Nvidia GTX Titan X Volt-Mod (Pencil vmod)

Nvidia GTX Titan X Volt-Mod (Pencil vmod)

During the last weeks I received a lot of messages asking about a possible TITAN X vmod. Here is a simple solution for the enthusiast overclockers out there.

WARNING: Overvolting the GPU can permanently damage your card. All modifications on your own risk. If you’re unsure what you’re doing – ask! (or don’t do it at all)

Also be aware that the Titan X VRMs are not the best and get really hot. Insufficient cooling will reduce the life span of the VRMs or kill them in worst case.

The mod is very simple and only takes few minutes. The cool thing is that you can also return the card back to stock within few minutes if required.

IMG_7072 - Kopie

The blue area is the place where you can find the resistor to mod.

The Idea:

There is a small SMD resistor next to the VRM Controller which is responsible for the GPU-Voltage. The resistance is linked to the GPU voltage. The stock resistance is 7.30 kOhm and a lower resistance will result in a higher GPU voltage. Of course you could just replace this resistor with another 0402 SMD e.g. using 6.8 kOhm but this is quite risky and not easy to solder.

Instead you can just use a pencil or silver conductive paint to overvolt the GPU. Graphite inside the pencil is electrically conductive and a small layer will lower the resistance.

The Mod:

To mod your TITAN X you can just follow these two pictures:

titanxvmod1  titanxvmod2


I strongly recommend to measure the resistance with a multimeter and also measure the GPU Voltage on load after modding the card. Otherwise you won’t be able to tell the difference as the pencil is quite inaccurate.

I tried it myself and after a few times using the pencil the resistance dropped to 7.10 kOhm (stock value is 7.30 kOhm) and the GPU Voltage went from 1.150 to 1.170 Volt.



So far I couldn’t test it but silver conductive paint should help to decrease the resistance even more – or maybe just try a different pencil 🙂

Good luck and let me know if you have questions!


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  • GtiJason

    Very nice guide…simple and easy to undo. I bet using Coolabratories Ultra like I did to my GTX 970 with your “Removing Nvidia Power Limit” guide would get you to 1.2v. Now how about a simple guide for gtx 970 and obtaining voltages higher than 1.3v so I can take advantage of my gpu Dice pot

    • I’m pretty sure using CLU will give you a resistance of around 0 ohms. That’s OK in the power mod because those are shunt resistors and those are really really low resistance however here a drop from 7300 ohms to say 5000 ohms will give you 1.7V. To drop from 7.3K to 3.65K you would need to add another 7.3K ohm resistor CLU is much much less than that so it will insta kill your card. So no do not use CLU to do this mod.

      BTW der8auer this mod will work the same for all GPUs with this PCB right? you just need to use a different resistance.

  • slap

    yeah big no no with the conductive pen lol
    but 6.52 ohm on that resister will giver you 1.367v in 3d 1.035 in 2d

    thanks very much

  • slap


    tested voltage with heaven bench and using behind the vrm choke for read point(ala 1st titan)

  • Orthello

    Hello – great article !! looking foward to 1700mhz + on core if this works .

    1 question : Can a 20k VR connected to either end of the smd resistor be used to bridge and lower overall resistance rather than a pencil to lower the resistance . I’ll be sticking a WB over the top of that controller area and won’t be able to use a pencil then.

    • der8auer

      Sure you Can do that. A 10kOhm VR parallel to the SMD resistor will work. Lower resistance will increase the voltage. That would be a normal vmod.

  • Gia Bao

    Very nice . But not include power card?

  • Dragonheart

    Hi, der8auer!

    Do you have any info on pencil mod for GTX970 memory? It would be really cool to test such stuff, since there’s no way to chage mem voltage with software.

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  • JarnoM

    Id like to see also pencil mod for GTX970, even tough not for memory but gpu.

  • Socius

    Hey. Finally got my waterblocks in so I’m ready to do the mod. However as someone mentioned above, I’d like to bypass the pencil portion and go straight for a parallel resistor. So I had a few questions I was hoping you could answer. And I’m sure there will be others who could benefit from them!

    1) From my calculations, adding a 50 kOhm resister would drop the resistance to about 6370 Ohm. Is that correct?

    2) Someone mentioned 6.52 kOhm would result in 1.367v for 3D. So with the 50 kOhm resister that should mean around 1.4v?

    3) How does this affect card voltage while idle? When it tries to clock down the card/voltage, what should I expect it to drop to?

    4) Is the increased voltage just going to the GPU or will it help with memory OC as well?

    5) And what would you say is too much voltage for a standard water cooled system designed for gaming (not benching)? I have a trilpe-radiator system with 6 industrial fans, dual pump, nanofluid, CLU, and even an active cooled backplate. But I’m wondering if doing this volt mod is going to mean unmanageable heat.

    • der8auer

      Yes your calculation is correct. You might want to use a 100 kOhm variable resistor (like this: http://g02.a.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1Et48HVXXXXazXpXXq6xXFXXXj/15-Values-3296-Trimmer-font-b-Potentiometer-b-font-Variable-Resistors-Kit-15pcs-BS88.jpg)
      This would give you full voltage controll. You can solder the trimmer parallel to the SMD resistor. By lowering the resistance of the VR you can increase the voltage. But the

      Didn’t test it myself but sounds about right.

      The mod results in an offset voltage. So a 100 mV offset will be present in load and idle.

      Will just help the GPU. I also have a memory mod here if you are interested

      The reference design is not made for high current so at a certain point the increased power consumption will be a problem for the VRMs. However, using a full-cover-waterblock you can kinda compensate this. Just make sure that you check the temperature of your VRMs under load after modding the card. I wouldn’t go above 1,45 Volt for daily usage.

      • Socius

        Thanks for the reply. A few more questions, if I may. All my hardware has arrived so I’m excited to get this mod done and share my results!

        1) Your response to question #1 seems to have been cut off as it ends with “but the.”

        2) I am leaning towards just using a 50kOhm resistor and do a “set it and forget it” change as I hope to not touch it after I put on the water block. Should I be using a 1/2 watt resistor for this? Or what do you recommend?

        3) So let’s say hypothetically that I get +210mV offset with the resistor added. The card normally is 1012mV at idle. The card will now idle at 1222mV. Correct so far? Now, the card normally requires 1220mV for 1450MHz. So since the card is already at 1222mV with the offset, whether it’s at stock clock, or at 1450MHz, it’ll still stay at 1222mV?

        Thanks again man!

      • Finas


        Can you please share a pencil mod for the Titan x for memory voltage? I need just a bit more 🙂

  • Mac

    Is there an easier spot to measure voltage? I am trying to attach a lead to the spot in the guide so I can measure with a backplate installed. I’m not having any luck with my soldering iron. I’ve tried up to 400 degrees and I’m afraid to push it more. Maybe I just need to be more aggressive with my iron.

  • Johnny

    I have a Zotac 980 TI AMP, and those are sort of likea Titan X right? The PCB layout looks very similar.

    my card is stuck at 1.23v I checked their BIOS and with Maxwell Tweaker and it’s set for 1.25, I even try modding to 1.35v.. .but at least via the GPU-Z the voltage is always referencing 1.23v

    I want to get to 1.35v, the pencil might be a good try. (my cards are on waterblock).

    Guess my question is … is the 980 TI refence cards same as the Titan X reference card when it comes to the power management portion of the card??

  • Mac

    Any idea what the limit should be on the TX with ambient water? 1.35, 1.4?

  • Diego Ferreyra

    I have a couple of questions maybe someone can help me!

    What’s the difference between the pencil mod and a modded bios that says it increases the gpu voltage?

    And how long does the pencil last? Does it goes away with time? Thanks!

    • Brian

      There is a hardware limit that a bios cannot get around. The cards are hard limited to ~1.28v.

      The pencil should stay there forever unless something touches it. One thing to consider with a hard mod like the pencil mod is it affects both idle 2d and 3d modes.

  • zazzn

    I have a 780GTX with an ACX cooler (EVGA), what are the temp safe limits, as I believe maxing out on air on the 780 comes close to the thermal throttling of the card anyways.

    This mod would essentially be worthless unless I add quite a bit more cooling to the card correct?

  • nguyen minh tam

    i wonder is there a simple way to mod voltage on GPU using NCP 81174 like this guide on titan X ?

  • psih

    Do you know the model of the memory PWM?
    Found some photos with same board, but the only common in MEM PWM controller markings – them are non-human readable, like XY=ZA XXX(

  • You have observed very interesting details! ps nice internet site.

  • Paul Hank

    Hey Roman,

    hilf mir mal bitte gedanklich. Der Widerstand ist in diesem Fall einfach nur vorgesehen um den gemessenen Istwert der Vcore für den NCP zu skalieren (Reihenschaltung und Spannungsabfall..), also geht dieser als Eingang auf “VID” (Voltage ID) vom NCP!? durch das herabsetzen (Graphit oder regelbarer Widerstand parallel) fällt weniger Spannung ab, wodurch der Wert bzw. die Spannung für den NCP steigt und er eigentlich runterregeln müsste.

    Und da ist jetzt mein Gedankenproblem, geht der auf einen anderen Eingang? ist sehr schwer auf dem Bild zu erkennen.

    PS: Wäre super wenn du dir kurz Zeit nehmen könntest! https://www.onsemi.com/pub/Collateral/NCP81174-D.PDF
    Ich erkenne die Reglung nicht.

    Liebe Grüße,


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