Thermal Paste Roundup 2015 – 47 products tested with air-cooling and liquid nitrogen (LN2)

Gramm vs. Volume

All products in the test are listed with a certain amount of “gramm”. A big problem is the different density of the products. Cheap pastes can have a density of 1.5 whereas a strong paste often has 2-3 (g/ml). So it could be that 3g of a cheap paste is enough for 6 applications and 3g of a strong paste will only work for 2 applications. I would really appreciate if the vendors would change the gramm to ml in the future which would properly indicate how much paste you receive.

  1. Introduction and Basics
  2. Test requirements
  3. Improvements compared to the last test
  4. Test circumstances and consistency
  5. Gramm vs. Volume
  6. Air-Cooling results and buy recommendation
  7. Extreme Cooling Test
  8. Extreme Cooling Test (results#1)
  9. Extreme Cooling Test (results#2)
  10. Extreme Cooling Test (results#3)
  11. Product Details
  12. Conclusion