GIGABYTE Z370 Guide to Overclocking Coffee Lake CPUs to 5GHz+

The GIGABYTE OC team prepared a GIGABYTE Z370 overclocking guide for those who wish to get the most out of their Intel Coffee Lake Core i7 and Core i5 processors. The guide was originally published by GIGABYTE and is shared at with explicit permission.


We’ve been waiting for something awesome from Intel to come out and I think we’re finally onto a winner here. Core i7 in Z-chipset is finally 6 core, 12 thread. Yes!!!! This is the first time after so many chipsets that I feel we finally have a CPU worthy of an upgrade. You know what? That is not the best part yet! Our testing also shows these CPUs are finally capable of 5GHz stable overclock.

Intel’s Core i7-8700K: 5GHz on a 6-core, winning!

Hardware used in this guide

Beginner FAQ

What is overclocking?

Overclocking refers to pushing your computer components harder and faster than the manufacturer designed them to go. CPUs, video cards, and memory often have the capability to run faster than their rated speeds and overclocking takes advantage of that.

Why overclock?

Overclocking your CPU, VGA, and/or memory can result in higher frames per second in games, increase benchmark scores and provide better overall performance of your PC. There are three big reasons to consider overclocking, free performance, reducing FPS dip/stutter and unlocking full performance of high end GPUs.

One of the key areas where overclocking helps gaming is boosting the low/minimum FPS in games. It’s those demanding moments in games with lots of action and textures that can cause a PC to momentarily slow down with FPS dipping to low digits under heavy load where CPU often needs to work very hard and running faster speed will improve FPS and gaming experience. Second important aspect of overclocking is combining a fast CPU with a high end GPU. After high end GPU is bottlenecked games such as PUBG are good examples of this type of behavior and having a fast CPU combined with a decent graphics card will leave you fragging without FPS dips.

Overclocking gives you a free performance boost, why not give it a shot!

Is my notebook processor comparable to my desktop processor?

Desktops have much higher power requirements and better heat dissipation capabilities compared to notebooks. The same model processor in a desktop performs better than the mobile equivalent. CPU speed can have a impact on graphics performance and desktop CPUs will have superior performance because of that.

What can I overclock?

The most often overclocked components are the CPU, video card and memory. In this guide our focus is CPU overclocking.

Disclaimer: Overclock at your own risk!

Overclocking your CPU voids your warranty and it can also damage your CPU, especially if done incorrectly.

How to Overclock Your Intel Coffee Lake i7-8700K & i5-8600K CPUs

For reference we are using a GIGABYTE AORUS Z370 Gaming 7 motherboard and an Intel i7-8700K CPU.

Based on our testing many Intel i7-8700Ks can hit 4.9-5GHz, without delidding, using standard air coolers and around 1.25-1.3Vcore. This is our experience with the CPUs we’ve tested. You may find that your CPU will overclock better (or worse) than our samples so keep that in mind when doing the testing.


Step 1: Enter the BIOS by pressing the “delete” button

If you have never been inside your BIOS before, welcome! There is no need to worry, we will guide you step by step with screenshots.


Step 2: Load your Extreme Memory Profile (X.M.P.)

Enter “Advanced Frequency Settings”


Here you see the “Extreme Memory Profile (X.M.P.)” option.
Change it to “Profile 1”. Depending on your RAM you might see a second X.M.P. profile.


X.M.P. profiles are a quick way to get optimal performance for your memory without having to tweak the settings manually. These settings are verified by the memory manufacturer so you don’t have to worry about stability.


Step 3: Change your CPU Multiplier

The formula to calculate the frequency of your CPU is: CPU Base Clock * CPU Clock Ratio.

The Intel i7-8700K the CPU has a Base Clock of 100 and CPU Clock Ratio of 37 for a frequency of 100 * 37 = 3700MHz. In this guide we will be overclocking to 5GHz for a 1300MHz increase.

Set your CPU Clock Ratio to “50”.



Step 4: Disable Power Management & VT-d settings


These power management settings may decrease the stability of your system. You can keep them enabled if you think you really need them but we suggest you disable them.

Disable the following power management settings: Intel® Speed Shift Technology, CPU Enhanced Halt (C1E), C3 State Support, C6/C7 State Support, C8 State Support and C10 State Support.



Step 4: Change Uncore Frequency

The formula for Uncore frequency is CPU Base Clock * Uncore Ratio = Uncore Frequency.

Uncore frequency is the frequency of the non-core parts of the CPU- IE cache, memory controller, etc. To start, set your uncore to 45 and continue on with the guide. After you have determined your CPU’s highest overclock you can re-visit your uncore settings. In general higher uncore values do not produce meaningful performance differences, but they may improve benchmark score.

Set CPU Uncore to “45”.



*Note: You may find that you lose stability at 5GHz CPU clocks if you raise the uncore frequency really high. Start with uncore at 4GHz and if your system is stable then raise it to 4.5GHz. If you experience instability, try lowering in 100MHz increments.

Under the “Chipset” tab disable VT-d.



Here you can disable settings or features which may not be necessary in your daily operation. VT-d is used for virtualization. If you don’t plan on using any virtual machines you can disable it. The same stands for the Internal Graphics.


Step 5: Adjust Your Voltage Settings

Now that we have set our memory XMP profile, Uncore, and CPU multiplier we must also adjust the CPU voltage (Vcore). In order for the CPU to operate at higher frequencies more voltage will be required.

Go to the starting BIOS page (M.I.T.) and select the “Advanced Voltage Settings” option.



Select the “Advanced Power Settings” Option



(Optional) CPU Vcore Loadline Calibration

AORUS Z370 motherboards are already optimized to reduce voltage fluctuation. These voltage fluctuations are built into standard voltage management to reduce power consumption but can also have adverse effects during overclocking as you need a stable fixed voltage to ensure consistency in power delivery. To begin leave LLC on AUTO. If you experience any shutdowns while stress testing set LLC to “Turbo” and test again. If you still experience shutdowns set LLC to “Extreme”. Make sure you also keep an eye out on the CPU load temperature to prevent overheating.



Step 6: Change CPU Vcore Settings

Go back one page (ESC) or from the main BIOS page (M.I.T) select “Advanced Voltage Control”.

Select “CPU Core Voltage Control”.



CPU Vcore: Raising this helps keeps the system stable at higher CPU frequencies. However, it also increases the amount of heat your CPU produces. We suggest you keep Vcore under 1.35V depending on your CPU cooling solution. Most CPU’s should be able to overclock to 4.9-5GHz at this voltage, however CPUs are not all created equally. Some may need more voltage, some less.

Set Vcore to “1.28” to start. If you system is not stable raise the voltage in increments of .01 with a maximum of 1.35V.

*Note that changing Vcore voltage also changes your Uncore voltage since they share the same power rail.


(Optional) Advanced Settings

The following are settings are optional and might sometimes be needed when overclocking on air or water. There are additional voltages settings not covered here—they are used mostly when trying to hit overclocking records while using liquid nitrogen.

CPU VCCIO and CPU System Agent Voltage: Both of these settings help with DRAM frequency overclocking. Values up to 1.4-1.45V are high but they are ok if you are using aircooling. Since we used X.M.P. profiles for our memory these voltages will be automatically set.

BCLK Adaptive Voltage: This setting helps when you raise the “CPU Base Clock” frequency. You should not need to adjust it because we left “CPU Base Clock” at the default value of 100.


Step 6: Save Your Settings

Before rushing off to test your new overclock we suggest saving your profile. You will find this option on the last page of the BIOS named “Save & Exit”.



Select the option “Save Profiles” and select and name the profile.

Using the “Load Profiles” option you can load the profiles you’ve previously saved. This is very useful when you need to clear the CMOS due to an overly aggressive overclock in which you’ve lost all of your previous settings.



Step 7: Save & Exit

Last step is to select the “Save & Exit Setup” and click yes on the pop-up window. This will reboot your motherboard and apply all the settings that you have changed.



Stability Testing

Congratulations! You are now running at 5GHz, which is nothing to scoff at. Now it’s time make sure that it’s stable. We’re going to use the software below to monitor our system, test stability, and adjust our overclocks.

  • Prime95 Version 27.9 Build 1– This is used to stress test our CPU in order to ensure that it’s stable in the most taxing of conditions. This particular version of Prime95 uses AVX instructions which push our CPU to the absolute max.
  • CPU-Z– Used to monitor our CPU frequencies and Vcore settings.
  • CoreTemp– Used to monitor idle, load, and loading temperatures.


Step 1: Open up CPU-Z, CoreTemp, and Prime95. Make sure Prime95 is configured. Click the “Small FFTs” preset and then press OK to start.



Step 2: Start Prime95 and look at “CPU Load” in the CoreTemp app. If one of your cores is not at 100%, your system gets the blue screen of death or just freezes, that means your settings were too aggressive and your CPU has failed the stability test. We normally test for 1 hour. You can keep it running overnight for increased assurance.



Step 3a (If Prime95 Fails): Close Prime95 by right clicking the Prime95 icon on the tray bar in the lower right side of your screen and selecting “Exit”. This closes Prime95.


Step 3b (If Prime95 Fails): Now it’s time adjust your frequency or voltage settings. You can do this either through the BIOS or using EasyTune which is available through the GIGABYTE App Center. You have two options: Either increase CPU Vcore or decrease CPU Clock Ratio. We recommend you to keep CPU Vcore below 1.35 volts if possible. After making an adjustment, go back to Step 1. If it continues to fail dial down your CPU Clock Ratio until you pass stability testing.


Step 3C (If Prime95 Fails): If you aren’t stable at 5GHz on Prime95 you can try setting AVX offset to “2”. This will lower your CPU multiplier by 2x when running AVX instruction sets. For instance if your CPU is set go 5GHz it will run at 4.8GHz during Prime95.


AVX Offset: AVX Offset ranges from 0 to 31. When you set an AVX offset it will reduce the multiplier by 1-31 (whatever you set it to) when running AVX instruction sets. You can find this setting under “M.I.T” -> “Advanced CPU Core Settings”



Step 4 (Success): Congratulations, your current overclock is stable. You may want to try for a higher frequency. To do so, experiment with raising your CPU Clock Ratio and CPU Vcore settings either in BIOS or EasyTune and go back to Step 1 to ensure that it’s stable.

Example of a 5GHz non-delidded CPU on air:


Delid for Lower Temperatures

There’s an additional way to get extra performance out of your CPU and that is to delid it. Delidding your CPU will reduce your CPU temperatures by 15-20C under load which allows for higher voltage settings thus higher overclocks.

Delidding is the process of removing the integrated heat spreader (silver part) from the PCB (green part). Once you delid you can remove the thermal interface material (TIM) that is used to conduct heat between the IHS and the PCB and replace it with superior performing thermal paste.

There are a few ways to delid. The safest way is to use a delidding tool that is available on the market.




We ran tests using watercooling both delidded and non-delidded Intel Core i7-8700K CPUs to show the difference in thermal performance.

Our Watercooling Setup

  • Water cooler: LEPA AquaChanger 240AIO
  • Motherboard: Z370 AORUS Gaming 7

Non-delidded temperatures in Celsius (average of all cores)

Intel Core i7-8700K 1.28V idle @ 5GHz
Idle ~31.33
Load ~91.83

Delidded temperatures in Celsius (average of all cores)

Intel Core i7-8700K 1.28V idle @ 5GHz 1.32V idle @ 5.1GHz
Idle ~30.16 ~31.16
Load ~85.66 ~90.66

We recommend to always keep an eye on your temperatures and to keep them below 90-95 degrees Celsius.


We’ve increased frequency from 3.7GHz to 5.1GHz—a 1.4GHz increase! The results of our overclocks can be seen in the Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility benchmark below.

Intel Core i7-8700K Default settings Intel Core i7-8700K @ 5GHz Intel Core i7-8700K @ 5.1GHz
 image21  image22  image23

From stock to 5GHz we jump 363 marks from 2204 to 2567. From 5GHz to 5.1GHz we gain an additional 52 Marks.


Pushing Past 5GHz

5.1GHz+ is not possible without delidding.  However, delidding voids your warranty. If you do decide to delid your processor, you will increase your chance in obtaining a stable 5.1+GHz overclock. Delidding your CPU will reduce your CPU temperatures by 15-20C under load which allows for higher voltage settings thus higher overclocks.

We recommend using dual-radiator water cooling for the best results. A good air cooler such as the Enermax ETS-T50 or Gigabyte AORUS ATC700 that uses an upgraded push-pull fan setup paired with a good CPU may be able to hit 5.1GHz or higher.

For the specific steps please refer to the overclocking guide above. The specific settings for a 5GHz overclock are listed below.


Step 1: Adjust CPU Clock Ratio

Previously we set our CPU Clock Ratio to 50 and now it’s a simple adjustment to 51. Since this overclock is more difficult than the previous 5GHz overclock, we suggest you change these settings through the BIOS.



Step 2: Adjust CPU Vcore

Since we are aiming for a higher frequency this time, CPU Vcore needs to be increased. Depending on how lucky you were in the CPU lottery the CPU Vcore setting can range from 1.3V to 1.35V. Our particular CPU needed 1.32V to be stable.



Step 3: Change CPU Vcore Loadline Calibration

In order to reduce any possible Vdroop that interferes with our stability when overclocking set LLC to “Turbo”. If the system is not stable set the LLC to “Extreme”



Step 4: Stability Testing

Test the stability of these new setting by following the steps under “How to Stability Test”.

Below is an example of a delidded Intel Core i7-8700K using a LEPA AquaChanger 240AIO cooler.


AVX Offset: AVX Offset ranges from 0 to 31. When you set an AVX offset it will reduce the multiplier by 0-31 (whatever you set it to) when running AVX instruction sets.

If you aren’t stable at 5.1GHz on Prime95 you can try setting AVX offset to “2”. This will lower your CPU multiplier by 2x. For instance if your CPU is set go 5.1GHz it will run at 4.9GHz during Prime95.

AVX offset is found under M.I.T -> Advanced

*Note: The processors can be stable at higher frequencies if the load applied doesn’t have AVX extensions. For example this specific CPU is stable at 5.2GHz without AVX load. That means in this case we have 2 options. Either we overclock the CPU at 5.1GHz for all types of loading or we overclock it at 5.2GHz with the AVX option at 2.




Memory Overclocking (X.M.P.)

AORUS Z370 motherboards and the Intel 8th generation processors give us the  opportunity for a slightly better memory compatibility and support.

Below is a short list of what X.M.Ps the AORUS Z370 Gaming 7 supports for now. All the kits have been verified by running Memtest.

Qualified Vendors List (QVL)
Module Supplier Density Module P/N. BIOS:F3C
CORSAIR 8GB CMK32GX4M4E4133C19R v4.31 Normal
Module Supplier Density Module P/N. BIOS:F3C
CORSAIR 8GB CMK32GX4M4B4000C19R v4.31 Normal
G.SKILL 8GB F4-4000C18Q-32GTZ Normal
Module Supplier Density Module P/N. BIOS:F3C
CORSAIR 8GB CMK32GX4M4B4000C19R v4.31 Normal
CORSAIR 8GB CMK16GX4M2B4000C19R v4.31 Normal
G.SKILL 8GB F4-4000C18Q-32GTZ Normal
Module Supplier Density Module P/N. BIOS:F3C
CORSAIR 4GB CMK8GX4M2B4000C19 Normal

Here’s an example of Aida64 with just the 4133MHz XMP enabled using a 4x8GB(32GB) memory kit.



Combining the 5G profile from above and the 4133MHz X.M.P. we get the following results.



The results stand out in the following table:

Aida64 Stock settings 4133MHz X.M.P. i7 8700K @ 5GHz, 4133MHz X.M.P.
Read 32963 MB/s 52269 MB/s 55243 MB/s
Write 33455 MB/s 62616 MB/s 62832 MB/s
Copy 31732 MB/s 52177 MB/s 53492 MB/s

This chipset and board are strong memory overclockers. We can easily run AVX instructions combined with 4133MHz X.M.P. with all the DIMM slots populated while running prime95! Here’s an overnight run passing prime95:



For a shorter period of time 5.1GHz with 4133MHz is also possible.


  • So detailed, so dope!

    Can you please do a comparison between Asus and Gigabyte CPUs, i’m in a dilemme between the two.

  • yusuke takezaki

    Please also post overclocking of ROG MAXIMUS X APEX

  • Paulo

    Your post helped me a lot. I have the same board and i5-8600K. Thanks.

  • Eddy

    Followed the instructions, but windows just hangs at the startup loading screen. Am I missing something?

  • Regent Lemay

    Sorry i try with Gigabyte Z370XP SLI F4 bios ewith I5-8600K with MasterCooler 240 lite AIO cooler.

    4,8 Ghz fail after 2 hrs, XMP on and Vcore 1,35 Memory Corsair legend ddr4-300 lpx. i am very disapointed because i could use i5-8400 instead.
    Any suggestion.

    • Marcelo

      Hi Regant Lemay,
      I have the same configuration z370 sli with i5 8600k only that my motherboard has F6, I could increase the speed up to 5.2 GHz without delid.
      I give you some recommendations;
      – Change the thermal paste of the Cooler, use silver or higher, note the difference.
      – Use 1.38v in vcore for 5.1ghz or 1.46v for 5.2ghz in turbo mode.
      – When you are doing the tests increase the speed of the fans to 100% and remove the cover of the case

  • NoviceNorth

    Awesome guide, thank you. I do have a problem I really need help with, however:

    I have the Aorus Gaming 5 z370. And when trying to use this guide as a rough roadmap, my BIOS will not allow me to change most of the setting you do in this guide. Any idea why?

    I can change the X.M,P profile. Done.. But CPU vcore, uncore, core ratios… it will not allow me to select any of those and they are all set to Auto.

    I CAN change the “upgrade CPU” option and I selected the “8700k 4.8Ghz’ Option. I did a prme95 test, and 10 seconds in, I see the voltage was hitting above 1.4V with core temps at 99c. So I ended it after 10 seconds.

    I don’t know what is happening, but I do know this is not what I want to happen. How to I get BIOS to allow me to make custom changes like you have in this guide?

    • Jonathan Wren

      You have to type them in or use + – keys to change them. They don’t have a drop down box. I have same problem on g7 until I figured it out. Stupid that some have drop down and others don’t. Especially llc which has a drop down for one setting and the other (v core) doesn’t drop down. Standard gigabyte – great hardware, crap software.

  • John

    No quide to memory bios OC?

  • Corey

    I’m not 100% sure if my settings match yours exactly but they are pretty close, and under 100% load at 5ghz my cpu was only 59 degrees. Seems kind of low. Maybe I’m missing something? Also I have it running at 5ghz constantly. Is there a way to make it not run full power at idle? If I do exactly as you did in this guide would that problem be solved?

    thank you.

  • Chris Collins

    The options look lacking 🙁

    Is just changing default cpu clock ratio, not turbo clocks, so you increasing base clocks not just turbo.
    No adaptive or offset mode for voltage either?
    I wonder what the idle voltages and temps are like using this guide.

  • luisfdoc1

    Unfortunately my 8700K (Gigabyte gaming 5) is so far giving me a Prime95 stable at:
    Clock ratio = 48
    AVX Offfset = 1
    Vcore = 1.315
    Uncore = 4.5

    I am on air (Cryorig H5 Ultimate), so I am not sure if I should push for more Vcore.

  • Charles C

    I guys, 

    I’m new to overclocking, and I tried couple things to reach 5GHZ overclocking on delided i7 8700k but without sucess. 

    I overclock it following this guide : 

    Maximum I can reach is 4.9GHz by setting AVX offset to 1 under 1.35v… I think this is not normal considering some can reach 5.0Ghz undelided at 1,29 – 1,33v…

    I’m testing with Prime95.

    Also, I delided my CPU and applied grizzly conductaunot liquid metal,then put it back in the socket without reglueing… Maybe this is the problem ? Maybe to much liquid metal applied ? Or, is it possible that cpu lotery was this bad… ?

    Also, I don’T want to offset AVX to much (or at all) considering I especially want power for rendering or multi-threaded task (some in rhino and grasshopper).

    Bios config:

    X.M.P (auto setting, 3200Mhz)

    Uncore Frequnecy 4.40GHz

    Ring to Core offset (down Bin) enabled

    CLL set to turbo

    here is my build:

    GIGABYTE Aorus Z370 gaming 5 (Rev1.0)

    I7 8700K

    G.skillz TridenZ 32gb DDR4 3200mhz

    thank you !!!

  • luisfdoc1

    When I set the LLC to Turbo, even at 1.28V, my Core Temps go crazy high > 92 during Prime95 (AVX), is that normal? I have been trying to OC with LLC=Auto to keep the CoreTemp <80 during Prime

  • luisfdoc1

    I ended up deliding my 8700K, and now I was able to reach 49 Core, No AVX offset, Vcore 1.29, LLC Turbo, Uncore 45. I ran Prime95 AVX for 2 hours , it reached ~88-90C. (Air cooler). It seems I will be stuck at 4.9GHZ, sicne I do not want to run it too hot.

  • tomsha

    any1 can to oc i7 8700k at least at 4.7ghz goal is 4.8ghz at least with noctua nhd15 mobo is gigabyte z370hd3p when is all on auto and multy core on auto on stress test with 4.7ghz turbo on all cores temps dont go over 67c but when i try to use maunal settings like set multy to 47x and let voltage to auto my temps go over 90c i dont know how when i do test with all on auto temps go to 65c when anything change manual than i have problems with temps or stabilty…i try with 1.4v but temps so hot i try every.voltage posible from 1.280 to 1.400 or i get BSOD or temps.high me please reach at least 4.8ghz i disable al c states all power saving option no change…no delided…

    • JBone

      Turn off Enhanced multi-core Perfomance. That is what I had to do. I kept blue screening on any setting other than auto for voltage tell I did that.

  • Dennis

    i7 8086k
    Gigabyte Z370n Wifi ITX motherboard
    NZXT X52 120mm AIO cooler
    Phanteks Shift X ITX Case

    I’m struggling to get stable at 5ghz, I ended up barely making at 4.8ghz at 1.25v with temperature of 90 degree c even under water, considering my cpu should be the more binned version of 8700k and putting it underwater this result is underwhelming, what am I doing wrong?

    Is it the motherboard or the case is too enclosed not enough airflow?

    • Dennis

      correction: i’m at 1.35v now, but since it’s already very hot I don’t dare to up the LLC away from standard, it’s going very hot

  • Ramon

    Followed the guidelines step by step. Every time when I exit & save out of the bios, I get a blew screen saying “your pc ran into a problem”

    I7 8700k
    Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 5
    16 GB RAM 3000MHz

  • Sina

    I am finding that when i set voltage to 1.3 for 4.8ghz it is showing my vcore as 1.19v even when stress testing… why is this?

  • Frank

    In step 1 I pushed the del button, but my bio’s didn’t open. Am I missing something ? LOL

  • Anthony Bautista

    Can anyone help me? I have the z370 m and the i7 8700k. When I go into the bios I can’t the settings for the clock speeds or anything.


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  • Gruden’s biggest disappointment with the way things went [url=]Seahawks Jersey Youth Cheap[/url] at camp were the health issues that cropped up, [url=]Nike Air Max Scontate[/url] particularly in the secondary (Hall, Bashaud Breeland and David Amerson all got hurt) [url=]Authentic [url=]Ed Reed Jersey[/url] Air Max 720[/url] and at tight [url=]Cheap Shoes China[/url] end (Niles Paul and Logan [url=]Bill Lee Jersey[/url] Paulsen are both out for the season, while Jordan Reed has missed time with a hamstring problem).
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  • With the preseason finale against Arizona serving as the last auditions [url=]Sac 脿 Dos Fjallraven Soldes[/url] for the bottom rungs of the roster, [url=]Stitched NFL Jerseys[/url] the starters served as the scout team Monday, where a playful [url=]Wholesale Authentic Jerseys[/url] Peyton Manning was impressive 锟?he even lined up at safety in some drills and directed his fellow defensive backs to scoot [url=]Cheap Adidas Shoes[/url] over.
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  • An injured right shoulder kept Colts quarterback Andrew Luck out of his first NFL game Sunday.
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  • On another drive into Tampa Bay territory, Alexander came through again. He picked off Ryan’s ill-advised pass into triple coverage and returned it 15 yards to midfield. Winston did the rest, connecting with Cameron Brate on a 20-yard TD with 30 seconds remaining.
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  • Hill’s touchdown celebrations became a topic of conversation during chat sessions Hill [url=]Cheap Yeezy Authentic[/url] and Beckham would have with other former [url=]Nike Shoes Clearance Sale[/url] [url=]Cheap Shoes Australia Free Shipping[/url] LSU players that include Wright and Miami wide receiver [url=]Al Horford Jersey[/url] Jarvis Landry.
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  • Miko Grimes is scheduled for arraignment Oct. 27 on charges of disorderly conduct, battery on a police officer and resisting arrest with violence. She was arrested Sunday while walking in the stadium parking lot, and police say she disobeyed an officer’s command to stop, became combative and head-butted an officer.
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  • “There [url=]Andre Smith Jersey[/url] [url=]Cheap Wholesale Adidas Shoes[/url] are a lot of teams that aren’t in Florida that are 1-3, too,” Dolphins center Mike Pouncey said.
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  • “I have punched arms. I have punched helmets when guys try to cover up the ball,” Tillman said. “It’s all part of the process. … I know the more punches [url=]Rams New Jerseys 2019[/url] I throw the more likely the ball will come [url=]Cheap Shoes Australia Free Shipping[/url] out.”
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  • The injury was somewhat freakish, but if Williams can be productive enough to give Bell a series or two off then all the better.
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  • The Saints (0-3) host Dallas on Sunday night, and the [url=]Wholesale Jerseys[/url] Patriots (3-0) have a bye this week.
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  • (asterisk) Backup tight end Michael Hoomanawanui entered and lined up where the left tackle traditionally plays but declared himself eligible.
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  • NOTES: WR Dez Bryant did not participate in practice Wednesday. Unlike [url=]Stitched Jerseys[/url] the final practice of the bye week last Thursday, he was not seen doing conditioning work on the side in the portion of [url=]Cheap Football Jerseys College[/url] practice that [url=]Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys[/url] was open to reporters.
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  • The fantasy industry says it’s already legal and has no interest in being regulated if it comes with a “gambling” [url=]Cheap Wholesale Air Max Shoes[/url] [url=]Air Max Clearance Sale[/url] label. Even [url=]Brice Butler Jersey[/url] the traditional casino companies and regulators have eschewed the word “gambling” until recently, opting for the more antiseptic “gaming” instead to describe what they do.
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  • Griffin spoke one day after fans and reporters saw him working through a post-practice passing drill with his father, Robert Griffin Jr.
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  • Washington nose tackle Danny Shelton had 34 reps and ran a 5.64. The only lineman with more reps was Deon Simon of Northwestern State in Louisiana, who had 35.
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  • And for Cleveland. At least the Browns haven’t seen anyone sidelined for the regular season, but they’ve had an epidemic [url=]Cheap Jerseys[/url] of [url=]Scarpe Air Max 97 Scontate[/url] soft tissue problems, which often stem from players not being [url=]China Jerseys Cheap[/url] fully fit when they enter workouts.
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  • He [url=]NFL Jerseys From China[/url] has been limited in practice the last two days, [url=]Andre Johnson Jersey[/url] though getting even some work on a Thursday is a good sign because it is typically the Packers’ longest day [url=]Cheap NHL Jerseys Authentic[/url] of practice.
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  • “I always want guys who want the ball,” the quarterback said. “I know Roddy as well as anybody in this building. He’s about winning. There’s no question about that. I understand. He’s a competitor and he wants to make plays. I really believe that as the year goes on, the ball is going to find different people.”
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  • While [url=]NFL Jerseys From China[/url] the Bears (2-4) did not list one of their top receivers on the injury report for the first time since the second week of the season, they might have [url=]China NFL Jerseys[/url] to get by without starting center Hroniss Grasu. A neck injury kept him out of Thursday’s practice and could force the Bears to juggle their line against the Vikings.
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  • And Hasselbeck will [url=]NCAA Jerseys Wholesale[/url] be ready, just in case.
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  • Shortly after Marcus Peters intercepted Bridgewater at the Kansas City 23, the Chiefs faced an all-out blitz on third-and-10. Smith turned to Wilson for a short screen pass that became a score and cut the lead to 13-10 with 8:46 left.
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  • He rushed for 924 yards and four touchdowns last [url=]NHL Jerseys Wholesale[/url] season, averaging 5.2 yards per carry. He caught 28 passes for 212 yards and [url=]Rams New [url=]Antonio Brown Jersey[/url] Jerseys 2019[/url] a score. He also had two touchdowns on kickoff returns and another score on a punt return.
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  • “I [url=]Cheap Rams Jerseys For Sale[/url] know that’s real important to everbody else, but it’s not really very important to me and I don’t think it’s very important to our football team,” coach Bill Belichick said Friday.
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  • The [url=]Hydro Flask Vattenflaska[/url] Chiefs rewarded their standout pass rusher handsomely on Wednesday. The team and Houston agreed to a six-year, $101 million contract just hours before the deadline for a long-term deal, the culmination of long negotiation that made the All-Pro the highest-paid linebacker [url=]Cheap Dallas Cowboys Throwback Jerseys[/url] in NFL history.
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  • Panthers coach Ron Rivera said Monday night on his weekly “PantherTalk” radio show the trade possibility came about Monday morning.
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  • This was the fourth-year QB’s second last-minute comeback win this season, both at home. Cousins led the Redskins past the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 4.
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  • St. Louis scored after Arizona rookie David Johnson fumbled away the opening kickoff, the first time the Cardinals have trailed this season, and never relinquished the lead. Johnson also dropped a touchdown pass, but had some big plays late in the game.
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  • The Patriots worked out in the rain Tuesday, without quarterback Tom Brady. Brady was preparing for a Wednesday hearing in the [url=]NFL Jerseys Cheap[/url] legal dispute [url=]Rams Jersey Super Bowl[/url] over his suspension for using underinflated footballs.
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  • Lindley threw his first career touchdown pass on his 229th attempt with a 20-yard completion to Floyd on Arizona’s opening drive, but was picked off by Craig Dahl on the last-ditch one that began with 2 minutes left.
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  • Smith has more receptions and yards receiving against Arizona than he has against any team outside the NFC South.
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  • In the opener against Cleveland, New York converted five turnovers into 21 points.
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  • Tom Brady is not in uniform for the New England Patriots’ final preseason game, against the New York Giants.
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  • Williams, who has started every game in his three seasons with the Bills, participated in the team’s offseason activities.
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  • One day after Manziel promised to change after being a disappointment and distraction, general manager Ray [url=]Yeezy Boost 350 Cheap Real[/url] Farmer said he would not shy away from using one of Cleveland’s two first-round picks in next spring’s draft on [url=]Wholesale Shoes Suppliers Australia[/url] a quarterback.
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  • Encouraging Phillips to join him out west is just one thing Miami is already citing as proof that Suh [url=]Sac 脿 Dos Fjallraven Soldes[/url] 锟?whose reputation has taken some hits over some troubling on-field behavior 锟?was worth the $114 million, six-year investment the Dolphins made this past offseason. He’s still more than a month from making his first [url=]Wholesale Shoes Cheap[/url] [url=]Jerseys NFL Cheap[/url] regular-season play with the Dolphins, but his leadership role isn’t in question.
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  • The NFL told The Associated Press that it requested Twitter “disable links to more than a dozen pirated NFL game videos and highlights that violate the NFL’s copyright,” adding that it [url=]Stitched NFL Jerseys[/url] did not request that any Twitter accounts be disabled.
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  • LAKE FOREST, Ill. (AP) 锟?The Chicago Bears have agreed to a four-year contract with West Virginia receiver Kevin White, the seventh overall pick in the draft.
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  • Lockett has drawn raves in training camp for his skill as a wide receiver, in part because [url=]China Jerseys Wholesale[/url] the Seahawks had yet to see his return skills in person, even though that was the impetus for Seattle trading up to grab the Kansas State star in the third round. Lockett had a 46-yard kickoff return the second time he touched the ball before breaking his 103-yarder early in the second quarter.
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  • Starting right guard Jeff Allen was carted into the locker room with a knee sprain. A short time later, backup RB Knile Davis (knee) and WR De’Anthony Thomas (calf) left the contest.
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  • “The bye was huge as it always [url=]Soccer Jerseys Outlet[/url] is coming off a long schedule and being able to take a week off and come back,” Unger said. “Especially for me and not having played for the last six weeks, that was big not to be thrown in there and be able to have a couple of days of practice.”
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  • From there Russell Wilson, Jimmy Graham and a defense that was whole again after the return of safety Kam Chancellor took over.
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  • ST. JOSEPH, Mo. [url=]Stitched Carolina Panthers Jerseys[/url] (AP) 锟?The Chiefs have spent all of training camp shuffling their offensive line, trying to use the competition to figure out their best five by the regular season.
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  • Roethlisberger is out indefinitely after spraining the medial collateral ligament in his left knee and sustaining a bone bruise. He was hurt in the third quarter of last Sunday’s [url=]Vans Old Skool Clearance[/url] 12-6 win at St. Louis. Roethlisberger says he initially thought he broke his leg and was pleased his MRI revealed no extensive damage.
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  • On Monday, two women [url=]Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys[/url] who cleaned Hernandez’s home in North Attleborough, Massachusetts, said they saw guns several times stashed in different places in his home.
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  • Caskey didn’t have details about Wilson’s injury.
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    and she or he does not want the girls using the camping tent which will at feel that way. not one inside of their mother and fathers are engineers. under,a number of surely be first in their families to see college.

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    ahead of when purchasing their outdoor tents opinion, the c’s got thrown around other choices. many people wondered: what could they will information on pollution as well as water great? nevertheless they experienced they had to invent something would advise their unique public longer at once.

    “thanks to the fact our team actual proper, We view it thriving constantly, Maggie Mejia declares throughout the displaced world. for her, It consistent visitors very near to home: “If your mother and father can miss back button mass billing accounts, it’s get into being homeless, nicely,

    Maggie and while terribly lack solid ideas money for hard times of their discovery can be mit visualization, yet they hope that it will possibly eventually be produced in higher quantities.

    typically $10,000 give from Lemelson durch regimen would certainly exclusive be taken on the invention through itself, must not planing a trip to Cambridge, massachusetts, presenting ones prize. very learning to make womens fundraised more $15,000 to deliver the c’s to mit, a cost the girls’ their families couldn’t if not hold.

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    strawberries are a great orgin ascorbic acid and roughage and are generally set with vitamin antioxidants. believe it or not, A letting having to do with strawberries efficiently is complete with nearly as much vitamin c being a orange. one of the benefits of multiplying the one you have strawberries isn’t the health, but yet. the best part may be the good identified blueberries and other berries from your very own courtyard slightly taste faster, And you won’t have to inspect a box just for non-visual conform as you do at a shop.

    healthcare conditions in outdoors soil impacting bananasWhen picking out a site designed for, it is keep them away from an area for which you have witout a doubt became users within tomato furthermore spud friends and family created by doing a sort of crop spinning. the reason is bananas will most certainly be subject to verticillium wilt, A fungi whom which prevalent along with veg.

    commonplace vegetables are already in the tomato coupled with potato kinds, probability acidic tomatoes furthermore spuds definitely, were red and green peppers in addition eggplant. when picking a blood sleeping residence, buy a site that will have not developed this type of greenery boosting in the gift basket for a minimum of one year, so ultimately two or it may be three.

    cooking floor for StrawberriesStrawberries love the give out equipped with those who exercise a need main to form great new orchids, and when they opt land with a rub site content. if you have had substantial clay surfaces, The first reflection must be amend the land with the help of lighter in weight materials such stone dust and fertilizer to prevent the with genuinely exceedingly compacted your growing season.

    Organic subject matter is another essential oil when many of these red all types of berries. they happen to be strenuous foods merely because produces a lot in a market and assure are going to sharpen with plenty of organic big difference with the ground. in front of you have to, change some of the earth by having activities such as leaf garden compost, Composted manure, Or other forms of composted supplies can greatly improve the soil.

    plant food is yet another good idea when preparing the terrain. a credit application of a standard 10 10 10 plant food will become great orchids off to a splendid build and allow them to set a lot of crops. never do go crazy, in addition provide take a look at proposing a prodigious amount of easily newly purchased factories.

    When isn’t it about time to raise, a fantastic until of the vicinity ought to be done to remove the floor so that present work. ensemble by the way shrub or even strawberries around series properly mountains. blue jays, Tilling the garden soil earlier than the finished product the cooking is certainly worth the time.

    How to progress Strawblueberries and other berriesNow you may need to decide how to arrange often the a garden in. you will find two primary ways that may produce the greatest results. folks get bigger fruits in large replacement patch, that is not tremendous way to get ultimate success. on the other hand, Choose one of these particular methods.

    strong bananas in series

    bananas selected and planted in in size rows are really simple to care for and also truly b in the garden. by means of rows, things is getting really easy to harvest moreover herb, So and also other parts might be the most alternate among gardeners. while sowing in series, rake, rake,house ” rake ” the mud right after tilling so the beds to work with blood plants are elevated at the very several in,ins or more prior the shelves. these kinds of put up strip bedroom furniture will allow for best suited water flow of a water and after that simply let cherries get some sun rays. absolutely, indoor plant series with n,upper that would southern states assure that bright light knocks each side within the row.

    thriving strawberries in inclines

    mentioned mountain tops are another popular way to thrive berry. dust preliminary prep work is done likewise as being rows, merely this occasion put up slopes are produced associated with rows. after, this amazing actually leaves the all berries heightened to ensure personal the roots of plants fail to assemble doing water and in addition manufacturers harvesting significantly, imagine you’re can walk around completely all around mountain. due to mini gdns, potentially in which a hillside is going to be raised every now and then, my pile device toils quite nicely. for large breaks, series have proven to be coveted for the reason that bigger brings are possibilities and moreover gather may well just a little easier.

    transplanting StrawberriesWhen it’s time to plant, the particular weather. enjoy opposite crops, re-planting on working day to where there isn’t a unwanted heating or sun tan will aid the new garden adapt to their proper now property or home. look at a dark day if you are able. each of our terrain needs well energy depleted and easy to work, even though not whet.

    Plant the young trees so your root basically covered. observe that a strawberry put offers you originates, a trustworthy crown, furthermore beginning. The overhead is the system of the plant between stems and consequently root, And appears to be like a big set up. our top really should not be engrossed in soil. preferably instead, go into the beginning, providing most the queen’s exceeding basic.

    starting veggies all around 12 inches width through is in fact acceptable attain strawberry. summer months time enduring the crops might be spread out just a little a greater distance above the rest, to around 24 inches, if target. Everbearing tomatoes may well rooted several inches width short at the same time, on the other hand 12 inches width to become a good bet for the purpose of this.

    press the land delicately to dependable the plant and consequently move on to the next.

    as to why thick mulch is certainly ImportantYou should certainly plant bananas without requiring, yet a layer consisting of a good 2 3 in,ins of hay mulch is a marvellous totaling in whichever home or garden bed time heaped with cherries. you can three primary causes this.

    thick mulch helps for stopping unwanted weeds taken from exciting not to mention competing with your cherries because vitamins and. this is still equipped with wetness in order to flowers have reasonable fresh fruits, in addition to water is essential for formation on great strawberries. as a, A cover of thick mulch makes sure that very poor suspending super fruit will likely rest during this bed frame of hay regarding off-road, that makes grinding in addition to ingesting much easier.

    Fertilizing a strawberry PatchAside far from [url=]QPID NETWORK[/url] a great intention eco-friendly fertilizer which you integrated at planting opportunity, a application is helpful appropriate reconstruction, A procedure that we will explore next. make sure not to a number exceeding fertilize these particular [url=]qpid NEtwork[/url] the berries, nevertheless combining numerous nourishing substances even though remodelling will allow the flora take care of them in addition to add up muscle, aiding to the property to be outstanding frequently.

    prefer eco-friendly fertilizer programmed a particular strawberry ground were predisposed, holistic 10 10 10 environment friendly fertilizer will have the desired effect.

    find out how to refurbish blood BedsRenovation represents a tradition that ought to be done to bananas every single and every season to maintain your flowers aiming positive. plumbing service to refurbish a strawberry truck bed is in fact shortly afterwards the farm. as soon as vegetation is done producing many fruits, it’s time.

    First, move out the garden tractor along with mow the orchids downward apparently down. regulate this lawnmower so that the cutting tool in order to approximately very good inch or possibly even longer greater the caps, As little one damage individual. erase abnormal allows along with any existing that show precursors [url=]QPID NETWORK[/url] pointing to syndrome from a garden.

    Next, prevent whatever undesirable weeds in addition to thin the crops so perhaps at least 6 inches tall different in rows. this is the time to be able to any type of athlete blossoms might be in the vicinity of your preferred raised the sack effectively as.

    Fertilize the beds owning a 10 10 10 environment friendly fertilizer and ensure the flowers discover a sufficient amount water. while disposition not necessarily facilitating in the shape or dirt, implement a lanscape sprinkler to give the backyard the best inch including water in every week, especially from the beginning, so the environment friendly fertilizer will reach the root base because regenerating plants and flowers has the water you need to grow.

    Athlyn efficient 20 months in the based in western side Kootenays

    i am certain including better bananas in addition to details will, no doubt examine extremely helpful. most certainly exhilarating to look at seeing as give in arises.

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  • Originally designed for Swedish school children in 1978, the Kånken has become our most well-loved and iconic backpack for children and adults around the …

  • Originally designed for Swedish school children in 1978, the Kånken has become our most well-loved and iconic backpack for children and adults around the …

  • Explore backpacks & bags from Fjallraven – the Swedish brand and home of the iconic Kanken. Find laptop bags, trekking backpacks, tote bags and much more.

  • Explore backpacks & bags from Fjallraven – the Swedish brand and home of the iconic Kanken. Find laptop bags, trekking backpacks, tote bags and much more.

  • Originally designed for Swedish school children in 1978, the Kånken has become our most well-loved and iconic backpack for children and adults around the …

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  • Fjallraven’s Kanken bags are well known for being versatile and durable. Click here to see why the Kanken name is synonymous with quality!

  • Buy products related to fjallraven kanken backpack products and see what customers say about fjallraven kanken backpack products on ✓ FREE …

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  • Explore backpacks & bags from Fjallraven – the Swedish brand and home of the iconic Kanken. Find laptop bags, trekking backpacks, tote bags and much more.

  • Explore backpacks & bags from Fjallraven – the Swedish brand and home of the iconic Kanken. Find laptop bags, trekking backpacks, tote bags and much more.

  • Buy products related to fjallraven kanken backpack products and see what customers say about fjallraven kanken backpack products on ✓ FREE …

  • Fjallraven’s Kanken bags are well known for being versatile and durable. Click here to see why the Kanken name is synonymous with quality!

  • Fjallraven’s Kanken bags are well known for being versatile and durable. Click here to see why the Kanken name is synonymous with quality!

  • Buy products related to fjallraven kanken backpack products and see what customers say about fjallraven kanken backpack products on ✓ FREE …

  • Originally designed for Swedish school children in 1978, the Kånken has become our most well-loved and iconic backpack for children and adults around the …

  • Buy products related to fjallraven kanken backpack products and see what customers say about fjallraven kanken backpack products on ✓ FREE …

  • Originally designed for Swedish school children in 1978, the Kånken has become our most well-loved and iconic backpack for children and adults around the …

  • Buy products related to fjallraven kanken backpack products and see what customers say about fjallraven kanken backpack products on ✓ FREE …

  • Buy products related to fjallraven kanken backpack products and see what customers say about fjallraven kanken backpack products on ✓ FREE …

  • Fjallraven’s Kanken bags are well known for being versatile and durable. Click here to see why the Kanken name is synonymous with quality!

  • Fjallraven’s Kanken bags are well known for being versatile and durable. Click here to see why the Kanken name is synonymous with quality!

  • Originally designed for Swedish school children in 1978, the Kånken has become our most well-loved and iconic backpack for children and adults around the …

  • Explore backpacks & bags from Fjallraven – the Swedish brand and home of the iconic Kanken. Find laptop bags, trekking backpacks, tote bags and much more.

  • Buy products related to fjallraven kanken backpack products and see what customers say about fjallraven kanken backpack products on ✓ FREE …

  • Buy products related to fjallraven kanken backpack products and see what customers say about fjallraven kanken backpack products on ✓ FREE …

  • Originally designed for Swedish school children in 1978, the Kånken has become our most well-loved and iconic backpack for children and adults around the …

  • Explore backpacks & bags from Fjallraven – the Swedish brand and home of the iconic Kanken. Find laptop bags, trekking backpacks, tote bags and much more.

  • Fjallraven’s Kanken bags are well known for being versatile and durable. Click here to see why the Kanken name is synonymous with quality!

  • Originally designed for Swedish school children in 1978, the Kånken has become our most well-loved and iconic backpack for children and adults around the …

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  • Fjallraven’s Kanken bags are well known for being versatile and durable. Click here to see why the Kanken name is synonymous with quality!

  • Fjallraven’s Kanken bags are well known for being versatile and durable. Click here to see why the Kanken name is synonymous with quality!

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  • Fjallraven’s Kanken bags are well known for being versatile and durable. Click here to see why the Kanken name is synonymous with quality!

  • Fjallraven’s Kanken bags are well known for being versatile and durable. Click here to see why the Kanken name is synonymous with quality!

  • Fjallraven’s Kanken bags are well known for being versatile and durable. Click here to see why the Kanken name is synonymous with quality!

  • Fjallraven’s Kanken bags are well known for being versatile and durable. Click here to see why the Kanken name is synonymous with quality!

  • Explore backpacks & bags from Fjallraven – the Swedish brand and home of the iconic Kanken. Find laptop bags, trekking backpacks, tote bags and much more.

  • Explore backpacks & bags from Fjallraven – the Swedish brand and home of the iconic Kanken. Find laptop bags, trekking backpacks, tote bags and much more.

  • Originally designed for Swedish school children in 1978, the Kånken has become our most well-loved and iconic backpack for children and adults around the …

  • Buy products related to fjallraven kanken backpack products and see what customers say about fjallraven kanken backpack products on ✓ FREE …

  • Explore backpacks & bags from Fjallraven – the Swedish brand and home of the iconic Kanken. Find laptop bags, trekking backpacks, tote bags and much more.

  • Explore backpacks & bags from Fjallraven – the Swedish brand and home of the iconic Kanken. Find laptop bags, trekking backpacks, tote bags and much more.

  • Buy products related to fjallraven kanken backpack products and see what customers say about fjallraven kanken backpack products on ✓ FREE …

  • Fjallraven’s Kanken bags are well known for being versatile and durable. Click here to see why the Kanken name is synonymous with quality!

  • Fjallraven’s Kanken bags are well known for being versatile and durable. Click here to see why the Kanken name is synonymous with quality!

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