Nvidia GTX Titan X – External Power Guide

2. Cut the VR_READY trace


Pin 3 of the Onsemi NCP81174 is the VR_READY input which will check if all VRMs are working or not. Simply cut the trace at the marked spot to disable the monitoring. The trace is really small so take a sharp knife and be careful not to cut too deep or anything else. If you can’t cut the trace or if you cut too much you can simply remove the whole IC.


  • Can please someone answer me: How many people WILL gonna use this. Its a nice article but I want to know how many ppl overclock they newly brought 1200$ Card with nitrogen( commercial or for fun).

    • der8auer

      For extreme overclockers there is no other way at the moment so there are some guys who will use it. I can already name guys who modded their cards now – few days after the release. So just wait few weeks and there will be even more 🙂

    • B3L13V3R

      Even if you don’t do this… learn something from it, and don’t worry about other peoples wallet… 😉

  • Dancop

    I will 😉
    Nice article Roman!!!!

  • steponz

    Already did mine.. your all too late… hahahahahahah

  • Gia Bao

    Nice guide for ln2

  • Smoke

    Nice guide, Roman, as usual)
    btw after cut pin 3 card still working on air with stock pwm like old Titan or not?

    • der8auer

      Thanks man 🙂 According to the datasheet yes. It’s just the VR_RDY pin. Don’t think it’s connected to anything else.

  • strong island 1

    Thank you so much, this is the best guide I have seen so far, for power board in general. Makes me feel a lot more comfortable to try it out. I’m so glad I found this.

    • der8auer

      Thanks 🙂 don’t be affraid to ask if you have questions.

      • strong island

        I actually do have a question. I finally just got my epower.

        Would it be a good idea since I am only using one card to do a 90 degree angle. I was thinking I should flip the epower around so ground layer is on left side and can almost directly connect with the capacitor area you showed as ground. And then the vcc area will be in perfect position to connect to vgpu of the vga. On the epower the entire bottom layer is ground right?

        Does this make sense. is this best way for a single card.

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  • hotrod717

    Nice guide! Best info on doing this I’ve seen yet. This helps a lot even though I have the AMD version G-Power.

  • Henrique Sáfadi

    Nice work der8auer, i am a possible new extreme overclocker going out from the enthusiast league to extreme league, but i don’t wanna start with this level of mod.

    I m learning how i can made a volt mod in this titan x but im still affraid of do it, can you tell me how i can control the voltage, i just need a confirm if my project was right.
    Im following a newbie script, taking measurement points, check some resistance of gpu, memory, check the pwm pins on datasheet.

    Thank you and your guide already helped me to much.
    Sorry for my bad english.

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  • Jonathan Passero

    Hey thanks again for the guide. Do you know if the vcore mod TIN posted for the reference 980 will work on titan x. I would use your guide for the mem mod but hopefully since gpu controller is same mod will be same. Or if you could post a mod that would be amazing.

    I have my card and 2 epowers but I just still dont have the confidence yet. Might try epower on cheaper card first. I also need a much better iron.

  • strong island

    hey does anyone know if this would be a decent station to do an epower mod and also small vr mods. is it too cheap, should i save up for a better one, i dont solder a ton. it says its only 70w. i was thinking maybe the hakko 951 but its expensive. can anyone recommend decent station that could go from small mods to epower. thanks.


  • strong island

    I’m having trouble matching the points from the 980 mod guide to the titan. Can anyone post a vr nvvdd mod for the titan x.


    I need the e power card anyone have any they are selling please contact me

  • Chesterfield

    I want see this card in action please :D.
    I don´t believe that card works 😉

  • Hotrod717

    Could you post a pic illustrating how you would go about this on a ref. 6970?
    Layout on pcb and components look a bit different.
    Think I’d like to try this on $50 card instead of $1000 card first.


    • strong island

      He put a guide out for the 8800 GTS 512mb. I see a bunch on ebay from like $30-$50. Plus they are really good for hardware points, there is about 6 benches that are worth the full hardware points for that card. That would be a really good place to start.

      • Hotrod717

        I appreciate your thoughts, however, I have a 6970 available and as there do not seem to be any ATI/AMD based information on this mod,, thought it may not only prove useful to me, but To others as well. Would like to see some zombie action on red cards as well as green. ATI/AMD may traditionally have stronger power sections, but the need for full voltage control is universal.

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  • some guy

    On the last image on page 7 there is a wire that goes underneath the board were does that connect to?

  • OblivionShadow

    For the vr_ready step, when u say to remove the chip, do u mean remove just the NCP81174 ic or the entire module?

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