Socket 1155 Intel Ivy Bridge

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  • Patrik

    An empty category… yay! -.-
    And of course this is the one I was interested in.. figures

  • Goxy

    Sandy and Ivy bridge can be overclocked via turbo boost. Otherwise, only “K” editions have unlocked multi and can be overclocked further.

    Lest say u have I5 2500. It has turbo boost up to 3.7 ghz from 3.3 ghz. When it reaches full turbo its for single thread. So if u have Z77, Z68, P67, B75 mobos u have this option in bios. If u dont, update bios. Some cpus doesnt even need vcore change but boost it at least 0.05 and check for stability.

    How it works. I have old PC with Asus P8Z77-V LE mobo and I7 2600. Its default freq is 3400 mhz and it runs turbo up to 3800 mhz. If i enable asus core enh, and set new multipiler for turbo (42) it will boot with 3800 mhz default. 1st boost is for all threads and its 3900 mhz , last boost is for single thread and its 4200 mhz. I got free 400 mhz via oc turbo 4 bins overclock. Vcore is set at 1.2v.

    U can setup it as default speed + 4 steps boost + 4 steps boost as your goal multi. So u will get CPU(def+4steps boost) + 4 steps boost. its free 12% performance and Sandy easily catch up or goes above Ivy, also Ivy can reach Haswell with ease or go above it.

    So lets say u have I5 2500 and i5 2500k on a z77 mobo. If u use 4 bins OC on i5 2500 u can get 3700+400=4.1ghz
    Its like u overclocked your 2500k to a 3.7 ghz with turbo up to 4100 mhz.

    “K” editions are with unlocked multi. Usually u wanna disable boost and go for raw speed OC. With proper cooling u can get with 4.3-4.5 ghz on 2600k or 2500k or 3570k or 3770k. Just boost multi and up the vcore . Start with default vcore +1.2 for 4ghz, Increase multi and bump vcore when u loose stability.

    My cpu with boost 3.9 for all threads full loaded is reaching 58c with LC CC120 which is a really good cooler. It beats Ivy 3770 stock and reaches i7 4770 stock.

    Anyway, upgraded to RyZen R7 1700 and OC-ed to 3.8 ghz with stock cooling. What a beast…. very nice bump in performance in every aspect.

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