Unlocking the Nvidia Power Limit (all cards!)

Power Target Mod

I will use a MSI GTX 980 Gaming to explain how the mod works. You can apply this to any other GTX 670, 680, 780, 780 Ti, Titan, 980, 970, 960…..

First of all we have to locate the shunt resistors. Usually they are quite big compared to any other SMD resistor on the PCB and are marked with a very low value. Typical SMD markings are:

R007 or 5M0. R007 means 0.007 Ohm. 5M0 equals 5 mOhm (0.005 Ohm). The exact resistance will differ from card to card though.


The GTX 980 Gaming has 3 shunt resistors which are marked as 5M0 which means they have a resistance of 0.005 Ohm. Two of them at the top equal a resistance of 0.010 Ohm or 10 mOhm.

A normal multimeter can’t measure resistances of under ~0.5 Ohm because of the internal resistance of the multimeter. However, I have a special micro-ohm-meter which can measure resistances of up to 1 mOhm. It uses a special 4-wire technique to compensate the resistance of the measurement wires.

Hooked up to the card it measures a resistance of 9.9 mOhm which is pretty much the same as we expected.


Following the theory of lowering the shunt resistance you can either solder across the resistor or use something else which might be easier to apply and remove. I tried Liquid Metal thermal paste and it seems to work totally fine. Silver conductive paint should also work without any problems. Just make sure that you apply a thick layer across the shunt resistor.