Unlocking the Nvidia Power Limit (all cards!)


Overclocking the graphics card will go hand in hand with an increased power consumption. Both, raising the frequency and/or voltage will lead to a higher power consumption of the GPU. Someone recently asked me on Facebook how to increase the Power Limit of a GTX 970 so I decided to write this small guide for all of you.

Nvidia Boost 1.0 and 2.0

Starting with the GTX 680 (Kepler), all Nvidia graphics cards have been featuring the Nvidia Boost. The first version of the Nvidia Boost was only limited by the TDP (TDP = max. power consumtion). With the GTX 780 series, Nvidia added the temperature limit to the power target.

The result is a graphics card with a stock clock and an estimated boost clock. To explain this feature we will take a look at the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970 Gaming G1, which features a stock clock of 1178 MHz with a boost clock of 1329 MHz, which is an increase of about 10 % in total performance.

Current gen GTX 970 cards are rated at 145 W TDP and allow to increase the Power Limit (also called Power Target) by 6 % so about 154 W TDP max. If you have a GTX 970 Gaming G1 from Gigabyte you will notice quite fast that the card can’t keep the boost clock of 1329 MHz on load. After a few seconds on load the graphics card will hit the Power Limit and clock down to stay in the rated TDP of about 145 W. (Note: This is just an example to explain the mod! It could be that your card can hold the clocks without any issues without using this mod. That’s GPU-quality, BIOS and layout dependent).

GTX 980 cards are rated at 165 W TDP and allow a maximum Power Target of 125 % which equals about 207 Watt.

If you overclock your graphics card you can always adjust the Power Target up to the limit of 125 % (GTX 980) and 106 % (GTX 970) by using tools such as MSI Afterburner. At a certain clock you will still hit the Power Limit and you can’t increase the GPU clocks anymore.

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  • Tijmen

    You are awesome. So basically you’re saying the power limit set in BIOS doesn’t mean a whole lot while it’s still limited by these resistors?
    Does this trick override the BIOS limit, or do you still need a BIOS with a higher limit in order for this to work?

    • der8auer

      There is an IC close to the resistors which is measuring the current flow over the voltage drop. If you change the power limit in the bios it will change the limit in the IC. However you will be limited by the 6 or 25 %. If you straight modify the resistor it doesn’t matter at all what you set in the bios. You can actually leave it at 100% and it won’t limit in any way.

      • Tijmen

        Great, thanks so much!

      • JDK

        I am getting TDP throttling on my MSI GTX 970 4G Gaming, sp if I mod the VBIOS to a TDP level of say this;

        TDP = 250W

        PCI-E = 75W

        PCI-E Power 6 PIN = 75W

        PCI-E Power 8 PIN = 150W

        Power Limit = 250W

        are you saying that this will not increase the TDP or Power Limit beyond 106%?

        I would just like some clarification thanks, before I try something like this

        • der8auer

          Try the bios I uploaded here: http://overclocking.guide/gtx-980-gaming-4g/ The TDP limit should be high enough so you don’t hit it with air- or watercooling.

          • Buster Pren

            Your prob the man I should be asking my question to. I bios modded my Titans and on one ever since no matter which bios I use. My power limit cant be read or adjusted. But for life of me I cant figure it out. Is there a chance that something that reads the voltage or power limit blew? Im still using both cards but have the one being read as main. Im still scoring what I should be according to 3d mark extreme. So just a lil lost by this.. But seen your mod here and was wondering if this might by pass what im having problems with. Just be nice to know with out having to adjust nothing I know for sure both cards are getting full power limit. There ghetto cooled at the moment with a h80 But know the way I got fans on then the pcb and mem are getting way more cooling then stock. Cuz had a metal plate that covered everything but the pcb from factory, blocking all air that would hit them from stock fan. But been driving me nuts for months and no one seems to be able to help at all, also for the life of me I cant figure out why…

      • Owen

        Does that mean that in afterburner the limit will show higher that 125%, i just want to make sure that the voltages displayed will be the correct ones without the limit, or weather the extra voltage wont be shown?

        • der8auer

          The afterburner limit won’t be higher but the TDP usage in GPU-Z will be lower 🙂

          • Owen

            Thanks for the reply, so when i do this mod, how much further will i be able to push it with water cooling?

          • der8auer

            Do you hit the TDP limit at the moment or is the card just unstable at a certain point? TDP limit would result in a decreasing clock on load.

          • Owen

            I havent started overclocking it yet, im still building my rig, im just collecting all the info and programs i need before i start, but i know with water cooling that the power limit will be the limiter, but thanks to you, i can overcome that. I was just wondering if ther could be any potential limits after that?

      • hey will this work with the GTX TITAN X SC edition?

      • Mike

        Hey could you tell me where the shunt resistors are for an EVGA 970 FTW card?


        This one.

      • jon

        I have issues with a GTX770 4GB, pcie-3.0 can someone please help me?
        my card has one power connector and a sli top connector not connected. the vga and dvi ports work fine but the HDMI does not function. I have tried different versions of HDMI cable so its not that. using a dvi plug with sound to a HDMI cable it displays well, however the fans do not spin until windows 7 kicks in and the driver starts. with the HDMI plugged in to the HDMI port the fans spin but there is no picture and no post boot, just a blank screen. I have even tried hot plugging the HDMI port from win7 and nothing.
        I have also tried changing RAM frequencies, and nothing.
        is there a way I can inspect the GPU board bios to see if the HDMI function has been disabled? I am tech savvy with some things so its not a problem for me to load a usb or do from cmd. I do need advice on this one.
        system specs
        asus p5p43t-si pcie-2.0
        GTX770-4GB pcie-3.0 GK104/28nm/GDDR5(HYNIX) twin fan one power plug
        intel E8400 sock 775 3.0 1333fsb
        Kingston 2x2gb 1333mhz
        64bit win7
        gpuz reports are good.
        PSU 500+80 watt

      • Tijmen

        Hi again, I want to mod my 780ti Asus DC2 OC edition. I can find 3 resistors, 2 of which are right below the power connectors, and 1 somewhere on the bottom left of the PCB. I’m not sure if I should do all three? Or will the two near the power connectors be enough to rise the power limit high enough?


    • Hey will this work with the TItan X SC edition???

  • LordRaziel

    I have some Artic Silver 5 and some Junpus JP-D9000. Would ether of these work for me? I am thinking of trying on my GTX Titan I have.

  • Nice guide. I have bookmarked your website!

  • Derpingt0n

    very interesting guide!

    I just increased the Power Limit to 285W (105W + 105W + 75W [MB]) with a BIOS mod on the reference card with 2 6-pins.

    I’m curious if that could damage my hardware because of exceeding the PCI-E specification.

    Would you guys recommend removing this again?

  • Posting a link to your write-up from my site (already done on Overclock.net). Nicely done.

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  • GtiJason

    I have a Gigabyte Gaming G1 970 and am under the impression that it has two seperate BIOS. I use a Qnix 27″ 1440 monitor so it only has a DVI-D connection. According to the link provided when plugging into the dvi-d it automaticly loads the second bios…..”This BIOS is VERY different from the main one: it can be only partially overwritten and it has huge thermal throttle (start throttling at 61 degrees Celsius and has voltage limits)”.


    So my question is will doing this mod overcome these difficulties while using my QNix Dvi-D monitor?

    • der8auer

      It won’t affect the thermal throtteling so I don’t think the mod will help to solve this issue :/

      • GtiJason

        It seems to be working great with my moddified bios. I covered (w/ CLU) the two shunt resistors near the pci-e power connections and I also did the one where the card installs to the MotherBoard. Not sure if that one makes a difference or not but card is running great.


        I also have the top score for GTX 970 w/ Core i5 4690K


  • Could you post pics for MSI 580 LEX or describe location. Thanks!

  • Peter


    did I guess right?


    The other side of the EVGA card does not seem to have such resistors:



    • der8auer

      Yes looks right. There is another one on the front side bottom left.

      • Peter


        I will try the two at the back alone because I do not want to unmount the cooler. Liquid metal is available but my card is not mounted horizontal. I hope I will not move and shorten some other lanes 😉

        • der8auer

          Just try a thin layer first. Will be enough to lower it by some %

          • Peter


            first I tried a little bit and then the card horizontal with a drop “swimming” on the two resistors. Had no effect at all. Card is still throttling at the same clock frequency.

            Maybe EVGA is measuring in a differed way or they are only measuring the 3. resistor you found @ front side bottom left.

            I can’t get to the 3. one with liquid metal but a needle, coper-wire and a clip may do the trick @ weekend.

            If it works I will find a more permanent solution.

          • tosh667

            did it work? I have a 2795 and wanna try this mod. my card is running
            @1500/3700 or 1425/4000 – the core after 3-4 h gaming dont pass 45°C . But i can OC only core or vram – other way the thing crashes due to the tdp limit. So did it work on the evga?

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  • Germán

    Would this work for a GTX 760 Striker Platinum?

  • Mihai Macarie

    Can I apply this for Gigabyte Windforce V2 GTX 760?. It’s the model with 3 vents.

  • Felipe

    If I flash the skynet ln2 BIOS into my 780 lightning, i won’t need to do this, do I?

  • Stuart

    For the Asus GTX980 strix and extreme overclocking on Ln2 i should do this mod in conjumction with the vpll and vmem mod? as seen in the file of the op..


  • Great help to Overclocking Community as always.
    der8auer #1 @@



    i did this on my strix970, card is stable at stock settings but as soon i increase gpu clock computer freezes, tried with other bios’es same thing, someone?

  • kroks

    with watercooling there’s no frequency throttling on gtx980 , no need to do this then?
    i’d be more interested in a easy core voltage mod 🙂

  • Atomic

    The guide is not very safty…. the liqud metal you use in the guide add more parasitic capacitance in the graphics card scheme. And if you reduce the resisstence on the resistors the components after these resistors will have to spread the bonus heat from the added power. If these resistors are conected in to R-C circuit, or they are set in the circuit to set the Base current for transistors stabilizer, you may kill part of your power control uits.
    You are right by the Kirhoff’s and Ohm’s walls, but you must resurch what power will other components will take. It’s true that every commercial electronic device “must” have from 15% to 30% more heat spread, income power durability, BUT is not true in most ot the cases. It was a cool expriment what you did but it wasn’t very safe. 🙂 Take this for advice !
    It’s good and interesting tutorial. And sorry for my english !

    • der8auer

      The added capacity is so low that it won’t have any impact on the card. Shorting shunts is a common thing to do and even engineers from big vendors use this for official power mods (e.g. MOA2014). No other component will have a higher load or heat production just because of shorting the shunts.

      • Atomic

        Yup, the added capacity is low and the heat will also be low, my bad…
        The manufacturers use the 5mOhm resistors next to capacitors to make somthing like frequancy devider, because the complex resistence of the capacitors (in the high frequances from the PSU) are the same…. Sorry my mistake…

  • Mike

    I’d like to do this to my asus strix970.Could you point me in the direction of the best ‘paint’ to use,in Canada?

  • First of all excellent guide.
    Really loving the different guides on the site, especially the DDR4 OC guide.

    I have a request.
    I am looking to do the 0.95 Rail mod on my 290X Lightning.

    Ordered this resistor from ebay,


    But since I haven’t done any mods before, the image in this thread is confusing to me

    I cannot interpret where exactly do I solder the wires to. Can you post a high res picture of a card with the mod done (if you still have one). Or can you tell me where at what point to attach the wires, the resistor has 3 legs so I am assuming I have to solder wires at 3 different point on the PCB.

    I would really really appreciate if you could get back to me on this.

    Thank you.

    • der8auer

      Thanks 🙂
      Important Note: The guide says 100k Resistor. This means you need a 100 kOhm trimmer (100.000 Ohm). You linked to 100 Ohm.

      I can’t find a high res picture unfortunately and don’t have the card here :/
      A trimmer is a resistor with 3 pins. Take a look at this pic: http://i1017.photobucket.com/albums/af292/Sunmansli/OTHER/DSC02055.jpg
      You can see Pins from 1 to 3. If you measure the resistance between pin 1 and 3 you will always have the full resistance of the trimmer. In this case 100 kOhm.
      However we’re looking for an adjustable resistor so you have to EITHER use pin 1 and 2 or pin 3 and 2. I usually cut off pin 1. Then turn the resistor so you can measure the maximum resistance (100 kOhm) between 2 and 3.
      If you now turn the resistor in the other direction the resistance will decrease. Soldered to the points on the card it will result in an increasing voltage. (Decrease resistance – Increase voltage).

      That’s why you can only see two pins on the picture.

      Resistors are also not polar. So it doesnt matter which pin you solder to which point.

      Now one pin goes to Ground (GND). The left one in this case which goes to one of the copper-mounting things (no clue how this is called in english :D)
      The other pin goes to the FB-Pin of the VR.

      Also maybe take a look here: http://overclocking.guide/voltmod-and-soldering-basics/

      Still questions? Let me know.

      • Hey thanks for getting back so fast. Unfortunately I was very busy with my some school assignment & then was overclocking for the Gigabyte Contest, that’s why the late reply.

        Anyways, your explanation was very easy to understand. Thanks for pointing out that I ordered the wrong resistor.

        Now for a final conformation, in this picture I have highlighted the soldering points, let me know if they are correct are not.


        Also, I have highlighted the read points, is that the place I need to solder to read the value of the rail voltage I am applying.? Do I need to solder wires there or can I touch my DMM needles/leads at that point & it will read the voltage.?

        Here is a picture of what I mean by DMM needles or leads


        Also nice soldering guide for noobs like me, this site just keeps on getting better & better.

      • Hey man I replied to you earlier but I see my reply was removed for some reason. I had some more questions.

        First of all thanks for pointing out that I bought the wrong resistor.
        So here is what I have planned

        • der8auer

          Hey. Your comment was detected as spam 😀 Sorry for that. I just removed it from spam and approved it.
          You marked the wrong position at the picture.
          Check this picture: http://i.imgur.com/qWOfeFn.jpg
          The brown stuff you marked are capacitors. The small black ones are resisstors.
          To read out the voltage you only have to solder one wire to the right capacitor I marked on the picture. You can use ground from any other source such as a 4-pin molex directly from the PSU.

          • Wow I was way off on the soldering points.

            Thank you so much for your help.
            Twice in a row you prevented me from Soldering to the wrong spot.

            Last thing, the capacitor you marked, is it for the readout of the rail voltage.? As I would like to know how much voltage I am adding on the rail after turning the resistor.

          • Actually I understand.
            No more question.

            Thank you again for your help.

  • Mihai Macarie

    Thanks! Could you show the resistors for Gigabyte Windforce GTX 750 REV1 too? And could you give me some other links about volt modding?

  • Squeedly

    I have an MSI GTX 960, it only appears to have two of the shunt resistors (makes sense for only one power plug)
    Just to make sure, both are marked 5MO.
    Positions are directly below the left side of the 8 pin power connection and the other is just above the left side of the main PCI plug in part (sorry I’m very tire and words are hard).

    If I liquid solder over these it should work right?
    Thanks for the legwork on this BTW, great job man.

  • niko

    Hi der8auer,
    Can you mark the shunt resistors on Galax GTX970 EXOC BE.
    Here is the picture:
    Thank’s in advance.

  • niko

    Hi again,
    I’ve found only this pic (the quality isn’t very good ) but for blue PCB, it’s the same like black.
    If it’s not enough, I’ll have to do better pictures of mine and send you.

  • niko

    Hi der8auer,

    I’ve made pics of the back. Could be the 3 resistors I’ve marked?

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  • mark harrison

    After overclocking my gtx 970 strix my power limit doesnt exceed 102% but im getting 1502mhz on clock. Is the reason for the 102% power due to restrictions as shown in you guide and is it worth it to do mod and if so you are only showing one shunt resistor on strix 970 card am i just bridging that resistor shown in diagram.

  • raku

    Hi der8auer,

    does this CU contact-paste work as well? http://www.spezialschmierstoffe.net/produkte-f%C3%BCr-elektrische-anwendungen/5-ronix-kontaktpaste-cu.html

    Since I want to reduce the resistances as much as possible, am I better off with this or the metallic thermal paste you used?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Andris

    Could you please show where those resistors are in Gtx 980 g1 gaming from gigabyte?



  • Andrew

    Anyone know where I need to do this on an EVGA GTX 760 Dual FTW 4GB ACX GPU?

  • gboss

    well done could u help me a bit with the EVGA 970 Superclocked acx 2.0 ?

    on the front i have one i think left side down

    and the back 2

    a guy above said that he tried one and nothing changed… do we have to do that with all 3 on the evga 970 SC? also my power target limit is 110% cant go higher would i need a bios mod?

  • cupcakeman

    i really need ur help, so i have 3 resistors and i did the same as u and now on furmark it works with real clocks etc but if i let it run on 1450-1500 core clocks it just lose display signal at like 40%-50% on furmark benchmark 1080p same happens to heaven benchmark


    i tried all 3 as u can see in the picture.

    • Andrew

      It’s most likely due to the fact your overclock isnt fully stable. Furmark is an extremely intense benchmark. In my experience, 1400 – 1450 seems to be around the stable limit on my MSI 970. My Vram doesnt like being overclocked much either.

  • Lollausen

    is there simply a ready made custom bios for 970 g1 gaming by gigabyte? i’m just looking for that 25%power limit increase and a solution for the TDP limiter, but I’ve never modded a bios before and i’d rather have someone who knows his stuff do it rather than experiment

  • Andrew

    Hello Der8auer,

    I Have the MSI GTX 970 as linked in these pictures:


    Please could you confirm which shunt resistors I should bypass, from the images it looks like there are 3 in total?

  • jw

    Hey for the reference gtx 970 pcb

    Is it just the one by the pci express slot, or all the 5M0 shunts?

  • alexandre gauthier

    Any idea if this would allow full boost clock 24/7 for folding@home with control of temp + Vrm checked with infrared thermometer and the gpu sensor. To prevent temp over 100c

    On a 980ti

    Will be looking to get a gpu with lots of phase i expect the MSI lighthing to be.

    Mainly My gaming gpu + folding@home. At 5760×1080 i want to get the most of of this gpu so 1400-1500 core full time is my objective if not more UNDER AIR

    Thank you alot for this article i never knew i could mod them easily

  • ad3k

    any success with zotac extreme core edition?

  • chuck

    I’ve soldered over the shunts and have a really good overclock going, 1545 core 4100 mem completely stable. changed the thermal paste to arctic silver and it stays roughly 70c and thinks its at 65% power. my problem is i cant increase the core voltage past +87, even with bios mods i couldn’t find a way to increase it, stays around 1260mv. im planning to get a water block for it but only if i can get the core voltage up.

    Any thoughts?

  • Carter Davison

    Hello, I am a bit of a beginner and my 980 is hogging the 160% power limit I set it in the BIOS.

    Would this help reduce how much is being used by the GPU and also is it hard to fuck up for a beginner?

    Please contact me on my email.

  • Emma

    You sir are a genius…. do you have a youtube channel to see all of your cool modding stuff?

  • Niuulh

    Hi der8auer,

    I have this card and i would to know if the R52 resistor can unlock my Power Limit.



  • Histle

    How about unsolder that resistor and short out the leads where the resistor was in?
    It will void your warranty so try it on some out of warranty card:))

    • Tijmen

      That’s pretty much the same principle… you short the resistor, thus eliminating the resistance (almost). This way you can leave it on and recover back to normal.

  • LeBulbe


    i have this card (zotac Gtx 760 4gb in sli): http://configurator.ekwb.com/upload/pictures/nVidia-GeForce-GTX-760-2GB-GDDR5_47584.jpg

    i guess its the one just below the the external power connector ?


  • Chili

    Greetings. I have a question on the reference 980 PCB I picked up for to low of price to pass. Is it possible to add SMT components to the unpopulated pads on the PCB for more power phases or improved delivery? Possible the change the right 6-pin to 8-pin and what would go in the empty pads below that connector?

    Thank you very much.

    • Chili

      Is that another spot for an 8-pin under the 6-pin with extra pads for 8-pin? This would mean the reference could be converted to dual 8-pin or even 6+8+8?

  • uzay

    if its possible can you add a picture of the resistors for the gigabyte g1 gaming?

  • Manas Dhagat

    Please see my blog
    ->> softwaresall2gether.blogspot.in

  • Dean


    On my MSI gtx970 4g i am limited by the voltage , not the tdp

    I changed it in bios to 1.275, but it doesnt pass 1.2620
    Any way i can change that?


    • ncn

      Same here.

      I have 970g1 and my voltage limit is 1.275. Even with modded bios….

      • Fms

        The limit isn’t 1.275, if you go higher than this the voltage will indeed increase, but the sensors don’t get past that in maxwell, so you’ll always see this voltage in the monitoring softwares. To see the actual voltage above this number you have to use a voltmeter.

  • Gaurav Mehta

    Hey thanks for the tute. Sadly I am still hitting the power limit with having used conductive pain, and a heavy dose of it, on the resistor you’ve highlighted in the Asus strix 970.

    Any advice? I use OCCT for stress testing. With heaven (1.212vcore 1530 core) I’m hitting up to 88% TDP with a modified bios ( to the hilt) .

    Could you help please

  • leon77

    is itpossible with a gtx 760 mars or a way to overclock this card or bios flash

  • arko


    Could you please help me with EVGA 970FTW? Which resistors to disable on picture?

    Also if I understood you correctly, the two sides of each resistor should touch each other (that’s why a conductive paint is needed) however would this also work? http://www.canemco.com/Images3/714-1.jpg

    I’ve got a similar one, it’s aluminum.

  • Fatsodonkey

    Won´t the liquid pro just slide of the surface if applied?? How much time it will take it to harden???

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  • Bryan


    Could copper tape be used to short the shunts? Liquid paste is expensive where I am and i’m worried about it rolling off.


  • Mike

    I did this with my EVGA 970 “FTW” card, and it did not work!

  • Auran Paskevic

    hello. i’m about to do this mod to my card. it’s a gigabyte gtx 780 ti ghz edition. here’s a pic of the board:
    should i do it for all three resistors (rs1 rs2 rs3) or rs2 and rs3 only? i suspect this is my problem as i can’t get my card go any further than 1215mhz no matter what i do. even if i set voltage to 1.3v through afterburner (and it does go up to ~1.28v) nothing changes and it is still arctifacting if i go any further than 1215mhz. temps are okay tho @ ~75C on load. so i really have a feeling that this card could go much further if the voltage would actually increase. thanks!

  • KGliG0R0V

    Hi , i got a question .
    i wanted to mod my GTX 980 TI Msi Gaming V323-001R
    Can u help me with it .
    already have it custom bios , 1.275 V
    Do you think i could push it further ?

  • Ray van der Heij

    Great stuff!

    Any chance for a instruction for an Asus Strix 980Ti?


  • EkoWIjaya

    Will it work on my Galax GTX 980 HOF ?

    My card wont overclock higher than 1480mhz on the core no matter how much voltage added.

  • noslen27185

    hello all
    ANY HELP for G1 gaming gtx 970(pics, video, etc)

  • ipredatorv

    Hi @der8auer you seem to be extremely knowledgeable in this field, so I’d love to ask you something!

    My GTX680M (built into a Clevo X7200) starts to throttle utilisation as soon as it hits 76°C. This only happens in Windows 10 with all drivers after 347.88 (which is a pre-windows 10 driver). I already reinstalled the OS to rule out software conflicts. My (not editable) GPU fan profile only kicks in 100% when 78°C are reached, so the card pretty much always reaches 76 degrees and throttles utilisation. Clocks don’t change, CPU temps are fine too (55-65°C), only utilisation and thereby FPS go down.

    Do you have any idea how to fix this?

  • sblocc10

    hi there, ..question’s for everyone !!

    got an GTX 960 refernence board on the system i bought with only 1 shunt (5mo) i think (found only one..)

    will solder it.

    but heres my problem/question:

    i read a lot about bios modding the voltages and pci-lanes watts ..etc.. as well as power limit.. (my has 108%) but cant get a glue out of it which settings/maximum i should set in bios!

    and want to do so, because once i’ve maxed out my clocks using afterburner i want to make it permanent in bios!!

    should i try to set a constant voltage, say 1,250 or so, and up the power sent through pci-e ??
    power limit should be make no sense since i will remove it anyway by soldering!!


    maybe der8auer knows more on this??


    • der8auer

      Well if you disabled the power limit by soldering it doesnt matter what you set in the bios. Just up the voltage and go 🙂

  • Hallohoegaathet

    So, I have a MSI GTX 780 SLI… Could you tell me where the capacitors are located and if i can apply the mod without removing the cooler. Thanks in advance 🙂

  • sblocc10

    hi there and thanx a lotz !!

    set bios boot to 1506mhz and core-v to 1.275 (max locked’) STABLE !!!!

    i also upped max tdp to about 200W which results in sGPU-Z showing about 52% TDP usage :))

    everything with temp below 70° C at stock heatsink (OEM)


  • sblocc10


    running really stable at about 1450 mhz with 1,168 vcore all above is flicker and/or artifacts !!

    gddr5 ram at 8000mhz… well done!

    btw, power limit (TDP) is maxed out at this card (gtx960 ref.) at about 200w @ 100% usage (former: 120w)

    gain is of about 20-30% speed :))))))

    AND: i just applied two small pieces of aluminium foil instead of solder and works perfect (fixed with duct tape!!) (didn’t measure the current but WORKS ´!!)

  • sblocc10


    ok, and core temp with oem cooler (big black pvc one), at full speed and usage constantly 79°C !!!

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  • DERP

    I tried something else, I returned my GTX 970 and got an R9 390 and I couldn’t be happier.

  • boolean

    I stumbled upon your page while searching for some in-depth info on how Nvidia’s TDP cap actually works. I don’t have the intention to modify my card in any way. It is solely curiosity that drove me. However, there is one thing I don’t fully understand. I own an Asus GTX 970 Mini. It’s half the size of a reference 970 and has only mediocre single fan cooling and one 8pin PCI-E power connector. Its stock GPU clock is 1088 MHz with a boost of 1228 MHz.

    It came with a tool called ASUS GPU TweakII which lets you play with some of the performance variables. I’ve fiddled around a bit and pushed the boost frequency with 18% to 1448 MHz to start with. It passed all the benchmarks I could throw at it without lowering the boost and a max TDP of 94%, so I decided to up it to 1550 MHz and do a rerun. At this frequency the fan sped up to 90% (producing an annoying whoosh) with a max TDP of 102%, but clocks are maintained throughout the benchmark. Since this cards sits in my desktop/workstation and is running F@H 24/7, I don’t fancy the extra noise produced by the fan when running at 1550 MHz boost, so I’ve lowered it to 1448 MHz. Running F@H I only get a TDP of around 86% with a GPU usage of 94%, depending on the WU. At 100% GPU usage, it still won’t exceed a TDP of 90%.

    Having said this, I don’t understand why someone would like to mod his card to allow for higher TDP. Asus has locked this card to a max TDP of 110% and I don’t see why this wouldn’t be sufficient. If you would like to exceed this value, you’ll probably need to push the GPU to 2 GHz or beyond, and I doubt it will survive this.

    PS. This is a GPU-Z screenshot of the card while running F@H: http://i.imgur.com/EoaFDO7.gif

  • Pharao86

    Dear der8auer,

    I would really like to try this out on my msi gtx 970 gaming 4g,
    I have marked the shunts in the following picture, https://www.dropbox.com/s/mgq5m88hk0nqxsp/2016-03-03%2022.14.33.jpg?dl=0 could you please check if i marked the right resistors??

    Thank you very much in advance!

    Kind Regards,


  • Tinny :3

    I have a little question about this thingy. My overclocked GTX 970 G1 was running at 112% TDP and I decided to flash my bios with a 150% TDP version. Now, when I set the TDP to the max in MSI Afterburner it only seems to use about 113 to 116% at full load in FurMark. My question is: Will this trick make my card go above my current TDP?

  • Roy F.A. Repie

    Hello der8auer 🙂

    First I want to say thanks for your guide about unlocking powerlimit, well I have problem for my GTX780 Lightning, RS1 or resistor shunt 5MO on the left is burnt, I don’t know how maybe I got wrong playing with Kepler BIOS Tweaker and cause this. There are 2 Shunt resistor which are RS1 5MO and RS2 5MO…if one dies (burnt like mine) can I just short it to unlock powerlimit by soldering it? Or do I need to replace it first with new 5MO then soldering it?


  • matt

    how do I do it with my gigabyte windforce v2 gtx760 please?

  • depeder

    Ich würde gern an meiner strix 970 den TDP freischalten. Aus deinen Fotos werde ich nicht so richtig schla, müssen die kontakte gebrückt werden und muss eine andere Firmware aufgespielt werden? Ich kann leider kein englisch nen bisserl lesen geht schon. Wäre sehr dankbar für ne ausführliche step by step anleitung.

  • serhat

    So how do you apply it on the resistors? does it have to cover it all or only the top?

  • 1nVICTUM

    So after weeks of bios flashing i tried this and it worked like a charm. my gainward 970 phoenix runs 1530/4001 now without any throttling on 1.2v
    before it was even throttling in firestrike without any overclocking when it hit 112% tdp.
    Great guide thanks a lot!

  • vabeachboy0

    I have ref. gtx 770’s I only soldered the 2 shut resistors on the back of the card and it worked fine tdp at most maxes at 65%. It boost itself to 1.3 ghz without doing anything else. If i had better cooling i’m sure it can go higher

  • kunkka

    I need help with my card [GIGABYTE GTX 970 G1 GAMING]


    is that correct or should I just take the top two

  • Shameli


    I realize this is a bot old post, but lets try.

    I decided to try this mod for mu Asus GTX970 Turbo OC. Found one shunt on the backside and one in front almost under the heatsink. Both were R005. I put some Liquid pro thermal paste on both to short circuit them. When I was at it I decided to change heat sinks thermal paste too.

    Everything back together and I start my PC. Display gives no signal. Decided to clean the resistors and try again. Again, no signal and GPU fan going on full speed. Tried to take GPU out and boot with integrated graphics. Again no signal. I also noticed that my MB’s led ribbon is blinking orange.

    Any idea what could have happened? Did I just accidentally fry my GPU and possibly MB too? :s

    Thank’s in advance!

  • jonas

    How about the new GTX 1080’s? Will it work on it?

  • Marcel


    i have a Zotac GTX 980 extreme edition.
    The layout shines the same as the 970 extreme edition.
    But my question is, at the zotac 980 extreme edition, there are 2 resistors or more?
    Can i fill out the resistors to the left and right overall with liquid or at these graka models 12 lines from up to down from pin to pin?



  • Mave74

    I’ve got a Zotac 970 AMP! Extreme and do you know if this model is voltage Limited, because my Voltmeter says it only goes to 1250~mV and I’d like to know if I could increase this with any mod or is this restricted in any way?
    Appreciate your efford!

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  • Michael von Lehe

    I have 4 evga gtx 980s and tried your methods and it worked! 🙂 I was wondering if you knew any way to increase the memory voltage in maxwell II bios tweaker? I would like to try a software solution. I like to tinker.

  • Freezanator

    Hey, nice guide. I’m wondering if I can do this on my NVidia GeForce 920M (Laptop GPU). Is it possible to do it?

  • Arthur

    Hi der8auer!

    Thank you so much for your awesome work so far!

    I want to do this mod on my fresh Titan X (Pascal). Next week my pre-ordered EK waterblock will arrive for this card and I don’t want to be limited by the TDP limit.

    So my question is, did I mark up the shunt resistors correctly on this PCB image?

    I already have the liquid metal at my disposal. 🙂

    Thanks a bunch!

  • AJ

    Looks very interesting and and fairly easy to do. I want to try this one a 1080 FE using exactly this conductive pen https://www.amazon.com/CircuitWriter-Precision-Pen-silver-based-grams/dp/B00B88B9KI already have the pen. Will other work?

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  • naturehacker

    Would you say this is probably correct for radeon 280x? [IMG]http://i68.tinypic.com/2la8pc5.jpg[/IMG]

  • Erick Solis

    Good evening. How many shunt resistors does the GTX 1070 FE have? I only found one right under the pcie connector. Thank you

  • fusaro

    good evening I got a evga gtx 970 ssc and my card is runnig always on the limit.
    i mod the bios to 120% power (target) but it doesn’t work so how can I change that ? i want to run the card stable on my clock without throttling s

    my clock 1450mhz
    mem 4005mhz
    power always 95-100%

    • Riffychuggs

      see my post below if you’re still waiting for the 1080ti like i am. remember to flash stock bios into the card before doing the hardware mod, or you may cook it. set a temp target as well, or it may cook. happy trails.

  • Bride

    Thanks man! I just applied a silver paint/liquid metal onthe 2 shunt resistors, of my GTX 950. Previously I reached 1557MHz / 2000MHz but now i want see what I can do…

    • Bride

      I forgot to say… flash your original BIOS then modify your hardware… if you pushed a lot your power limits previously, you can have some problem after this mod…

      • Eric

        Two years late here – but definitely mod the BIOS first. I recently grabbed a cheap GTX 950 on eBay for a build for my brother. I modded the BIOS, benchmarked, and then decided to do the shunt mod. 0 gains over just the BIOS mod.

  • M77Y

    Fist of all great job!!!
    I’m new her and I would like to ask for some help. I do have a inno gtx770 with a standard PCB. I did some mods on the cooling and in the bios. Now it runs constant 1267 MHz (1330 with after burner) on core wit out dropping it at 1,212volt, the mem I do push to 1430mhz. That means I do not need to do this mod because I’m stable ?
    Tha other question is, if ther is a way to pump the core voltage up to 1,3volt or even 1,35volt ? It dose not change any thing when I try to do it over the bios.

    Tank you for your time and help.


  • Nexuseven

    Der8auer, need help please? When i was removing the resistor on gtx 1060 like what u mod @ YouTube ….the resistor near resistor (must remove) was remove too. Both resistor 10k n 5k.i need to know the value near resistormod(the resistor have to remove)… Sorry my bad English

  • 3O7

    This is a TITAN X Pascal PCB:
    I found 3 5M0 SMD resistors, so I think short these resistors could remove power limit, but in your video(GTX 1080 FE + GTX 1070 FE Power Limit Mod – Unlock the Power Target: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1Qi8fxIi_Y) just short one resistor. So my question is: what’s difference between short 3 5M0 SMD resistors and short 1?

  • Riffychuggs

    For anyone wondering, can confirm works on EVGA 970 SSC. I used 62/36/2 tin/lead/silver solder, 0.015″ for ease of use, to short out the shunt resistors, because it was cheap, available (radio shack), low melting point and has a little natural resistance (or I’m a little shaky during the plastic phase of cooling. meh…). GPU-Z reads tdp very low but not 0 (~10%). goodbye k-boost. Hello advertised boost clock! If you haven’t soldered before, practice first, or just do it the way the OP suggests. yes, you have to take apart an evga card to get to the resistor that regulates the pci-e 12v rail. might as well clean it up and apply new thermal paste to the chip and sink while you’re at it.

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  • Dominik Heusmann

    Can someone tell me where these resistors are on a reference 980 Ti?
    Here is a link to a PCB Picture.


  • Takumi

    here is a picture of the PCB for Asus Strix GTX 1070, please help identify. The resistors. Thank you.


  • NeedmorePOWER

    der8auer, thanks for all the great information.

    I have a MSI GTX 760 2GB OC that I recently completed your hardware modifications on. I soldered all 3 resistors and the TDP went from 70% fully loaded to 10% so it seems the mod worked. The problem I have is I don’t know how to tweak the bios to use all that extra voltage. I was able to tweak it enough so that the AB Core Voltage slider shows the option of going +100mV instead of the normal +12mV but the changes don’t seem to be implementing. I can’t get past the stock 1.212mV.

    Its frustrating as this card runs extremely cool. Since I re applied the thermal paste it runs even cooler at 55-60C under full load and only 60%fan speed. The most I have been able to get the boost clock up to is 1241mhz for an hour before the drivers shut down. I’m new to overclocking but it seems this card has a lot of potential and all it needs is a little extra mV. Any help is appreciated. If there’s an easy way to post my current bios let me know and I’ll upload it.


  • DarkGenesis

    Hallo ist eier so nett und kann mir sagen wo ich auf meiner:
    EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 GAMING
    P/N: 06G-P4-6161-KR

    die widerstände finde ?
    Hier sind noch bilder der Karte ohne lüfter


    vielen dank

  • Nik

    Hey Guys,
    having some issues with my 1070 from msi..
    I unlocked my Power Target and started overclocking.. nothing new.. But my bottleneck isn´t the power Target:
    If I go higher than this photo (https://pl.vc/17aqpx) it always crashes! The temperature is okay, power at 90% – but core speed only 1900?!
    Has anyone an idea?
    Thanks guys

  • bob

    did anyone do this mod with conductive paint and it worked okay ?

    • Agent XXX

      It worked but you need a THICK layer of it.
      Soldering is much better! 😉

      • bob

        others have said that soldering would lower resistance so much that the card locks itself at a low speed ?
        my card is evga 960 sc

        • Agent XXX

          Don’t worry about soldering over the shunts! 😉
          Well, i’ve almost pissed my pants while doing the silver paint and soldering tests.
          Nothing happend, card didn’t died! 😉

          It’s just simple electronic!

          More MHz = more watt + heat -> better cooling solution!

          It is all about the quality of the card itself and temperature!
          I still don’t have any problems yet (145Watt -> 250Watt).
          Just set “optimal performence” in driver settings and edit all the 64 boost states in the bios option of the VGA, voila you get a really good peformence per watt graphic card!

          Editing the TDR delay is a “bullshit story”.
          “Maximum Performence” is some USELESS option (nVidia driver), too.
          It just produce more heat and watt.

          E.g. older games like Counter Strike or Quake III can be played with 135/324MHz.

          The best Performence/Watt Card I ever had! 🙂

  • Agent XXX

    I don’t recommand conductive paint aka silver paint.
    You need A LOT of it and its way to expensive!!!
    You get for almost the same money a soldering iron + solder.

    I’ve used silver paint but it’s almost “useless”.
    Soldering is much better, faster and easy to do!

    btw, this mod is kinda “useless”.

    My card is running at ca. 1550MHz with 1.212 Volt stable in modded Skyrim
    but is also stable with ca. 1400MHz and only 1.1 Volt with a difference of 50Watt and 3 FPS.

    Some Cards are just bios locked to 225Watt, I guess.
    If you got such card then you can avoid the mod! 😉

    My Zotac GTX 970 ZT-90101-10P runs at +1500MHz after bios modding.
    Some crappy Inno GTX 970 X2 was hardware locked and was kinda faulty with an stable overclock of only 1100-1200MHz depending on load (game).

  • Agent XXX

    I did some testing with my Voltcraft Cost Control 3000 and I’m sure my card runs at 225 Watt after bios modding.

    I’ve just used Prime 95 and Furmark to estimate the watts.

    Zotac GTX 970 ZT-90101-10P

  • Agent XXX

    I’m now at 250Watts with my Zotac GTX 970 ZT-90101-10P after bios mod.

    How far can I go with watercooling?

    Has anbody long-time experience with 250 watts?

    I also did measured the temp of that R33 “thingy” near the VRAM.

    Gets quite hot without decent heatsink/airflow about 70°C on load
    (225Watts, measured with a simple tempsensor of a fan controller + duct-tape).

    Some people burned them while gaming even at stock clocks.
    E.g.: https://forums.evga.com/EVGA-980TI-Burnt-out-m2571295.aspx

  • spk13

    Can you provide examples of compounds that can be applied on the shunt resistors for this mod??

    • Agent XXX

      Don’t worry about soldering over the shunts!
      Well, i’ve almost pissed my pants while doing the silver paint and soldering tests.
      Nothing happend, card didn’t died!

      It’s just simple electronic!

      More MHz = more watt + heat -> better cooling solution!

      It is all about the quality of the card itself and temperature!
      I still don’t have any problems yet (145Watt -> 250Watt).
      Just set “optimal performence” in driver settings and edit all the 64 boost states in the bios option of the VGA, voila you get a really good peformence per watt graphic card!

      Editing the TDR delay is a “bullshit story”.
      “Maximum Performence” is some USELESS option (nVidia driver), too.
      It just produce more heat and watt.

      E.g. older games like Counter Strike or Quake III can be played with 135/324MHz.

      The best Performence/Watt Card I ever had! 🙂

  • Agent XXX

    Still don’t have any problems with my card except for a little downclock during summer this year (13-26Mhz).

    Well, my card is working great with ca. 80-90% TDP usage on 100% load while gaming.

    Max. TDP was about 114%, more than 270 watt! 😉

    No problem with watercooling! <3

  • Olvi

    What material are those resistors made of? My concern is that if they are made out of aluminium some liquid metals are corrosive to aluminium.

  • HyperMatrix

    Hey. After about a year of running CLU on the 5M0 shunts, the heat seems to have caused it to desolder itself from the board. Unfortunately, I’ve now lost that resistor. Do you know the specs for the resistor so I know what to replace it with? Appreciate the help mate.

  • Your eternal nightmare

    “Der8auer” is just a troll.

  • SomeMoronsOutThere

    Maybe check how many websites about cpu/gpu/ocing, reference to something he did..

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  • Yes, REALLY!

    TIM can pump out easily in 1 week under a dellided CPU.
    He’s selling TIM and is working for Caseking etc. and know about that problem.

    Nobody cares about that problem and they all hide the truth.

    They are evil, greedy, people and they only tell that you need to know,
    not that you WANT to know.

    That’s why so many morons like you out there.

    Overclocking and this guy is totally overrated.

    btw. the most hardware sites in Germany are FULL OF TROLLS.
    Most of them get even paid to talk shit the whole day.

    I call them trolls, because they are trolls, evil trolls.

    Well, I’ve changed my TIM about 20 times for my 3 year old delidded 3570K.

    ……..AND………..today……..again…….. -.-

    Hell yeah, the 8auer is one of the king of trolls.

    #IQ turned on

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  • Hi guys!
    Can you tell me how to unlock the power limit on Zotac GTX 1070 AMP! Extreme

    PCB pic: https://i.imgur.com/VRWlxsX.jpg


  • Zotac GTX 1070 Ti AMP! Extreme looks almost the same…

    PCB 2: https://i.imgur.com/XogK0ab.jpg

  • I am genuinely grateful to the holder of this website who
    has shared this great piece of writing at at this time.

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