Nvidia GTX Titan X – External Power Guide

4. Remove the GPU inductors / prepare soldering spots


Now remove the stock GPU inductors marked with R22.

Afterwards check the resistance from vGPU to Ground. The resistance is quite low and will also depend on your multimeter. Usually you will have values around 1.5 – 3 ohm. Everything below could be a result of a short circuit which means you either connected something wrong or something is broken. In this case recheck everything you did before.


In my case I measured 1.881 ohm from vGPU to Ground. Measuring from the Ground of the 6-Pin connector to another Ground spot I had 0.127 ohm. So if you have a different multimeter and measure e.g. 0.9 ohm from Ground to Ground it could be that you will measure 3 ohm from vGPU to Ground.

If everything is fine – move on.

To increase the soldering surface I recommend to grind around the soldering pads of the inductors as you can see in the following picture:


Be carefuly not to grind too deep or you might damage other layers or cause short-circuits.

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