25V.

          I’m running an i5-6600 at 4.5GHz on a GA-Z170M-D3H with BIOS F6c (downloaded from this site).
          Intel Turbo Boost is disabled, onboard graphics are disabled, memory multiplier is lowered to keep it around 2500MHz, vCore is 1.4V, DDR4 voltage is 1.34V, VCCIO and System Agent are 1.25V. I’ve got vCore LLC on high, power saving settings on auto. BCLK is 136.5MHz, CPU and Uncore ratios are manually set to 33 (this would be 37 in your case).

  • Frank


    Will there be a bios for the ga-z170mx-gaming 5?

  • Tusy


    are these Bios you posted modified? Or is it that F5g version published by Gigabyte?
    Also, if i don’t want to overclock to that mention 4,3GHz, i would be ok with lets say 3,8 base, would it be possible to maintain the power management? How much could i OC with the stock cooler?

    Thanks in advance

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  • xxx

    Can I do this with my Xbox 360 ???

  • Cage

    Do I need to solder anyting for non k oc ?

    • der8auer

      No 🙂 Just get the correct BIOS version and go

      • Laz

        Hey der8auer,

        Appreciate the article/guide on how to overclock non-K chips with Gigabyte boards. I just bought a GA-Z170X Gaming 5 which came with the F5 BIOS. And of curse the F5 BIOS has the BCLK option locked. I looked at the list of available Gigabyte BIOS versions you listed and didn’t see anything for my board.

        Would you please help me out and try to find a Gigabyte BIOS version that will work with my board, without screwing anything up or locking my board? I have an Intel i3 6300. Also, I found a file in my system32 folder (Windows 10) that supposedly stops the overclock (a Microsoft update inserting microcode into the firmware of the chip) The file is named “mcupdate_GenuineIntel.dll”.

        Thank you brother.

  • Dave

    Is it possible to get to 4.5GHz on a i5-6500 and a Cryorig H7 cooler?

  • Jake

    This totally works. Just spun my i5-6500 to 4.25ghz with a quality air cooler. Awesome! Gonna push for 4.5ghz and beyond…

  • Mark

    hi der8auer !!!

    can i 6500 overclock ?

  • Any word on support for Gigabyte GA-Z170N-Gaming 5?

    • m_dekay

      I’m playing around with the most recent BIOS F4d on my GA-Z170N-Gaming 5 and have it at 110 @ stock voltage.

      Going to see if I can get to 120-125 @ or near stock voltage.

      Oddly enough I just hopped in to the bios, turned of iGPU, set BCLK to 110 and that’s it. Did not touch C-states, but it’s clear that they’re off as I not seeing CPU speed change in CPU-Z or CPUID HWMmonitor.

  • Dave

    How do I flash the bios? Do I run the .exe file within the zip you provided? I can’t run the exe as it tells me that it is incompatible with 64-bit systems. Any information on this?

  • Hey,
    For an i5-6400, what’s the BCLK and best voltage for 4000MHz? Do you think this Cooler will be good enough?


  • Tibeau

    I managed to get an overclock but when i exit the bios the windows logo appears and the loading start but i freezes for a slight moment an then i just have a black screen what could be causing this?
    Pc specs :
    Gigabyte ga- z170xp-sli
    Intel core i5 6600
    BCKL : 130.00 Mhz
    CPU frequency : 421.96 Mhz
    Memory frequency : 2772 Mhz
    Core voltage : 1.352 V

    • Tibeau

      Excuse me i made a typing mistake for the cpu frequency it js at 4291.96 Mhz

      • Ze

        I think it’s your RAM speed. 2772 is a bit high. I managed to OC 6600 to 4.719 with RAM @ around 2266. If you get cold boot cycle just turn off the power supply for a bit. I think XMP helps if enabled.

  • Shiro

    Hi der8auer,
    Is Gigabyte GA-Z170-GAMING K3 supported for non-K OC?
    Thanks in advance.

  • eroji

    Is there a working BIOS for GA-Z170MX Gaming 5?

    • eroji

      I am able to overclock my i5-6400 with the stock F4e BIOS, but it doesn’t not boot up properly from cold boot. Can you please post a modified BIOS for GA-Z170MX Gaming 5?

  • Yayo

    Update BIOS and does not work with me GIGABYTE GA-Z170X-Gaming 3 and a I5 6500.

    I get blocked OC :/

    • der8auer

      Which BIOS did you use? What exactly did you try?

    • Chase

      I too am having issues with this board. I have successfully overclocked to 4.5 on an i5 6400 (verified with cpu-z) using the bios found on this site and the gigabyte f5g bios however when the computer tries to reboot the settings will not allow the computer to boot and i am forced to “restart using optimized defaults”

      • kitedili

        I also have this board z170x gaming 3, I updated the BIOS to F5g downloaded form this website, but I can’t change any settings such as CPU Clock Ratio, BCLK, or System Memory Multiplier…It’s like the BIOS F5g doesn’t have the features for non k skylake…

        • Sergio Paz

          Same problem here, do you try another bios version?

          I try it with F6 and F5g, and I can’t overclock my i5 6600 non-k with my Gigabyte Z170X-Gaming 3


    • Sergio Paz

      Same problem here!

      Anyone can do it with the Gigabyte Z170X-Gaming 3?

  • Alex

    I followed your guide bios and cpu-z says im at 4.6 with blck at 125, but real temps says my cpu is at 3.7 and 100 blck at full load. Not sure if this is due to the beta bios or im just not overclocked at all. truly confused about this, any help would be appreciated. I also disabled all power savings and changed windows power management to high performance still didnt change what real temp says.

  • Kimlong

    When I updated the new motherboard Bios, after overclocking and everything. My windows 10 key got inactive as I am not activated.

    • Rollo

      The Windows 10 activation is skrewed to your hardware, if u change a part of your pc u get inactive.

      • Laz

        That makes no damn sense, that means if you upgrade your video card Windows 10 would De-activate. I seriously doubt Microsoft would create that kind of trouble for itself. Millions of gamers would be all over their shit for something like that. And what if someone upgrades their processor? It just doesn’t sound right to me.

  • Khriz306

    Ok so im having some trouble wandering if someone might help me out.

    Yesterday i overclocked my i5 6400 to 4.32 ,cooler evo 212 , psu evga 650gq , mobo z170 hd3 gigabyte, ram ddr4 2400

    Everithing worked perfectly prime95 passed everything for a whole hour.

    Settings psu 1.325 v
    Bclk 100 x 160
    Memory 2133

    So 4.32 ghz

    One hour in prime 95 passed turned it off and in the morning it didnt want to boot stating bios couldnt load so now i have everything back to default.
    What shoul i do to get it stable… Since it works until i reboot it the it doesnt boot.

  • lee

    Hello, thanks for the guide!

    I have the Gigabyte z170 Gaming 7 and the i5 6500 (2400 dual channel ram, good cpu cooler). My PSU is the Corsair HX620 PSU. I have followed your guide, but virtually every change results in a “boot failure.” I’m making sure to keep my memory frequency under 2400. The MOST I could do was raise the base clock from 100 to 102 (3.2GHz to 3.26), and voltage from 1.155 to 1.215. Any higher on the base clock or CPU Vcore resulted in a “boot failure” screen. Any ideas? Thanks so much for the help!

  • Cleveland Hall

    Hi I have a Gigabyte Z170N-Gaming 5, do i need a bios specially for my board or can i use one that’s available from your list.

    • Shaun

      I need to know this as well, nothing listed for the z170n gaming 5.. currently I am using f4d beta bios from gigabyte. I haven’t tried incremental changes because it’s worthless to oc my i5-6400 under 3.3k, which is what it will turbo to. I have tried in the 4k range and I cannot get a successful boot. Anyone have an idea what I can do, or what I’m doing wrong. Followed the guide to a T.

      • Sherwin

        the current one from gigabyte’s site should do. was having the same problems on my HD3P board. what i discovered is that you need to up your ram’s voltage and don’t use XMP (yup, manually configure volts and primary timings the old fashioned way). in my case, i have a set of g. skill v rams rated at 1.25v/2800. if voltage is set to “auto”, can’ t post. manually placing in 1.26 (most gigabyte boards have this on 0.02v increments – dunno why; on HWinfo though, i could verify that my sticks are getting just the right 1.25v) gets me a stable OC. i could even tighten the timings to manufacturer specs: 15-16-16-35. HTH

  • Shaun O'Hagan

    There are two z170X gaming7 bios’s listed, which one it the correct one to use? Is the other one supposed to be for the Gaming 5?

  • federico

    how do you set auto fans for aios if temp cant be read?

  • David

    Just out of interest what happens if you use a K-series CPU with this? Specifically I’m testing the gigabyte Z170 Gaming K3. I’ve hit a baseclock of 167MHz with a 6700K but oddly I can not only get temp readouts but the CPU downclocks under low loads and everything still overclocks well when downclocking the multiplier too (which I had to do with the 6700K to get to 167 baseclock). I just want to know if this is an awesome board for baseclock overclocking or it’s just the fact I’m using a K series that allows it to do this!

  • Nathon

    I’m going to be running the i3 6100 with the Gigabyte Z170 HD3P – Toms Hardware has a review posted for this mobo saying that you can’t raise its core voltage past 1.25, does the 5g bios fix this? Also i don’t have a discrete GPU yet, if I download the bios but don’t OC until I get one will the integrated graphics still work?

  • Cyclone

    Hello! Wich best option for check stability, since AVX on OC processors are lack? Ive tried Prime 26.6 as its pre-avx version, what else to use?

  • Jason

    Just wanted to make a quick post on my results. Using an i5-6400, kraken x61, z170xp-sli, Gskill DDR4 3200(2x8GB) and BIOS from here and official Gigabyte variants of beta bios’s. My highest Stable OC is 4.2 ghz CPU and 3000mhz on the RAM.

    I was shooting for 4.5ghz CPU and 2800 RAM (even went down to 2133 on the RAM), however none of the bios’s for my board allow for adjustments to the LLC. I could get that high on a few occasions however would fail to post on reboots so had to scale back. The vcore i found to be 1.385v; tried higher for higher OC’s but no change.

    All in all not a bad OC and I’m happy with the results so far as my goal was to buy into skylake on the cheap but also let me game with respectable FPS. I’ve been using an infared thermometer on the back of the CPU socket to get a good estimate of temps, with a 8 degree offset prior to breaking core temps in bios at stock it was 19-20 C idle / 36-42 C load; after oc 30-32 C idle / 48-54 C load.

  • James D

    Is there a bios for the Z170 Gaming 6?


    Can I do it on stock BIOS like the latest version from gigabyte website

  • Gregory

    I have a question – is that DDR3 or DDR4 version of GIGABYTE GA-Z170-HD3 ??? and second – will I be able and is it safe to downgrade BIOS version if I would like to on this MoBo? wanna buy it and an i3-6100

    • Robert

      It seams that DDR3 motherboard version is giving BIOS ID check errorr. Bios provided on this site is for DDR4 apparently.

  • Robert


    I have GIGABYTE GA-Z170M-D3H DDR3
    Bios file name from Gigabyte site is Z70MD3H3
    Unfortunatelly on your site there is only
    with Z170MD3H
    If I try it, it I’m getting BIOS ID check error.
    Could you provide updated Z70MD3H3 bios?

    Best Regards

  • George

    Update this plzzzzzz, gigabyte launched stable f5

  • Want to move from C2Q - q9400 to Skylake

    Could we please get an update as to whether this is still possible even with the new changes Intel and motherboard vendors have made to restrict overclocking the non-k cpu’s? Is it possible to flash only these BIOS’s and still be able to overclock a non-k skylake cpu?

    I would like to know as im upgrading from a core2quad and plan to get a hd3 + i5 6400 and oc, but if its no longer possible to oc the non-k’s then i will have to spend extra $100 for a 6600k which i could really use to put towards a better gfx card.

  • Joe

    @George: I could NOT overclock my i3 6100 with the newly updated bios f5, but the older version f5g worked for me. Thanks to der8auer, you can find that version here:

    Please, as it would be interesting to know, if anyone could verify that for i3, i5?

    My specs:

    Intel i3 6100 3,7Ghz
    Gigabyte Z170 HD3P
    Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x4GB DDR4 2800Mhz
    Gigabyte GTX960 OC 4GB

  • john

    I am not able to overclock i3 6100 using the F6e bios

    Any comments?
    Whenever I try to OC. It would boot up but will not logon to Win10 system. I either get some kernel load failure or prompted by bios that the settings didn’t work.

    I followed all the instructions mentioned. RAM overclock however works separately to 2966 MHz.

    • William D.

      I get this same error, the PC won’t load past the bios saying that there are incorrect settings. The best multiplier I can get is 102.5Mhz I hope someone looks into this

  • Ze

    Hello guys, I just want to let everyone know how far I got. Pretty sure most RAM speed is 2400~ but make sure you stay below this # or it will crash. The RAM was the thing made bios fail to boot for me. I have a i5 6600 @ 3.4, currently stable at 4.7ghz from 3.4ghz.

    Pc specs/Bio Setting
    Gigabyte ga- z170xp-sli
    Intel core i5 6600
    BCKL : 143.00 Mhz
    CPU frequency : 4719 Mhz
    Memory frequency : 2280 Mhz
    Core voltage : 1.375 V

    • Ze

      After about 1 hr of prime95, I went into bios and see my temp is at 40 degrees and I use 212 Evo with Corsair 200R case. I had to remove 1 of the side fan to the front. I have 1 stock rear fan, 1 stock front panel fan, 1x side panel fan from NZXT, 2x top fan from NZXT, and 1x frontal fan that was move from the side panel also NZXT.

      • Ze

        No issue doing anything but each time after shutdown there I can’t boot into windows and power cycles until I unplugged cord and replug it. Other than this everything is fine.

    • kitedili

      Hi Ze, which bios version do you have ? latest ?
      I have a z170x gaming 3 and the latest bios F6, with a i5 6600. I haven’t tried to OC yet as I read that Intel wants to stop OC non k skylake and maybe Gigabyte already closed the OC possibilities with their latest bios…I’ll give a try when possible.

  • maxnos

    Need bios non-k for GA-Z170N Gaming 5. Help me pls

  • Thanks for the guides, videos, and BIOS lists. But I still had problems with get it running untill I’ve read one user’s advice to DISABLE manually in BIOS all of these : Intel Turbi, C1E State, C3/C6/C7/C8 State Support, CPU EIST, Internal GPU, FAST BOOT(!)… And than I got it booting with OC finally. So maybe add that to your guide? Or am I alone with those issues? Also there are few more Gigabyte BIOS revisions. I’m on phone so won’t retype it, here is a link to part of reddit thread with that user’s post (and my own post) with details and links to BIOS files:

  • winter

    Z170 HD3 does not match Z170 HD3 ddr3 motherboard?

    when i use Q-flash for upgrade by Z170HD3.F6e . “bios ID check error ”

    i hope to get Z170 HD3 ddr3 oc bios.

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  • Josh

    I’m having trouble getting this to work. I cannot get my bclk to go any higher than 101mhz with your settings or any other tweaks to voltage, multipliers, and various settings. I even tried underclocking the cpu and ram to 35x and 18x multiplier and I still couldn’t get the bclk to go any higher.

    I’m starting to think my PSU may be at fault here. Anytime I increase the bclk, the computer attempts to save the settings and reset, but suddenly kicks off. Then, it starts up again, POSTS ok, and kicks off again. Finally, the system changes the settings back to normal and starts up fine. When I get to the bios screen, I see that my system isn’t even running at full 100mhz, its running at about 99.50mhz. This happens even when I increase the bclk to 101 and the computer manages to boot.

    The computer experiences similar symptoms when I enable xmp for the memory. The only way I am able to run at full 3200mhz is by filling in the multiplier and timings myself. Furthermore, enabling fast boot for memory along with those settings also causes the same type of boot failure. Does anyone have any further suggestions for me to try?

    Here is my system:
    Gigabyte Z170M-D3H
    Intel i3-6100
    G.Skill Ripjaws V, 3200mhz CL 16-18-18-38 1.35v, 4GBx2
    PNY Nvidia GTX 750 2 GB
    Insignia 520W, Max Loads +12v1 18.0A +12v2 16.0A +5v 18.0A +3.3v 20.0A -12v 0.3A +5vsb 2.0A

    • Josh

      I solved it. Replacing the power supply with evga gs 650 solved most of my problems. Although it still wasn’t easy. In order to get it to work, I disabled c states, turbo boost, internal gpu manually. Increased all power limits to 85w (under advanced cpu settings). Started with 1.4v vcore, 105mhz fsb, 1.25v system agent, vccio and ram clocked under 2133mhz. I let the other settings take effect before applying any bclk changes. Then, once I finally got 105mhz to stick, I raised in 5mhz increments to 115, then 2mhz inc to 119. Then, I raised the memory multiplier slowly to just under 3200mhz. Finally, I lowered voltages slowly until I ended up with 3.4v vcore, 1.15 system agent/vccio. Also, did confirm that the bios version on this site was necessary and the latest version did not work. Hope this helps someone else who comes looking!

    • cscheat


      Glad to hear that you got it working!

      I have the same build with you ! (CPU & MOtherboard)

      May I know how is everything till now? stable?


    Why do you write that only those CPUs should be considered ?
    Pentium G4400, Core i3-6100, Core i3-6300, Core i5-6400, Core i7-6700

    I’m building Z170 gaming PC and currently planning to get i5-6500 … why I should get 6400 instead ?

    Thanks in advance!

    • George

      The other intels were left out because they charge more money for nothing other than a higher clock speed–which you are planning on increasing anyway. The i5 6500 does exactly this with the same specs as the i5 6400( minus clock speed )

      However, there may be some advantage in having a higher cpu multiplier when overclocking. Especially since there is some base clock to cpu multiplier ratio ( no idea what this is ) that yields the best performance. But for the 20$ difference, just buy the 6400 and overcock it.

  • Mich

    I have a Gigabyte G1.Sniper B7. There is nothing out there for my board. Maybe i should switch to a z170. Seems to be easyer with everything: Overclocking, OS X…

  • Dake

    I have GA Z170X Gaming 5, bios still F5 ? it’s OC non K ready or yet. Where can I download bios for Z170X Gaming 5


  • Noverclock

    Nothing for the GA-Z170MX-Gaming 5?

  • George

    What is sufficient cooling? I want about a 4.3ghz overclock for my i3 6300, is an artic freezer pro 7 rev2 enough?


  • Eric Rivas

    I did it with Gigabyte Z170X gaming 3 + i7 6700 + CM Seidon 120V + 16 gb 2666 MHz Kingston ddr4 ram and everything worked perfectly, temps never go over 70° C running Prime95 for 1+ hour.

  • maciu9262

    Hello friends,

    can someone do that on Gigabyte Z170-GAMING K3 ? I try many many times with bios from this site ( F2C ) and always BIOS crash when try up BCLK above 101MHz. My proc i5-6400

  • yuppicide

    I am getting the Gigabyte GA-Z170X Gaming 7 tonight. Unfortunately with all the computer parts I am buying, I can’t afford the i7 6700K I want (I’ll get it in a few weeks), so temporarily I’m getting an i3 6300.

    So are these firmware from Gigabyte’s website or are they modified? If so, I am wondering which firmware this is exactly. I only ask because I don’t want some old firmware. I’d like one of the newer ones which offers better compatibility.

    • yuppicide

      You also mention “Avoid high memory clocks. 2600 mhz should be fine” or something like that.. I have 3000 Mhz, unfortunately.. should I even attempt overclocking?

  • I just want to make sure that if I were to overclock my CPU, it would be safe to upgrade to a later BIOS version that does have the CPU Microcode update…. like would I have to ‘un-overclock’ my CPU first? If I don’t would I possibly brick meh device? Plz help thanks.

    • Pete

      Your fine. Overclocking doesn’t change your processor, your just telling your motherboard what to do with it.

  • Pete

    I have updated to this bios version but still cant adjust the BCLK. I have a Z170XP-SLI and a G3900. On other sites people claim to have got this processor over 4500Mhz. Any ideas?

    • Spinosa

      I have the same mother board and I just flashed the bios whit this file ( everithing work just fine.
      I have i5 6400 my processor is now at 3.7Ghz with the stock cooler, soon I will buy a aftermarket cooler go little bit higher.

    • Pete

      It works now after flashing bios again. The G3900 reached 3.9 on stock cooler with no issues. It may well have gone much faster but I stopped there as I had a corsair water cooler on order. It runs at 4.6 now with no problems. I tried 4.8 but won’t poll or allow me into the bios. so will find the middle ground once I’ve taken the bios battery out and started all over.

      Some times it doesn’t turn on after its been turned off unless I remove the power from the PSU so I imagine this is some kind of problem with sleep states even though the computer hasn’t been told to sleep.

  • Jheboy

    I have this newly build pc with
    Ga z170 hd3p ddr4 rev 1.0
    Core i3 6098p
    Ripjaws v 8gb x1ddr4 2400mhz

    Updated the bios from f5 to f5g still i can not adjust the bclk and other cpu related settings the only thing that i managed to adjust is the XMP now the ram is running in 2400mhz before it was only 2133 then the xmp profile in f5 dont seem to work fo me now with the f5g its working well… any solution for this would be very appreciated thanks




    GA Z170X Ultra Gaming / GA-Z170X-UD3 Ultra
    I can not find the NON-K BIOS. Where can I find?

  • Spinosa

    I followed this guide and I achieve 4.5 Ghz,very stable and the temperature never goes above 60°C in my i5 6400, but after finished all the test, I turned off my pc and today I tried to turn it on, but it failed the pc was in a reboot loop and after a while a message come out, says that the bios setup was incorrect.
    I dont know what is wrong,, can anyone help me with my problem

    • Nickolay

      I have same trouble.
      Got some decision. Need to set VCCIO and VCCSA to 1,250 both. On this settings my computer can start “cold” if I remove power cable for a while.

      • Laz

        Have you tried disabling XMP? Apparently doing that helps out (read it up above somewhere). I still need to find a BIOS for my Gigabyte GA-Z170X Gaming 5 motherboard. You’re lucky, at least you found the BIOS that unlocks your BCLK. Until I find the correct BIOS I’m screwed.

  • Kriggs

    Did anyone ever find an oc bios for the Gaming 6? Cant seem to find anything about them.

  • Nickolay

    Trying to OC i5 6400 on GA-Z-170-D3H
    Can make 4,5 with 1,37 vcore and 167 bclk. Can make even 170 bclk and 1,49 vcore, but not perfect stable
    Actually using 4,42 (164 bclk – 1,32 vcore)

    Have issue – when i shutdown windows, i cant boot system again.

    Got some decision. Need to set VCCIO and VCCSA to 1,250 both. On this settings my computer can start “cold” if I remove power cable for a while.
    Also cause i need that much voltage on memory system, i added more on Dram volt – 1,35, and OCed memory a bit.

    Using bios F5c from other site, not from here.

    Actually, very upset about that troubles with booting.

  • Nickolay

    Guys, wow
    Looks like Giga continuing to make beta bioses.
    Found newer bios for my Z-170-D3H – F6b

    info from here

    Gonna try it today. Maybe they fix boot problem

  • jared

    I am trying to overclock an i3 6100 with a gigabyte z170x-ud5. Are you aware of any bios versions that would support overclocking on this board?

  • sergei

    Could you provide updated GA-Z170M-D3H DDR3 bios?

    Best Regards

  • Starlancer

    Just wanted to note that the Gaming 5 F5e beta bios from Gigabyte allows for non-k overclock, running an I3-6300 at 4.3MHZ no issues.

  • Vavil

    I am trying to overclock an i5 6400 with a GIGABYTE GA-Z170X-Gaming 5. Are you aware of any bios versions that would support overclocking on this board?

  • Antonio

    Eu tenho uma z170x-gaming 3 e um i7 6700 qria saber como consigo fazer um overclock de leve nele

  • Vavil

    how to overclock intel i5 6400 ga-z170x gaming 5, a suitable bios ?

  • Nathan

    Is the G1 Gaming GA-Z170MX-Gaming 5 supported? Do you have to use a specific BIOS version?

  • Chris

    Getting a BIOS ID error on my GA-Z170N-WIFI (rev 1.0) when trying to flash the overclockable F7c BIOS through Q-Flash sadly.. I’ve tried using the efiflash utility through DOS and still no luck.

  • Turion

    Pls share GA-Z170M-D3H DDR3 bios?

  • Vapo

    Anyone knows the difference with GA-Z170-Gaming K3 rev. 1.0 AND/VS rev. 1.1? Latest Gigabyte BIOS is dated 2016-03-10 and is version F2.

    The only things I’ve noticed is the KILLER LAN E2400 on 1.1 – instead of E2201 on 1.0, and USB chipset now named “ASMedia”.

    Anyone downgraded (?) the factory-mobo 2016-03-10 F2 bios to the F2c version (2016-01-31)


  • sergei

    GA-Z170M-D3H DDR3 bios?


    Is there for z170x gaming 6?
    cpu 6700
    corsair 2×8 (2800 mhz)

  • leon

    I Feel That i Have to share with all that has the GIGABYTE GA-Z170X-Gaming 3 Motherboard after installing non k oc bios Version 5g with i5 6400 i ocverclocked to 4.6 with voltage 4.30 vsccio 1.3 andsystem agent 1.3 all the fisabled all powersaving features like, c2,c4,c6,c8, cpe temperature monitor, and turbo boost, and cpu LLC set to high, my memory sits at xmp 1 profile 2666ghz and all its 100% stable temperatures never goes more than 60c with cooler with 2 heatpipes at max speed and computer starts even on cold boot no problem just dont update to official bios v20 cose you cannot downgrade after v20 to earlier version you can downgrade just with proggramm FPT 1151 chipset Z170 but thats a risky thing

  • Sigma

    Good evening.
    Could you advice me:
    I have bought from aliexplress intel core i7 6400t and gigabyte z170-hd3 + 8 gigabytes of 2666 ddr4 ram.
    The problem is that if i do all as followed in guide my pc goes to endless reboots until i clear bios.
    How can i overclock that?

  • alperbo

    good evening guys ,

    i have a gigabyte z170 hd3p and i5 6500 proccessor.

    When i using f5 bios i could do update to f5g bios for overclocking non k skylake.

    But i wanted to testing new f20 bios.And now i can not update earlier bioses(F2-f3-f4-f5 and f5g(for o/c) ) , is there any people help me?

  • Problem

    Hey Ze

    I am in deep trouble help me kindly.

    I bought z170x Gaming 3 motherboard came with f6 bios and i flashed f5g bios from the site and the overclocking tools are still locked. How can i unlock those options? How is it possible to unlock?

  • Skytoucher

    Dear der8auer,
    i’ve got gigabyte ga-z170m-d3h motherboard
    firstly, when i tried to flash it to version f6c, it wrote that flashing was successful, but after i did reboot, it was still f7 bios.
    then, i disabled intel safe guard technology, and was able to flash to f6c, but anyway all of the settings such as cpu core ratio or bclk frequency are locked and i can’t change them.
    I have administrator rights.
    Can you help me? I can’t get what’s wrong

  • Dan


    please anyone have exact numbers that work for:

    Gigabyte Z170-D3H
    Core i7 6700

    Also, do I need this special BIOS ver.? My ver. (latest official from gigabyte) bios has all the options unlocked / available.


    • Dan

      34 x 105 doesn’t work (all other options same as in your vid. / howto)
      mem. freq lowered using multiplier to before OC

    • Dan

      Max BCLK i can go to is 102 regardless of RAM freq. anyone know why?

    • Dan

      Reporting back in with success. !!!

      My problem was the latest bios F20 which makes the OC not working (you will not be able to raise BCLK above 102)
      Intel was bitchin’ about these non-K overclocks so the Gigabyte decided to make it not working in subsequent bioses
      you, really need the bios from this page. Gigabyte disallows you to downgrade from F20 bios, but it’s still possible using
      bootable usb stick (rufus) with utility called FPT for DOS.

      FPT Z170 Tool for DOS

      So this allowed me to flash succesfully bios F5b to my Z170-D3H.

      I was able to archive steady 4.5 Ghz overclock with the settings on this page (34 Clock Multiplier x 133 BCLK).

      Big THANKs for this page.

  • Icko

    Why does the Gigabyte Z170x ultra gaming not on the list? I tried following your instructions but it didn’t work out. Does my board not supported?

    Processor : i5 6500
    Mobo: Gigabyte z170x ultra gaming
    BIOS ver. : f4
    RAM: AVEXIR DDR4 2400 cl16 2x4gb

  • Ed

    I used this guide to setup both an i5 6400 and a G4400 on a gigabyte z170X gaming 3 motherboard using the motherboard bios listed on the site. I bough the mobo January 2017 and it shipped with an f4 bios. The bios update worked just fine and I used the overclocking settings suggested for both with a little extra voltage to get things stable (loaded x.m.p profile 1) and adjusted ram clocks.

    However there are some issues. With the suggested settings the systems are stable in the sense that they will run prime95 for several hours solidly. However when booting from cold (i.e. the computer is shut down and then started back up) they enter a boot loop where the fans will spin up followed by everything powering off and the restarting. Turning the PSU on and off by the rear switch or socket resets this and it will boot however this is a bit of a hassle due to where the case is positioned. Any suggestions?

  • AzteroJ

    Looking forward to a revision of the updated bioses to support Non K overclocking of the new Kaby Lake processors.

    Thanks to this guide, have been running my Pentium G4400 @ 4.45ghz on a Gigaby Z170 HD3 motherboard for 9 months now and will be replacing it with a G4560 tonight.

    • Tina

      Any luck with the Kaby Lake G4560 on the Z170 HD3?

      According to the discussion here ( the Kaby Lake CPU’s are possibly now locked in a different way.

      • AzteroJ

        The options are there, but so far no luck overclocking with any of the settings that were successful with my G4400. A modified BIOS of the updated firmware (to support Kaby Lake CPU’s) would be required, if at all possible.

        • Tina

          As far as I read in the internet, Intel changed the code of the Kaby Lake non-K’s compared to the Skylake’s and until UEFI devs leak the new code or someone reverse engineers it, the overclocking of non-K Kaby Lake’s is for now history.

          However Gigabyte did answer to my question to their new Z270-HD3P
          “…I wonder if I would have the possibility to ‘overclock’ Intel non-K CPUs by changing the BCLK frequency?
          Or is this feature locked like on the Z170 mainboards, and I would have to use a third party BIOS?
          Gigabytes answer:

          The board allow to adjust BCLK with non-K CPU. ”

          I will get that board (GA-Z270-HD3P) early next week and a G4560. I will test it and post the result here 😉
          If it will not OC the G4560 it will go back to the seller and I will try a Z270 of ASRock with Hyper BCLK Engine II. That might still be a possibility. 😛 We’ll see

          • Tina

            Stuff arrived, tested:
            BCLK is totally locked… Gigabyte out like ASUS…
            Sending the board back and I will order an Asrock, just have to wait now.

  • Kieran

    Looking to buy a ga z170 n wifi mini itx with an i3 6100… is this method all still possible?

  • Alexander Shen

    Will you provide the suitable OC bios for Gigabyte Z170M-HERO? Tks!

  • xxxEDGE

    For anyone wanting to overclock their non-k cpu with the Gigabyte Z170N Gaming 5 (GA-Z170N Gaming 5), here is a link where you can download the bios. It’s not listed on this website.

  • R3ACTY

    Hello, I got a Gigabyte z170x-ultra gaming g1 with F4 bios version, when he will be unlocked?

  • Andrew

    have modified non-k bios for GA Z170X-UD5 TH ??

  • Pedro

    Just want to let you guys know i manage to overclock my i7 6700 to 4.6ghz with a z170x gaming 3
    but i decided to stick with 4.4ghz daily with 1.28v

    only thing is when i run some aida64 benchmarks i get a very low results the only way i found to fix is flashing a newer bios f20 for ex soes anyone know another fix??

  • malfrat

    Any support for the intel pentium G4600 3.6Ghz kabylake ? 🙂

  • kyniu92

    Is there a bios for Gigabyte Z170-Gaming K3 rev 1.1? Bios from 1.0 doesnt work 🙁

  • Rehman B

    Hey guys I have not ever tampered with BIOS of my mobo, but now I am considering doing this…

    I have a Z170X-Gaming 3 and a i5 6600, I am just asking anyone who has done this with the same mobo if it works, and also my mobo is rev 1.0.

    P.S. I have a stock intel cooler, can I realistically maintain a decent overclock with it under 60-70 degrees, thanks.

    • Jacob

      Yes, it works on your motherboard. However, do not overclock your CPU with the stock cooler. You will not be able to maintain a decent overclock, and your PC will be both hot and noisy.

  • Goran

    I have the GA-Z170-HD3P MB with i5 6500 OCed at 4.2 ghz on stock cooler. It is noisy sometimes, but i get very good temps. The question is that i use the F5g bios but it wont boot if i unplug the pc from the wall. For example if i want to move the pc, i need to unplug it from the wall, and then it wont boot with the OC. I need to flash the bios again, so i can boot it with the OC. Is there a workaround or a fixed oc bios for my board. Thanks for the guide BTW!

  • KaiXen

    Im having issues going pass BCLK with my i5 6500. I have the non-k bios at version F5e and the multiplier was fine. I have a Gigabyte Z170MX Gaming 5 motherboard.

  • Aza

    Help how to reflash the F20 bios on F5g, gigabyte blocked q-flash

  • Minciu

    “Intel AVX is screwed. Some benchmarks like Intel XTU use AVX and you will have about 4-5 times lower score. As far as I know no game is using AVX so it’s no problem to use this for gaming rigs. Not suitable for professional usage tho.”

    AIDA64 is showing BIG DIFRENCE in Cashe Benchmark after OC NON-K

    Max what can we get on L1 and L2 is:
    250GBps / 125GBps / 256GBps (read/write/copy)

    When without OC we have:
    L1: 9116GBps / 461GBps / 920 GBps
    L2 391GBps / 231GB[s / 300GPps

    So it is 4 times slower on L1 Casche when we do OC NON-K

    Also Overclocking RAM is realu reduced. 2600MHz is stabele what i get, when without OC-NON-K i can get even 3000MHz CL12 1.2V.

    So when we doing OC-NON-K we are loosing performance on CASCHE and RAM.

    Here is som example results after OC NON K, and and for compare on right i put example of others CPU, SOmetimest we are next to Phenom X4, Usualy we ar much slower then i7 2600!:

    CPU HASH: 1347 MB/sek i7-6700 OC-NON-K 4500Mhz ( vs. 1441 – Phenom X4 9500 )

    FPU VP8: 5342 i7-6700 OC-NON-K 4500Mhz ( vs. 5653 – i7-2600 HT )

    FPU Julia: 8557 i7-6700 OC-NON-K 4500Mhz ( vs. 8202 -4x Core 2 Extreme QX9650 )

    FPU Mandel: 4598 i7-6700 OC-NON-K 4500Mhz ( vs. 4335 – Core 2 Extreme QX9650 )

    FP32 Ray-Trace: 2121 KRay/s i7-6700 OC-NON-K 4500Mhz ( vs. 3361 KRay/s – i7-2600 )

    FP64 Ray-Trace: 1181 KRay/s i7-6700 OC-NON-K 4500Mhz ( vs. 1815 KRay/si – 7-2600 )

    so… it is wrth it??

  • Arthur

    Can I do this with a i3-7100 kabylake processor?

  • LeoH

    Is there any BIOS out there that will enable OCing on z270 boards? Spefically GA z270-X Ultra-Gaming.

    Bought an i5 6400 with that board but it’s seriously bottlenecking in BF1.

  • where did you get that bios is that the stock bios that came with your motherboard? I have the gigabyte GA-Z170MX Gaming 5 with a i5 6400

  • Bryan

    Hi guys,
    i’m planning to buy a GIGABYTE GA-Z270X-ULTRA GAMING INTEL Z270 is this mobo eligible for non k overclocking?

  • Vladimir Demin

    Please tell me where I can find non-K BIOS i5-6400 on motherboard Z170X-UJtra Gaming-CF GIGABITE. Chipset IntelSkylake Rev. 07. Southbridge Intel Z170 Rev.31. LPCIO ITE IT8628
    Thank you.

  • Michael

    Hi guys!

    Does anyone has bios for GA-Z170X-Ultra Gaming (Rev. 1.0) ?

    I need it for overcklock my non-K i7-6700.
    I have tried F23j, F22, F4 but all of them makes system unloadable even if i set 101 MHz of BCLK. The system just reboot and offer me to load system’s defaults.

    • tristank

      I also search for a overclock non-k bios for the GA-Z170X-Ultra Gaming.According to a reddit thread the model might be to recent.

  • Sem

    Hello, I ran into a problem. My i7 6700 motherboard gygabite z170 ĥď3 ddr3 was chasing up to 4700 frequency after installing additional ssd and replacing thermal grease asks to return the optimized settings

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  • Fabio Jair Longo

    Qual funcionaria na GA-Z170X-Gaming 5 (rev. 1.0) ???

    What would work on GA-Z170X-Gaming 5 (rev 1.0)?

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