Unlocking the Nvidia Power Limit (all cards!)

After applying the Liquid Metal on one of the resistors I measured again to check the resistance.


It already dropped to 5.8 mOhm which should almost double the Nvidia Power Limit. After applying Liquid Metal on the second resistor as well I measured a resistance of 1.9 mOhm. This means that the Power Limit is almost totally disabled.

If you are worried about the removal of Liquid Metal here is a picture of before and after. The left resistor after removing Liquid Metal and the right resistor is stock.


Almost no difference so fine to remove after modding 🙂

To complete the mod you have to apply solder/silver paint/liquid metal on all of the 3 shunt resistors.

This mod applies to many other cards. Here other examples:


Nvidia GeForce Power Mod Database

Find the power modification for your graphics card below
ManufacturerGPUModelPower Mod LinkAmazon
ZotacGTX 970AMP! ExtremePictureLink
NVIDIAGTX 980ReferencePicture
ASUSGTX 970StrixPictureLink
NVIDIAGTX 1080Founders EditionPicture
ASUSGTX 1070Founders EditionPicture
ASUSGTX 1080StrixPictureLink
ColorfulGTX 1080Picture
NVIDIAGTX 1070Founders EditionPicture
Inno3DGTX 1080iChillPicture
MSIGTX 1070Gaming X 8GPictureLink
MSIGTX 1080Gaming XPictureLink
NVIDIATitan X PascalPicture
ZotacGTX 1080PictureLink


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