MSI Z170 Non-K Overclocking Guide

In this quick guide I will explain the process of MSI Z170 Non-K Overclocking. The non-K OC is really easy and can be done within few minutes. Few days ago I published a short article about overclocking non-K CPUs. Depending on the CPU you can increase the clock between 15-70 % without any problems.

Update: Find the updated guide with new BIOS here:

Updated MSI Z170 Non-K Overclocking Guide (new BIOS!)


Unlike K-CPUs which can be overclocked using the multiplier, non-K CPUs have to be overclocked using the BCLK. Pre-Skylake CPUs such as Haswell or Devils Canyon could only be overclocked by about 3-5% using the BCLK because the BCLK was still tied to the DMI and the PCIe.

slide-3However, for Skylake CPUs, BCLK and PCIe have a dedicated reference clock which always stays at 100 MHz – no matter how you change the BCLK. In other words: You can push the BCLK without worrying about other components.

The non-K BIOS is skipping some parts of the power-management, so there are few things you have to keep in mind:

  • The missing power-management will not allow to read out any core temperature. However, you can read-out the package temperature with the tool HWInfo (make sure to stay below 70°C package temperature)
  • HWiNFO
    0.00 KB | 25610 downloads
  • No C-States. CPUs will always run full speed and full voltage.
  • No Turbo-Mode.
  • No iGPU.
  • Intel AVX is screwed. Some benchmarks like Intel XTU use AVX and you will have about 4-5 times lower score. As far as I know no game is using AVX so it’s no problem to use this for gaming rigs. Not suitable for professional usage tho.
  • Avoid high memory clocks. Everything around 2600 MHz will be fine.

For 24/7 overclocking and gaming you don’t have to worry about any of these points. Pentium, i3 and i5 CPUs have a low power consumption which results in a low core temperature for 24/7. As long as follow my guide you don’t have to worry about the missing temperature readout.

Compatible CPUs for non-K OC:

CPU NameCoresStock ClockTurbo ClockHyperthreadingL3-CacheTDPAmazon
Pentium G440023300 MHz-No3 MB54 Wlink
Pentium G4400T22900 MHz-No3 MB35 W
Pentium G450023500 MHz-No3 MB51 Wlink
Pentium G4500T23000 MHz-No3 MB35 Wlink
Pentium G452023600 MHz-No3 MB51 Wlink
Core i3-6098P23600 MHzYes3MB54 Wlink
Core i3-610023700 MHz-Yes3 MB51 Wlink
Core i3-6100T23200 MHzYes3 MB35 Wlink
Core i3-630023800 MHz-Yes4 MB51 Wlink
Core i3-6300T23300 MHz-Yes4 MB35 Wlink
Core i3-632023900 MHz-Yes4 MB51 Wlink
Core i5-640042700 MHz3300 MHzNo6 MB65 Wlink
Core i5-6400T42200 MHz2800 MHzNo6 MB35 Wlink
Core i5-6402P42800 MHz3400 MHzNo6 MB65 Wlink
Core i5-650043200 MHz3600 MHzNo6 MB65 Wlink
Core i5-6500T42500 MHz3100 MHzNo6 MB35 Wlink
Core i5-660043500 MHz3900 MHzNo6 MB65 Wlink
Core i5-6600T42700 MHz3500 MHzNo6 MB35 Wlink
Core i7-670043400 MHz4000 MHzYes8 MB65 Wlink
Core i7-6700T42800 MHz3600 MHzYes8 MB35 Wlink

Depending on your budget you should only consider these CPUs:

All of the CPUs should easily reach 4400-4500 MHz and a high multiplier is not needed because you can compensate everything with the BCLK.


MSI Z170 Non-K Overclocking Non-K BIOS

First of all get the correct BIOS for your board:

6.69 MB | 1618 downloads
6.57 MB | 1535 downloads
6.68 MB | 1077 downloads
6.62 MB | 2358 downloads
6.31 MB | 2022 downloads
6.35 MB | 3609 downloads
6.06 MB | 1080 downloads
6.48 MB | 2106 downloads
6.10 MB | 871 downloads
6.69 MB | 1029 downloads
6.03 MB | 2307 downloads
6.35 MB | 2807 downloads
6.69 MB | 1664 downloads
MSI Z170-A Pro Non-K OC BIOS
6.41 MB | 5828 downloads

After downloading, enter the BIOS and use M-Flash to update to the Non-K Version:

MSI Z170 Non-K Overclocking BIOS MSI Z170 Non-K Overclocking BIOS


MSI Z170 Non-K Overclocking Overclocking

My setup:

MSI Z170 Non-K Overclocking System


The CPU clock is a result of the BCLK x Multi. E.g. the i3-6100 has a stock clock of 3700 MHz (100×37). To overclock the CPU you simply have to fix the multi to the maximum (37 in this case) and increase the BCLK. For example a BCLK of 120 will result in a core clock of 4440 MHz.

You basically have to change 3 main values to overclock: CPU BCLK, CPU Multi (Ratio) and CPU Core Voltage. While you can always use around 1,325 Volt as CPU Core Voltage, the CPU Multi and BCLK depend on the exact CPU.

CPU NameCPU + Ring MultiBCLK for 4500 MHZ
Pentium G440033137
Core i3-610037122
Core i3-630038119
Core i5-640027167
Core i7-670034133

Make sure you have a sufficient CPU cooler. Don’t try this with the Intel Boxed cooler.


 MSI Z170 Non-K Overclocking in 7 steps (UPDATE)

Ratio and BCLK depend on the CPU. Check values in the table above.

  • Enter the BIOS
  • Go to OC on the left
  • Set the Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) to Enabled
  • Change the CPU Ratio to 37 Skip this step
  • Change the Ring Ratio to 37 Skip this step
  • Change the CPU Base Clock (BCLK) to 120
  • Adjust the DRAM Frequency to a value around 2600 MHz
  • Set the CPU Core Voltage to 1.325
  • Go to DigiALL Power and change the CPU Loadline Calibration to Mode 1

Update: I found out that it’s not necessary to adjust the CPU Ratio and Ring Ratio. It will always be the maximum multi anyway so it’s easier to leave those on auto 🙂

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the forums:

Overclocking.Guide Forums


BIOS Screenshots:

MSI Z170 Non-K Overclocking BIOS MSI Z170 Non-K Overclocking BIOS MSI Z170 Non-K Overclocking BIOS

Now boot into windows and test the stability with Prime95 1344K for at least one hour. For a detailed Prime95 Guide check HERE

msi non k 2 msi non k

These settings should work for almost all boards and CPUs. If you have problems just let me know in the comments.


  • Reinaldo Silveira

    The bios of MSI Z170-A PRO , not correct bio upload ..the bios in zip, the same (duplicate pro mate version).
    please reup correct bios.
    sorry my bad english…
    thanks for work.

    • der8auer

      Thanks for the feedback. I sent a request to MSI. Should have the correct version soon 🙂

      • Rei Silveira

        thank you deBauer, very unfortunate for the owners of this board … But I’ll be waiting.

      • borizb

        Bump for the Z170i Gaming Pro AC. I already contacted MSI Support and they gave me the link to this site. Any chance of an update happening? Do you have any detailed info regarding future support for the various Z170 MSI boards?

        PS: Ich habe die gleiche Coolermaster Testbench und das gleiche Sharkoon Dock für meine HDDs, seh ich grad 😀

        • der8auer

          I asked for it but will probably not happen before christmas 🙂

          • borizb


            so now i’ve got the same problems as many other MSI users.
            No effective BCLK OC possible (Z170i Gaming Pro).
            With your instructions provided, it was not possible to enable LLC
            anywhere in the CLICK BIOS 5, searched everything yet to no avail.
            CPU Ratio fixed
            Ring Ratio @ CPU Ratio
            RAM @ 2533MHz (XMP enabled, KHX2666)
            Vcore 1,325 (others won’t do any better).
            BCLK higher than 100 -> reboot, no screen, reboot -> previous settings.
            Seems like the update has no effect. Is it because LLC cannot be selected?
            is it even necessary to have it on 1/enabled?

            All help is appreciated!

        • Reinaldo Silveira

          Borizb try to read what I wrote.

          • Borizb

            I’ll try that tomorrow. I will reply here as soon as i have tested it.
            Thanks in advance and happy holidays to all of you

          • borizb

            Yes, this was the info i was missing. After doing CMOS clear, everything went better than expected. Doing some tests right now, but it’s definitively working.

          • borizb

            ok, final update. It’s NOT working properly, and not even using clear cmos a lot of times. I used your same exact settings. Anything above 3,6GHz is impossible to set, and it has another limitation: The multiplyer can not be changed to anything above 27 which is the no-turbo default (whereas 33 is max turbo, but maybe this is normal). I tried some other settings, but no matter what i do, even setting vcore to absolutely insane values or lowering ram to 2000 or lower isn’t helping. I believe the bios needs to be redone – a lot. It basically just offers the option, but it’s hardly working for me. I’m not willing to trady +10% clockspeed for temperatures and energy savings. I’ll try again as soon as MSI puts up a properly working version. Spent 5 hours of setting up and testing for naught.

      • Ouroboros

        de8auer: If you have time, I and som others would certainly appreciate if you could check with your MSI contact if the Z170A SLI Plus BIOS is correct and updated. None of us are getting it to work… 🙁

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  • harrison

    what about for MSI Z170I Pro Gaming AC will any bios work for this board?

  • Samuel Gomes

    I’ve tried this setup yesterday on my i5-6400 + MSI Z170L Gaming Pro AC. Bios 14T.

    Increasing the CPU voltage to 1.350 increased the idle temperature from 35 degrees to 50. Without any changes to the clock.

    Changing the base clock to any value greater than 100 mhz, causes the boot to fail, falling back to the previous settings (100 mhz).

    Not even 101 mhz works.

    I’m not sure what is wrong.

  • Reinaldo Silveira

    Today MSI reupload MSI Z170-A PRO bios, now the bios is correct , but not overclock “CPU BCLK ” …. I wait for fix.

    • der8auer

      Fixed it 🙂 Thanks. What is not working for you?

      • Rei Silveira

        From yesterday to today, I learned some things about MSI Z170-A PRO

        First, clear cmos up! .
        After updating the unlocked bios, I changed BCLK, saved and nothing happened
        Once you clear up CMOS, the multiplier went to work.
        Some combinations of settings can break the overclocking and BIOS reset.
        If this happens, clear up CMOS.

        Second, Set the Extreme Memory Profile (XMP)
        Reboot and instability.
        I put off.

        Third, Change the CPU Ratio to 37, Change the Ring ratio to 37
        These two related options, cause a strange effect, in which you view the change in bclk, but it set the clock in 3.7
        keep in auto, real change clock.

        Four Set the CPU Core Voltage to 1325
        this voltage suits well to overclocking Skylake the problem and that some mortherboards station not showing the voltage correctly.
        IN my case I put 1,325 self in CPUZ and bios showed 1,432. So I put vcore m 1,240 Override + Fixed 0005, now appeared properly 1336.
        if some friends have a problem with high vcore, try switching to low

        I’ve been testing several numbers for bclk, memory and vcore. But my Prime95 blend test with 4.5GHz and ram 3091 freeze the PC, I have good memories corsair LPX 3200, does not seem to be the issue.
        I’m currently using the configuration of your and DigitalFoundry, Core i3 4.4GHz BCLK 6100 / 2560mhz, this more balanced.

        • Eagle

          Hey team!

          Just came by to say that the bios is 100% working.

          Few notes that you should be aware beside what overclocking guide presented:

          Put the mem speed in auto, otherwise i couldnt raise the v-core by more than 1.200v

          If Pc crash and you are stuck with the stock settings, just clear cmos ( Take the motherboard battery off).

          Best Regards and good Overclock

          Link to my cpu-z validation

          • Eagle

            PS: I am refering to MSI PCMATE

          • der8auer

            Thanks for the confirmation 🙂

          • Dan Naberhaus

            MSI PC mate won’t allow increase in Vcore(i5-6400)… it does allow overclocking of BLK at about 140 which gives you 3.7 gighz speed but only get blue screens on higher blk settings because you can’t increase vcore….. the latest bios available on MSI site does allow for vcore increase but increase in BLK will not go above 100….

            Dan Naberhaus

            Bought an Asus 170M- Plus and the same processor overclocked fine….. I5-6400

  • ste schu

    Have problem with BCLK, overclocking not working when higher as standart BCLK 100. Booting fails and bios stats resettet.
    have i7 6700 and MSI Z170a PC MATE.

    • Teun

      I’ve had the same problem on a i5 6400 with a Z170a PC MATE, tried every setting in the bios. Of course i’ve used the OC bios. Even an increase of 1 Mhz is enough to fail at boot.

      • ste schu

        yes, i test it with multi. when use multi 37 i have 3,7 ghz with my i7 6700 😀

        with base clock no chance

        • der8auer

          You used exactly the same setting which I showed above?

          • ste schu

            ja, habe den multi auf 34 gestellt, den speicher auf 2400 ungefähr, den baseclock auf 133.00
            und auf 1.325v den letzen eintrag hab ich beim pc mate bios nicht den CPU Loadline Calibration.

          • ste schu

            Nach F10 zum übernehmen startet der pc neu, monitor bleibt schwatz, nach ca 10 sec geht der pc wieder aus und bootet neu, danach ist im bios alles wieder auf standart base, nur der speicher läuft dann mit 1866 statt 2400. irgendwie is bei dem bios der wurm drin.

      • Eagle

        Any News guys?

  • ste schu

    also ich hab wirklich alles ausprobiert, es geht einfach nicht, wenn den multi auf 40 stell erreich ich auch nur 3,7ghz mit 100 mhz baseclock ! es ist mit diesem Bios unmöglich die basecklock zu übertakten, egal was man einstellt entwerder bootet er dann 2 mal neu oder er übernimmt einfach komische niedrigere einstellungen. Bin mit meinem Latein leider am Ende.

  • Mat

    Hi Guys,

    I have downloaded the unlocked bios for the z170 M5 but when I go to flash in bios I click on the file on the usb stick and click ok but it tells me “This is not MSI Bios update will be ignore” :/

    Any help would be much appreciated.



  • Chris

    Hi guys I have the gigabyte gaming 3 1151 with an i5 6500 i am a bit lost with what settings i need on and off as the names appear different on the msi bios. Does anyone have this board overclocking yet???

  • Nikita

    Hi guys!
    I have the MSI Z170-A PC MATE with an i5-6600. After installing I can’t change the СPUVoltage. What i should to do?

    • R0n

      Strange but i can change corevoltage on bios A6T . But there is no option like DigitAll CPU loadline Calibration Control at all and seems overlocking doesnt work at this board atm like mentioned above.

  • Andy

    Hi folks, today I try to flash my krait gaming Z170A over m flash but after reboot the app dont recognize the bios version. Im using 8GB usb with fat32, anybody has a similiar situation ? My bios version is A.50 – 10-22-2015 . Thank you and sry for my bad english …peace . Andy .

    • Andy

      … okey, something happening. MSI actually removed all december non K bios from his official website . Gigabyte launched it yesterday and describe this only beta stage ….

      • R0n

        i thought they’d never published it on official website

      • Arun Nayar

        The bios file shown here is not for the Z170A, it is for the Z170 motherboard. Thats why it does not work for us. I emailed MSI for clarification.

        • Andy

          Arun Nayar, thanks for your reply, im curious about the statement. One guy from succesfuly flashed the krait Z170A over MSI HQ USB flash tool. This way hardly flash your mobo without verify the right bios version . But after change the BCLK to 101 going unstable…of course with cleared cmos .

  • Rod

    I have a MSI Z170M Mortar and I can’t find the DigiALL Power > CPU Loadline Calibration option anywhere.

    • der8auer

      It could be that MSI doesn’t have the LLC option on all boards. I didn’t have time to check all boards. Shouldn’t have a big impact tho 🙂 Might just have to set a little higher vcore in idle.

  • uTukan

    So, I’m going for i5-6400, Z170A Gaming M3 and Cryorig H5 Ultimate combo, any idea to where could I get? Is 4.5GHz possible?

    Second question – how can I measure the temperatures if the power management is missing? Do I have to use external thermometer?

    Thanks for this awesome guide derbauer, I’m just waiting for my S340 and the cooler to start 🙂

    • uTukan

      Forgot to add – The H5 Ultimate has 180W TDP and I’m willing to get second fan to have it in push/pull, that should handle it without a problem, right?

      • der8auer

        4.5 GHz should be possible from my experience 🙂 You can’t check the temperature unfortunately but it should be fine as long as you keep the voltage low. The cooler should handle that 🙂

  • Lars

    Built a new rig today, i3-6100 + Tomahawk AC for some OC’ing. Downloaded the non-k bios E7970IMS.33T but when i go to flashmode it wont show on my usbstick.

    Downloaded the official 1.0 bios from msi supportpage just to check if that one showed up in flashmode and it did.

    Can someone help me out here :/

    • der8auer

      did you unzip the file? You used the flash utility in the bios?

      • Lars

        Yes. Fat32 formatted usbstick, unzipped the bios and put it on root. Its not showing on flashmode.

        Thought there where something wrong with my usbstick so tried another. Same problem.

        Tried to download 1.0 and 1.1 bios from the MSI website just to check if I was doing things correct, and they show in the flashmode. To me it seems like the flashmode program doesnt recognize the non-k bios as an actual biosfile and therefor its not showing.

        Board: MSI Z170A Tomahawk AC
        Bios: E7970IMS.33T

        • Andy

          Same situation here with Krait Gaming Z170A . Why poeple dont reply functionality in this topic ?! . Otherwise I Guess the “MSI Forum HQ USB Flashing Tool” maybe solve the problem … maybe . The Krait dont have a dual BIOS system … so

  • MeQQs

    Source of those BIOS?

  • Arun Nayar

    I have the MSI Z170A Krait Gaming motherboard and the i5 6500. I see you dont recommend this board. But do you have the settings to overclock this cpu since theres an overclocking bios available for this board.

    • uTukan

      What do you mean by overclock settings? It’s the same as on every board, it’s not like on one board you can only use 3,9GHz and on other 4.9. Also every chip is unique, so where somebody might get to 4,6GHz,you might get only to 4.4GHz with the exact same motherboard, cooler and settings. That’s called the silicon lottery.

  • rommel

    I have a MSI Z170M Mortar and I can’t find the DigiALL Power . anyone knows how / where ?

    • der8auer

      It could be that the Loadline Calibration is not supported on the Mortar board. Unfortunately MSI didn’t make this feature accessible on all Z170 boards…. No idea why.

  • dima4s

    on MSI Z170A GAMING M3 with i5 6500 after overclocking fail- BIOS don’t want to overclock at all 8( work like a standart BIOS.. help only new flashing modify BOIS 8(

    How to fix?

    • dima4s

      Now after overclocking fail on motherboard LED indicates CPU is not detected or fail…
      Last load 4.3g. 1.3v cpu voltage.
      Clear cmos not healp 8(
      I kill cpu?)

  • Lars

    MSI have officially launched a new BIOS for Z170A Tomahawk AC.
    Version 1.2 (E7970IMS.120) On their page it says that the releasedate 2015-12-23 though it showed up on their page today.

    Flashed to the new 1.2 bios, then used the guide to overclock my i3-6100:

    Tried these metods in the following order:
    1. Followed the guide straight after flash.
    2. Cleared CMOS and then followed the guide.
    3. Turned on XMP, saved and reboot, then followed the guide.
    4. Changed cpu/string ratio to 37, 1.325 voltage, reboot, then followed the guide.
    4. Skipped XPM on, then followed the guide.

    On all the tries I only changed bclk to 110, plus never went higher than 2400mhz on the ram. (the sticks standard frequency)

    All tries ended up with instant reboots.

    I assume that MSI allowed non-k overclock in their new bios (why else would they release it just now) but I still cant get it to work.

    Or am I banging my head in the wall for nothing with this official bios, starting to wonder if it doesnt support non-k oc after all :p

    Anything else I could try?

  • Chillio


    i can’t update the Bios of my Z170A Krait Gaming. Yes i downloadet the right version and unzip it to an USB FAT 32 Drive.
    Under M Flash i can’t see and select the BIOS File. Any solution?
    Systemconfig – i5 6500, 4GB Crucial Ballistix Sports 2400 MHz, Z170A Krait Gaming with latest standard BIOS Version.

    In German:


    ich kann das BIOS meines Z170A Krait Gaming nicht updaten. Das richtige BIOS Update wurde heruntergeladen und entpackt auf einen FAT32 USB Stick. Unter M Flash sehe ich zwar den Stick, aber nicht die BIOS Datei. Gibt es hierfür eine Lösung?

    Thanks / Danke!

  • Bong780

    Using MSI z170m Mortar and i5-6400, didn’t work the first time set to 110Hz BCLK. Clear CMOS and run in again, 110BCLK 1.3V core and boot to windows. Tried again this time 166BCLK=4.48MHz, seems fine and boot up no problem. Run a few test and cpu temp is 61C under load. I’m very happy with it just need time to do more extensive tests next.

    • rommel

      can you post or send me the details what is the process you’ve done….

      • Bong780

        Pretty much same as the guide here,
        1. Clear CMOS
        2. Change CPU and Ring Multiplier to 27
        3. Change BCLK to 166
        4. Enable XMP and adjust DRAM Feq to just under 2400 (my ram speed)
        5. Set CPU core voltage to 1.3

        • rommel

          1. what sir if i have a 2666mhz rams, will i adjust it under 2400 ?
          2. will i save first, for example, ‘clear CMOS’ then save and reboot ? or will i do all those you indicate all at once then save and reboot ?

          thanks for your reply

          • Bong780

            1. You can adjust the ram multiplier to any speed you want depends on your ram, 2400 is what I use and I might be able to OC the ram too later.

            2. Well you only clear CMOS when the system doesn’t boot

          • rommel

            still cant OC..

    • der8auer

      sounds really nice 🙂

  • ShiverinEskimo

    I happened to order the i5-6500 and MSI Gaming 5 before this method was highlighted. Trying to overclock now, got the BIOS updated correct, setting everything as above having cleared CMOS and it just will not take. It’s as if the settings aren’t even being saved.

    When I leave the CPU untouched I can clock the RAM to 2666Mhz and the voltage to 1.325 (temps perfectly fine) but as soon as I touch the CPU multipliers or BCLK the mobo seems to just ignore everything. I’ve tried leaving the multipliers untouched and just upping the BCLK but I get nowhere – stuck at the stock 3200Mhz even though when I re-load the BIOS the settings are all as I’ve left them – overclocked.

    Can’t help feeling I’m missing something but I’m tearing my hair out.

    • ShiverinEskimo

      Issue sorted by using M5 firmware E7977IMS.16T as quoted on this site. I had installed E7984IMS.16T to mimic the screenshots. Downloaded E7984IMS.16T from another source that claimed it was compatible with the M5. Turns out it isn’t fully compatible.

      Running at 4.5Ghz smooth now.

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  • Stan

    Yes I have same setup and situation. Would like to hear a solution also.

  • Hardy

    bro,im MSI krait gaming z170a user

    i alredy update my BIOS to A.50 from MSI live Update 6 software

    my question is why i just can setting BLCK on 102.00 and ram around 2600 mhz?

    i try to set BLCK to 167.00 ring 27 ram 2600mhz voltage 1325 but alywas fail

    this MSI BIOS support real overclock non k cpu?

    my setup core i56400+krait gaming 170a+ram 2133(default clock) 16gb+psu venom rx 950(bronze certified)

    i need ur advice bro
    plis answer me 🙂 thx!

    • james

      I tried to with A.50 , but you must use the download link provided as I guess it’s different from A.50? Also your RAM must be set just below your default clock speed, so 2600 is too high.

      • jon

        so are u succes overlock with ur A.50 bios?

        i check and i use the same bios A.50 in msi official website,but just different rule for install it,im not use m flash i use MSI software

        yea maybe ram is to high,i try overclock later 🙂

        • James

          I did it but it won’t stick. Voltage changed but when I use cpu-z to check overclock it says bclk still at 100 and not 167 on i6400.

          • James

            sad,i hope somone help the msi krait gaming probe,im fail also 🙂

          • Andy

            James, all have the same situation atm . Yes its sad, because the krait has a lot of options, good performance / price value . I hope Mr. der8auer get a reply from MSI …

  • jon

    why BIOS MSI Krait Gaming z170a from above cant read by mother board krait gaming?

  • James

    Anyone use the z170a pcmate link listed on this site that worked? I tried but it’s a not taking. Can I use the newer version on msi site that’s a6?

    • Dan Naberhaus

      the January version doesn’t allow the overclock, but the December version does… but can’t increase vcore voltage on the December version…. needs work.. so can’t really get to 4500 on PC MATE with I5- 6400

  • Riccardo

    I have an i7 6700 3,4GHz (CPU + Ring 34) but in Turbo clock 4.0 GHz, should put cpu + ring 34 or 40?
    I read 34 in the post, why not 40?

    • Arun Nayar

      Because in non-K the multiplier is locked so you cannot change it. If you sue these bioses, Turbo mode is set to off, so the multiplier wont change.

  • Dillon Amor

    Would this work with the Z170M Mortar??

    • Bong780

      Yes it works with z170m mortar with the bios download from this page. This board doesn’t have the DigitALL Power setting, though it doesn’t affect the overclock. I can still get my 6400 OC to 4.5GHz using BCLK 167 with 1.275V core voltage.

  • Arun

    Good news for Z170A Krait and Tomahawk owners;

    “After checking it seems that there is an error in the BIOS list.
    Z170A KRAIT GAMING and Z170A TOMAHAWK can’t be flashed with the BIOS that have been posted.
    We will update new BIOS asap”

    This is from the MSI member on hwbot

  • charles

    Anybody tried this on a MSI Z170A sli plus board???
    I simply cannot get my board to post just trying 101 baseclock. Whats the point if I can’t change base clock? lame
    Having serious doubts about this bios.
    Followed your guide and nothing works.
    Can’t even get it to boot.. :<

    • Ouroboros

      Im having the exact same issues! Hoping for a new BIOS update. Im actually considering switching to an MSi Krait Gaming…

  • Marcel


    im using the msi z170a krait gaming mainboard and i want to flash the nonk bios. The problem are that the uploaded data is not compatible to my mainboard. Can you help me?


  • i5-6400 + Z170A PC Mate – tried every setting in the bios. Even an increase of 1 Mhz is enough to fail at boot.
    Thermalright True Spirit 120M
    Kingston 2400 CL15 Hyper X 8Gb
    iGPU and GTX960 4Gb MSI Armor – tested, same result.
    Samsung 850 Evo 120Gb
    WD WD10EZEX 1Tb
    Aerocool KCAS-650M
    Zalman R1

    And the same configuration and i7-6700 non-k OC @4.0 work’s normal (other Z170A PC mate)….

  • Calash

    For the Z170I GAMING PRO AC board (MSI-7980)

    I was confused at first because the list here has this board as Z170A GAMING PRO AC, however the file, E7980IMS.14T, is the correct one for this board.

    My steps:
    – Flash the Firmware via the Windows utility
    – Reboot
    – Shutdown
    – Clear CMOS using the button on the back, holding it down for 10 seconds
    – Reboot into Firmware
    – Reset OS parameters (Set it to Windows 10 and shut off Windows 7)

    From here I followed the guide and took incremental steps, booting back into the firmware after each step to confirm it accepted my changes. Using the stock cooler I was able to take the 13-6100 to 4ghz. The stress test in CPU-z is running right now and the temp has settled at 60c.

    I am only sharing this much detail because it took me so long to get to this point. For a while I could not get it to accept any other BCLK, it just seemed to ignore the settings. This order finally worked for me, now I have to get a better cooler and see how far I can push the i3.

    Thank you for posting this guide!

    • Calash

      I just noticed something odd while I wait for my new CPU cooler. Via MSI Command Center I still get temperature readings even with the new BIOS and set to 4.1ghz. What I did lose was the CPU speed in command center, but CPU-Z seems to be able to read that fine.

      My temperature and auto fan control is consistent with my usage before the new firmware so I believe it is accurate. Does anybody know if this is a sign of something else being wrong?

  • Ouroboros

    I’m having the same issues as several others: no matter by how little or how much i change BCKL, it won’t boot. If I only change CPU/Ring Ratio to max (33 for my i5-6400) it boots.

    I got it to work at the very first try, but only after my computer succesfully booted after three failed attempts. After this, I can’t get it to boot at all no matter what BCKL-clock i use above 100.

    Any ideas? I kind of bought this CPU based on the assumption that I would be able to OC it….

    • james

      Same here with pc mate and i56400. I even cleared cmos with no luck. We PC mate owners have to wait for a bios update at this point. I’ve tried everything and even when I get it to boot, cpu-z shows stock clock values.

      • Ouroboros

        Forgot to mention my mobo: Z170A SLI Pro.
        Yesterday I actually got BCKL to 102.6 using MSI Command Center – but an overvoltage warning LED light up next to the 24-pin atx connector, so I eventually reversed it. It was pretty pointless anyway, resulting in a mere 2746Mhz or something like that.

        Maybe it’s the BIOS version as you propose…I have no clue.

  • i5-6600 + Z170A PC Mate and @4.0 (33×122) works normal….

  • Antony

    I have a Z170-A Pro. Installed the latest baseclock overclocking BIOS. Got a 6100T to 121MHz baseclock/3.84GHz. However, I can’t get a 6100 standard passed a baseclock of 113. That’s not a bad overclock but no where near the 120MHz/4.5GHz figures I’ve seen with this CPU.

    vcore is 1.35 – I’ve tried up to 1.4v. CPU ratio and ring ratio set at 37, XMP enabled, 2666MHz ram set to around 2600MHz using the divider. No options for Loadline calibration in this EFI.

    Any ideas what might be holding me back? Just the board as it’s cheap?

    • der8auer

      I overclocked several setups with this board and a BCLK of 163 MHz. Some boards seem to have a “BCLK hole”. Maybe try 125 MHz straight with 1.35 Volt on the CPU

      • Ouroboros

        Any news on the SLI Plus board? Tried re-flashing it and it still wont work. Guess the BIOS version is wrong.

        • der8auer

          The BIOS is correct so it should work for sure.

          • Ouroboros

            Then I wonder what I do wrong. I’m using the .11T BIOS and I followed your guide to the point – and I can’t even get it to 101Mhz 🙁 Any tips/thoughts? Really want to get the most out of buying the cheaper CPU…

          • der8auer

            Can you give me the exact system details and what you set in the bios?

          • Ouroboros


            Intel i5-6400 CPU
            Corsair RM550x 550W PSU
            Asus Radeon 280x DirectCU II Top GPU
            MSI Z170A SLI Plus MOBO
            Corsair Vengeance LPX 2400Mhz DDR4 2x4Gb RAM
            Samsung 850 Evo 250Gb SSD
            BeQuiet Pure Rock CPU Cooler

            I follow the guide to the point, without any success. I have also tried far lower settings, such as no alteration to voltage and single-digit BCKL increases. Have also tried to change other settings, such as not touching multiplier at all (leaving them at auto). None worked. PC won’t boot, and I have to take out the CMOS battery to get it to boot again with default settings.

            Any help is appreciated!

          • Ouroboros

            Tried it again now, following the guide. No success. With small increase (105Mhz) I get it to half-way start with an CPU over voltage LED lighting up, but then it powers off without even getting as far as boot screen. Higher increases (120+) doesn’t even come that far. The EZ-debug LED’s light up, and once it get’s to the CPU LED, it powers off.

            I have literally no idea what the problem is.

  • Cap

    Hello everyone, should i be worried about the cpu temperature using the 9 step OC guide ? coz i don’t want to mess it up and toast my cpu ( 6700) >.<

  • Simon Larsson

    Hello, are XMP memory a must? I have a i5-6400 and z170a krit gaming with a6t bios. Cant get it to work….

    • der8auer

      No it’s not a must. What’s your exact setting?

      • Simon Larsson

        I have tried it all. The only thing i can think of that could be holding me back is that i have quite cheap ddr4. CRUCIAL 1.2v 2133mhz (2x4GB). Only runs in single channel without XMP support.

        • Simon Larsson

          I can overclock the memories a bit when im not using BCLK. I got em to run at 2560mhz. And they seemed to be handle it. Didnt run any tests tho. As soon as i touch BCLK it wont boot.

          Im running sli atm btw, if that has anything to do with it.

          The memory: CT2K4G4DFS8213

  • JP

    The bios for the MSI M7 is corrupted. Please reupload.

  • Joshua Hutchins

    I’m considering buying the MSI Z170-A PRO motherboard:

    As well as the i3 6100.
    Is everyone able to OC with this board fine?
    Also, I find it sort of strange that there is next to NOTHING online about this board. No reviews, nothing. Did this board used to have a different name or something?

    • der8auer

      I used the Z170-A PRO for some testing and it can be a real pain in the ass. for non-K OC and low budget I’d avoid MSI. Go for ASUS or ASRock. They are much easier to work with.

      • SebbieSeb

        Hey guys,

        MSI Z170 A PRO really annoys me. It works fine for at least 20-30 boots with 4,4ghz with my i5-6400.
        But what sometimes happens (every 2nd week or so).
        When i start the computer it doesnt show uefi/bios startup logo and doesnt but.
        So i press the power button to shut down. When now starting the pc again, it stucks at 2.7ghz. In Uefi it shows all oc settings like they were before. If I save bios and restart, no chance, again only 2.7ghz.
        Only solution is to clear cmos memory over a jumper on the board, start the pc and save the bios again.
        Then voila i have again 4.4ghz.
        time for another beer now.



        • SebbieSeb

          btw I’m using E7971IMS.17T image.


          • SebbieSeb

            ok found an easier fix. if your system doesnt show boot logo on msi z170a pro after it worked already successfully do the following steps:

            prerequisite setting: disable AUTO CLR_CMOS Setting in uefi settings

            – power off
            – power on
            – directly go into uefi/bios
            – f10 for save
            – now it reboots successfully again with 4.4ghz

            so you dont need to clear cmos manually anymore etc.

  • MangoBay

    I cant install the E7984IMS.16T Bios Update for the MSI Gaming Pro. is there another update? When i try to install i becomme the message that the file is not a MSI specific file

  • TannerT


    MSI Z170 M3
    i5 6500
    Corsair H100i cooler
    R9 Fury Strix

    CPU ratio: 32
    Ring ratio: 32
    BCLK: 131
    DDR4: 2440
    CPU Vcore: 1.32

    I flashed the non K bios successfully but as others I am having an issue of the computer not wanted to boot when any sort of overclock is applied. I tried clear CMOS and that seemed to work for a few days. Today I am having the same problem again though, computer powers on for about a second and restarts, goes through this power cycle multiple times before actually posting. When I can actually get it to post with an OC I can stress test and game for hours just fine. pretty frustrated at this point. Considering running stock bios to avoid damage as MSI clearly released very poor non K bios’ across the whole range.

    • Mike

      MSI Z170A Krait Gaming motherboard, i5 6600 here.

      Exact same issue here, I went back to stock settings as temperature readouts work when BCLK is set @ 100. I have same theory as you, BIOS sucks. Any OC setting (even 101 MHz BCLK) will cause the computer to get stuck in boot loop and eventually post and get into Windows with proper OC settings. I don’t want to wait 3 minutes to boot into Windows so I cleared CMOS and left it alone until this issue gets sorted out.


    there is an updated msi bios,from around mid jan, which may be the same as this i dont know, it is still 1.6t on the gaming m5
    if this has been released by msi, it was under the crack out the back door.. its not an official release. they havent even released a fix for the skylake bug for all boards, and the ones that did get that release. do they allow this type of o/c?

    • der8auer

      Unfortunately not. The BIOS from the direct MSI page won’t work :/

      • TJCINC

        Well maybe someday they will release it for the masses, i just tried it on the 6500 at 4.0 ghz to be safe, I was looking for more single core performance, and wow. The whole temp thing sucks, but i think im going to be stable at 1.25 volts, which is really only a bit over stock. in HWmonitor I see a temp3in in the temps for the motherboard, is that in any way relative to the cpu?

        • der8auer

          No there is no relation between mainboard temps and CPU temps. You can flash to a normal BIOS and leave the CPU at stock but with 1.25 Volt to see the temperature. Then flash to non-K and use your OC setting. Temperature should be ~similar. That would be one way to check. But 1.25 Volt is more than safe if you have a decent cooler.

          • TJCINC

            never thought of just checking like that..
            I am noticing the TMPIN3 is always within a 2 or 3 degree delta of the cpu package reported temp, while under light load and during some stress testing. I did get a watercooler before decided to explore all this, i just checked that it that the bios worked early in the month with a fixed baseclock closer to stock and even closer to stock volts. I may flash back to check the voltage temps.. I realize these chips run at low temps anyhow had not bought a system to do this Id say its a great way to get more value out of the non k chips. was switching from amd anyway 🙂


    I did some more looking and reading, the TEMPIN3 in in hwmonitor is indeed the motherboards cpu temp sensor.. in hw64 it actually labels it as such, after watching the relation between these numbers for days, and reading further on the net, i do believe it is a way to check your cpu temp while o/c within a few degrees anyhow.(it doesnt update as quickly to changes as looking at looking at core temps because its not from the cpu itself) I made some screenshots of it at idle and full load if youd like to take a look, it seems this motherboard has a sensor close enough to the cpu to make sense of things .. I even found mention of it in the msi forums.

  • Mike

    Any BCLK (even 101 MHz @ 1.325V) increase leads to the computer getting stuck in boot loop and after many retries it finally boots into Windows with correct OC settings. Is this normal? A little too long to boot essentially, almost like it’s trying to iterate an overclock. It’s a i5 6600, MSI Z170A KRAIT GAMING motherboard. Following this guide exactly.


    The Msi gaming app reports the cpu temp during oc as well. i also tried playing with the bclk in command center , if you set the changes to immediate in the bios it allows for adjustment within windows, as normal i suppose.
    In my experience thats not normal with the gaming m5 it boots normally,, even with voltage on auto and bclk at 125

  • Lars


    CPU: i3-6100
    COOLER: Cooler Master Hyper TX3 Evo
    MB: MSI Z170A Tomahawk AC
    RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2400MHz 2x4GB 1,2V
    PSU: Corsair VS550, 550W
    BIOS: E7970IMS.12T (the New one)

    Followed the guide step by step but it wont overclock. I reset the bios before I started the guide.

    Tried the following in addition to the steps in the guide:
    * BCLK 101, 105, 110, 115, 120, 125
    * XMP On/Off
    * Max ramspeed 2400Mhz
    * Ram 1.3V
    * CPU core voltage/CPU sa voltage/cpu IO voltage exactly like in the guide. (standard tomahawk is lower)

    Is there anyone here that have managed to overclock on a tomahawk Board, and if so, what where Your bios settings?
    If someone got some ideas what else I can try, please comment.

  • bgz

    I tried this in december and everything went fine then suddenly one day the OC was gone and i checked the bios were all the settings were the same. I have tried to change settings to default and applied the settings + reinstalled bios but nothing works.

    • bgz

      Nvm got it to work after reseting cmos.
      Only problem is that I also got the pc starting for 1 sec then shuts down. This happens between 1-13 times before it eventually posts. =/

  • Simon Larsson

    Hello again
    Msi z170 Karit Gaming
    i5 6400
    DDR4 2133mhz 1.2v
    A6T bios

    I have managed to boot in to windows with 1.35v with 4ghz and ram at 2400mhz. But the computer is stuck in a bootloop on every start up and it often takes up to ten times before it boots into windows. Anyone know how fix this or atleast decrease the number of times it needs to reboot?

    I have tried lowering ram and lower voltage and CPU powerline mode 7

  • Vasilisbgr7

    I have MSI Z170A KRAIT GAMING and I can’t find DigiALL power it really necessary to turn in “mode 1” or it will work anyway?

  • Daniel Krug

    Boot problems here too.

    Managed to overclock to 4000MHz, first time it boot ok, then…loop.

    Those BIOS are nuked and are misleading people to buy MSI Z170 mainboards + non-k chips expecting to OC when it isnt possible.

    I was hopping MSI to release some fix, but following Intel “attack” on non-k OC, i dont expect it anymore.


    they are updating the processors to not be able to do this through the bios’ on their webpage. so if you have flashed a bios from there recently, like to fix the primewire bug.. then you may already be out of luck. i know im still good and the microcode in my 6500 is 55 but thats the code they are looking to update//
    dont know what i said wrong before was i wrong?

  • Daniel Krug

    I found a way for it to stop the boot looping:

    – In MSI, you have an option that says something like this:

    Load OC seetings at:


    During the boot;


    IF you select during the boot, it will stop the boot loops and proper boot.

    Now…what happened to me next, is unbeliavable strange:

    – The cpu wasnt assuming the exact MHz you inserted on the bios, i was putting 4.0, the CPU was assuming 3.8.

    Then, i tried 4.2 for it to assume 4.0 with 1.225v, and…ITS DEAD!

    Yes, you read it right…my CPU just died using an MSI Z170A SLI Plus + the bios found here with a simple 1.225v.

    This BIOS are messed up and probably will damage your CPU if you are not lucky.

    • TJCINC

      may be asking the obvious but did you pop cmos battery and leave unplugged for awhile. is there an error code saying the cpu dead? maybe you fried the ram and you are lucky?
      I really do feel lucky i got this to work for me. no boot loops, not one issue really, it sucks that it seems hit or miss depending on the board and that there no fixes coming..

      • Daniel Krug

        Yes, ez debug says Cpu fail.

        I did everything, its death.

        My cpu was brand new, maybe some new batch coming with some different code from Intel.

        • TJCINC

          Well that really sucks im sorry to hear that. When did you buy the processor?
          if it was after mid jan it may have come with the updated microcode, sounds like something weird happened for sure

          • Daniel Krug

            3 days ago.

            Yes, something went very wrong.

            I mean, i didnt even did any stability test, i was just 4.2 Ghz + 1.225v + load during boot option and that´s it.

            Everything was pretty safe, i didnt made any mistake.

            The fact that the cpu wasnt assuming the correct MHz indicates to me that something was wrong with the microcode.

    • der8auer

      wow! That’s the first time I hear about a dead CPU. I will forward your case to my MSI contact.

      • Daniel Krug

        Me as well.

        But i guess i was unlucky.

        I would recommend to anyone buying a newer CPU non-k and this this OC method.

      • Fail

        Actually I experienced the same thing on a MSI Z170Z PC MATE. After bios install, the board no longer detects CPU and Bios settings can’t be reset for no reason whatsoever. Same thing happened on my first PC MATE board and RMA’d it. CPU worked fine before bios install then, after BCLK increase, it is dead.

        Don’t know what to do to reset bios to stock settings. Have troubleshoot it too many times. I think the CPU might have a micro code already factory activated.

    • MeQQs

      Same situation here. My G4400 is dead ;_;
      I was almost stable at 4.6 with 1.36 vcore. But not too high vcore killed my processor or even temperature. (I had max 50°C) This fakin option apply bclk during boot is broken…

      I was at 4.0 ghz with 1.325 vcore and I was testing stuff etc… Then I told fine we need increase some clock because I’m fully stable I found this option in bios I set this shit and now I regret… Before my g4400 die I had 130 bclk (I only increase this by 10 and set this shit option) and 1.325 vcore set. After save pc self reboot from bios and my processor die. It was that simple.

      It’s not a scam I’m 100% serious don’t use this option.

      • der8auer

        which option do you mean exactly? I might forward it to MSI

        • MeQQs

          When you enable Expert overclocking under bclk adjustment will show up option Apply BCLK at and here you can choose during boot. Something like this I’m not 100% sure because I can’t run PC. Today I’m going to my friend with my G4400 to check is it ded or maybe motherboard just died.

      • MeQQs

        I’m now in my friend house and my CPU is working just fine so it’s an board.


    yeah, im the op here may know i tried to make a helpful post here on the 5th that the window for this is probably closed (that post is still awaiting moderation???). maybe if youd been able to see that info it would have save you some $$. maybe it was because there were links in it, dunno. its always at your own risk anyway but it looks like it no longer possible to buy the hardware to do this. i was going to try and push mine further, but i think ill just be happy with my extra 15 -20 frames in arma if i try to go above 4.5 I get a machine check exception and I cant find any reason for it other than thats where the silicon lottery stops for me.. posts at 4.8 though. Im a newb like i started overclocking intel on boxing day.i only have a basic understanding of the bclk method looks like there are some interesting xeon chips for 1151 now, they dont oc but it looks like these are geared more for the consumer market. “next project”

  • Mystogan86

    I have one doubt about this non K overclock, do I need the bios update because the normal bios don’t have the bclk feature unlocked for non K processors or for something else? I have a MSI Z170 A Pro + i5 6500 with bios version E7971IMS.150, I have not made any bios update yet but I see the BCLK base frequency unlocked for mi I5. What do you recommend me? Do I have to make the bios update before trying to overclock or I could overclock with the bios version my board already have?


    I believe it says unlocked for the turbo boost.. i also noticed that even stock it runs at 100.1- 100.3 ish for the bclk
    It woud be good to know a bit more about the future, one person here has already lost cpu for some odd reason. I unloaded my modded bios in case intel pushes an update through microsoft .. they are trying to block it, Im not sure if thats even possible, right now they are pushing a new microcode to the cpu through new bios updates on the manufacturers site.
    watch your microcode.. for you yours should be 55 if you do decide to do it, if its not 55 i wouldnt.
    Can the cpu be updated through windows? O.P? anyone?

  • Yuri

    Not working with Gaming M3 and 6700. Any ideas?

  • scottboy88

    Hi, the msi z170a gaming m7 bios gives me this message.
    ” The BIOS is not MSI BIOS, update will be ignore !!! If this file come from MSI, please contact with MSI.”

    is there a new patch for this or should i contact msi.

    • TJCINC

      Id read a bit more about the whole subject of bclk and skylake . these are not officially supported bios by any means, they didnt release this. a bios engineer leaked it. it was never supposed to be an actual feature for the non k cpu.
      any newer msi bios will update the microcode in your cpu and lock it down.

  • davez

    Hi, using your guide and Bios E7977IMS.16T I have overclocked my MSI z170a M5 with i5 6500 from its stock 3.2 to 4GHz and I feel more would be available but its enough for me. Temps seem to have risen slightly, around 3c idle and maybe 10c when playing games going by the mobo LEDs.

    One thing, in performance test it reports the BIOS as an ASUS?? It works so im guesing its MSI, but odd to say the least.

    Thanks for the guide.

  • fans

    Will be an updated version of BIOS(A.4) with overclocking ability not K CPU for MSI z170a gaming m3?

  • mat

    Using MSI Z170a Gaming M3. set my BCLK to 115 and stable but why no Temperature Readings?

    • David

      I have z170a m5 and also stable but no temp reading. It start and stays at 100c and didn’t do any stress test yet. Bios read 20c temp

      • TJCINC

        use the motherboard sensor for cpu temp.. use hw64 or something like that. its within a degree or two of the cpu package temp. even the msi software uses this sensor to report cpu temps

  • Ronalds

    Hey, im not a computer pro and i have problems so, i have a z170a tomahawk and i downloaded the file, but what shoudl i do with it? And how can i run bios?

  • spaz

    I have Z170 gaming pro carbon with i3-6300 .. i flash with bios E7A12IMS.11T and follow guide but have endless boot loop every time ??????

    only post with stock settings. 🙁


    • Foxsitto

      Hi! I also have z170 gaming pro carbon :/ I stock a circle reboot… maybe someone has won this problem? Thank you.

  • enerasu

    Cool !!! Got 135bclk with 6600 and MSI Mortar 4455Mhz

  • enerasu

    I could push even further, bclk 138 (4.555Ghz) (bclk 140 wasn’t stable).
    I read before some guys said that it is possible to see CPu temperatures through MSI Command Center, maybe anyone could tell me where i could download it ? because official MSI website not working.

    • Foxsitto

      Hello! What DDR4 memory model do you use? Thank you.

      • enerasu

        Ddr4 2133 hyperx savage . Also want to update results. Was able to get 4.651ghz increasing vcore to 1.350 and decreasing mem mhz by 1 step.

    • TJCINC

      I was able to get 4.48 (140) on an i5 6500.. but there is something that wont let me go further in windows i can boot into the bios at almost 4.8 with enough voltage but i didnt want to push that , im not a bclk expert, it may have to do with the memory timings or something after the xmp and adjustments.. Im using corsair vengeance lpx 2100 with a xmp of 2400. ive seen the 6500 at 5.0 in on the xtu site (with 1.6 volts)
      pushing it further isnt really needed.. i have compared the single thread usage in cpu z with the 6500 at 4.0 it is higher on the i5 than the stock 6700k at 4.0 with turboboost. if you see how many people here cant get this to work at all, id be happy with the 4.5 its already an i7 killer/

      • Foxsitto

        Yes I agree with you. I have i3-6100, z170a gaming pro carbon, ddr4 kingston hyper 2400 2x8gb kit. and I think that the problem is in the ddr memory…
        and I can not test the DDR memory of another brand. I will try to find a way out of this situation 🙂

        • Foxsitto

          Yes! I have 4477Mhz! :)If you have questions I will try to answer 😉

        • TJCINC

          could also just be voltages that need upping, like for me to get stable 4.48 im running 1.38
          i have read as much as possible in as many places as possible and i have seen somewhere 2400 mem is the sweet spot for this, but i think it has to do with the timings after the tuning.. if you havent tried it turn your xmp profile back to 2400 after the base clock increase. maybe try less.. the best place i think to look if you do want to push further is the hwbot forums at the global records for your cpu then you can see what voltage and such they ran there is also the silicon lottery to consider. im at a 40% increase and that huge.

          • TJCINC

            yes i just looked the two the made it over 5.0 ran in the 2100 range for mem Im @ # 5 i would love to push on but i dont know how worth it it is

  • Foxsitto

    I started in 1600mhz. XMP on. a clock 121 and cpu ratio 37. cpu 1,325volts
    and with each restart lifted the memory frequency ,up to 2400mhz,and no circle reboot. I see the change in latency timings of memory. Kingston xyper fury timings 15-15-15-35 (auto) and timings now 16-16-16-36(auto) 2400mhz. and everything is fine 🙂 Maybe it will help someone 😉

  • Foxsitto

    Yes. each time after reboot I up mhz to 1600,1800,2000,2200,2400mhz. But XMP must be ON. 🙂 I do not know what the problem is,I do not know what the problem is and why the system does not start with 2400mhz. Maybe that timings? Maybe not 🙂 but it helped me.


    My problem is that when i try to load windows it locks up, after the msi and windows circle.. i was getting and error but after I drop my mem speed im freezing with no error code, posts like a boss though im not sure if having command center or something is keeping me from breaking the 4.5 mark myself. but something in windows doesnt like it. my timings end up 16-16-16-39 with xmp on

  • Foxsitto

    Hi. may be you can upload photos or video with the process? and write what you have motherboard, memory,cpu and windows.

    • TJCINC

      I told you a few posts back my setup mins the mobo.. i5 6500 gaming m5 corsrair vengeance lpx. l have been here fer awhile, scroll up lol..
      I was able to get it to post and run at 4618 mhz last night, turned fast boot off.
      I really have to push the volts to get it done though, compared to those who are posting their results on hwbot 1.48 first time i hit 60 on the mothterboards cpu temp sensor though.

  • Fail

    Intel G4400
    DDR4 2800 CL15
    E7971IMS.A6T bios installed

    -I already RMA’d 1st board because after the bios got installed the motherboard went into a coma after BCLK+V increase.
    the board fails to reset back to stock settings and too much troubleshooting has been done and board will not reset bios with battery out and plug removed.
    -2nd board is back and same issue. Now may have to RMA it again.

    My assumption is that the PC MATE Board does not support BCLK overclock on G4400 cpu’s.
    The bios does not support the G4400 microcode.

    Any input would be appreciated.

    • TJCINC

      what is the date of the stock bios on the new board? msi released bios update with microcode to update your processor. its possible the 2nd board came with this bios. im not sure what models it was released for though.
      this is far from a sure thing, others may have had no luck with that board, it may be in the comments here.

    i5 6500 gaming m5
    this is with a multipier of 150 and the voltage as high as it will go. it posts, at much less voltage, but windows just wont load
    I dont get the circle reboot some people talk about, like it either works on the first shot, or it tells me my oc settings didnt work and apply one that i previously saved, or and only 3 times in 3 months, ive had to pop the cmos battery im guessing thats bad ram timings
    is there some other voltages that can be changed?

  • enerasu

    i5 6600
    MSI z170m Mortar
    Got to 143 bclk 4.720 Ghz (1.4 voltage in bios but cpu-z shows 1.496 dont know why)
    Can’t go further (144 and more) because Windows stuck everytime in loading when have tryed. Ayone have ideas what could I do to go further than 4720 ?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the guide, it works flawlessly using the custom BIOS. It stopped working once, but flashing it again fixed the problem. I think it happened because I clicked on restore defaults or something.

    My specs:
    CPU: i5-6600
    MOBO: MSI Z170-A PRO
    RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws V DDR4 2400 (2x4GB)

    Stable at:
    CPU: 4.4GH’z (135 BCLK)
    RAM: 2700MHZ
    CPU core voltage: 1.20 on BIOS (but it gets up to 1.25 on Windows)

  • Vennk

    Hello i have problem, i hav g4400 and MSI g43 PLUS. i download and instal bios, but i cant make it works, 1st i just set all like in guide, computer while startup reset like 10 times, but it works, fails after 5min benchmarks and when i reset bios and set all default, its works great. now when i wanna for exaplme just turn BCLK to 101, comp wont start at all just reseting reseting, when i default again works great etc. etc

  • Mac

    Hi guys i consider to buy msi Z170A GAMING PRO i5 6500 and 16gb ddr4 2400mhz but why in 1 page you put:
    Depending on your budget you should only consider these CPUs:

    Pentium G4400
    Core i3-6100
    Core i3-6300
    Core i5-6400
    Core i7-6700

    Shoud i go then for i5 6400 rather then i5 6500????

    • enerasu

      He said that all i5 overclocks simmilar, til 4.5-4.7 Ghz, doesnt matter its which one it is 6400/6500/6600, you need just to put more on bclk and 6400 cost less then others. So its up to you, you want save money or you can spent more.
      There is one big “BUT!” , I read in some forums that intel can force microsoft to make a windows update, with new cpu microcode, and our non k overclocking will stop working…
      Thats why if they do this and you have 6600 or 6500 but not 6400 – you will be happier 🙂

  • Reynaldo Rodriguez

    Hey guys, so i am having a bit on an issue on the BIOS. I managed to oc successfully an i3-6100 with the Z170a PC Mat to 4.4ghz, but i decided to check if it can oc to 4.5ghz but it failed. I can’t go back to my 4.4ghz settings, i tried doing cmos reset and doing the same steps again and nothing. I am wondering if any of you have an I3-6100 and the same motherboard as i and has had success oc and is dedicated and patient enough to help me with this. I am not a oc computer pro so maybe i am doing something wrong. I also have the Bios update provided by you guys. Please let me know if any of you can help, it will be greatly appreciated.


    i3-6100 3.7ghz
    MSI Z170a PC MATE

  • Emil

    It is impossible to overclock. I use different settings, but the motherboard does not start. It keeps restarting. Helps only reset EMS. What to do?
    MSI G-43 PLUS, i5 6500, bios -33T

  • Mac

    Hi so i bought msi z170a krait r6 siege edition and ddr4 2666 mhz 16gb and i cant oc it yust restarts whole time used bios for board from this site and followed guide anyone help?

  • usernameformsioc

    while everything in default, make changes only for the following

    1) BIOS ver.180
    2) XMP enabled (look at your default ram clock value before xmp enabled
    3) Change the cpu core voltage to 1.35 (1.325 just a tad lower)
    4) DigiALL Power and change the CPU Loadline Calibration to Mode 1
    5) modify the cpu base clock BCLK to 120 (or any targeted value that make sense/tested for stability)
    6) Modify the RAM clock, be within the RAM capable number (i.e the default DDR4 2600 RAM after BCLK modification changed to 2866Mhz, change it to 2400 or any values that is under then your original default number).
    7) save, reboot and test for stability
    8) repeat step 5 and 6 to increase performance/bclk or to reduce the value for stability concern.

  • Mac

    Finaly manage to oc it i flashed bios again and at the end i put in bios name .180 and then oc worked

  • Mechiz

    Can I overclocking with MSI Z170-A PRO LGA 1151 Intel Z170 SATA 6Gbs USB 31 ATX Intel Motherboard and I7-6400T ?

  • BABNIK2007

    Hi all! Pls help me i have problem

    2 months ago I successfully overclock my i5 6500 to 4.4 (1.35v) .A today I wanted to optimize the voltage (had blue screens) and lowered voltage. After that my PC is not turned on and the BIOS default settings restored. After this I would like to introduce the best value BCLK (135.00) and voltage (1.25v) And when switching windows 10 that I saw standing on the default BCLK (100.00) Thereafter, I downloaded the new BIOS“191” and the problem persists(((

    MSI Z170-A PRO
    I5 6500

    Sorry for my bad English,i just russian guy))

  • Pingback: Updated MSI Z170 Non-K Overclocking Guide (new BIOS!) - Overclocking.Guide

  • george wesley

    very well i5 6400 + msi z170 gamimg m5… i’ve been skipping some W10 updates… Few weeks ago they released a new build (1511 build 10586), should i update?

  • Zatro

    Hi can we overclock i5 6402p processor?
    Currently using msi z170a gaming pro.


  • Oarsman

    The vcore is 1.4 when i manually entered that normal? Cpu is a little hot min. 38°c max. 80°c..

    • Oarsman

      I got 6800+ cpu mark and 2600+ single thread performance from i3 6100 with a max temp 74°c Well that’s a little monster aye? 🙂

    • Oarsman

      Dragon Age : Inquisition 1920×1080@Ultra

      I3 6100@4.45ghz. Max temp : 92°c

      I gues i need a good water cooling to play game @ultra details safe.

      My cooler is Thermaltake Contac 21.

  • Lorenzo

    hi, what is model of the diagnostic board in the photo ?

  • Is it actually working now?

  • Roni

    hello guys, i want to ask, after i folowing intruction to oc intel pentium g4400 i dont overclocking my PC. in stat BIOS i can set and change bclk value, but when my PC goes into the window and checked it turns out nothing has changed. Can someone help me ?
    -Intel pentium g4400
    -msi z170a tomahawk
    -fsp hexa+ 500w
    sorry for my bad english, thanks.

  • Furblood

    I have one question. What is the top of the tpm connector.

  • How much dlck limit?? I want buy i7 6400t ES. Amd oc it fot 4.4 or more. But he have Only x22 multipler

  • Sikorsky

    z170m Mortar here.
    Using Kingston 8gb single stick – 2400mhz
    PSU 600w

    Sometimes overclock works, sometimes it doesn’t detect it at all.
    1,205 vcore.

    Why is this happening? Tried december bios version, didn’t worked, and latest one worked little better but still giving me issues.
    And should Cstate drive be on or off?

    Also when I set vcore to 1,200 i see it bumps after reboot into 1,305~

    I don’t get this either. I have no LLC settings or anything.

    • Sikorsky

      Okay, I found out why OC didn’t work. Basically you always need to reset CMOS when you get restart. (I never get BSOD even if oc doesn’t get accepted — computer just restarts itself and wont allow OC anymore)

      So now that I can OC pretty much as I want… I’m interested how can I fix those voltages up to be like I want them to be.

      I put vcore 1,200
      and its greyed out in the left side 1,264

      149 bus speed * 27 multiplier = 4020mhz~
      i5 – 6400 cpu.

      What I would like is to lower my voltage to value I want, instead of putting number and getting random greyed out number that motherboard choose out of that number. Basically I don’t have control over my voltage, which is very important factor as I want it to run stable on lowest voltage allowed. 🙁

  • LuisLocoMaxy

    is this a good combo? is enought to make a oc? I don´t want a extreme oc, just a slight oc for gaming.

    Msi Z170A pc mate
    Msi armor Rx 470 4 gb
    i5 6500
    Coolermaster 212 evo
    2×4 gb viper elite series ddr4 2400 mhz
    evga 500w
    SSD pny 120 gb
    HDD 1 tb

  • mikl

    there is a difference msi z170 sli plus and msi z170 sli ??????

  • malfrat

    Any support for the intel pentium G4600 3.6Ghz kabylake ? 🙂

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