Thermal Paste Roundup 2015 – 47 products tested with air-cooling and liquid nitrogen (LN2)

Thermal Paste Extreme Cooling Test

The thermal paste is really important for extreme overclocking. Especially for CPUs without cold bug or GPUs with a very high TDP you need a good thermal paste to break records.

Thermal Paste ReviewSimilar to the air-cooling-test I’m using the thermal-paste-test-bench again. However, in combination with a 8ECC Fusion 3.1 Liquid Nitrogen container. To stress the container I’m using the maximum of 240 Watt load. Cooling down the container I’m measuring the delta temperature between the two copper plates.

Thermal Paste Review - MX4 Extreme

You can see the delta temperature changes depending on the system-temperature. Cooling down from ambient temperature to about -100 °C you can se a slow an steady cool-down and the delta temperature only changes a little. At about -130 °C you hit the leidenfrost temperature and the system-temperature drops drastically resulting in a high delta temperature. Below -175 °C the system will reach the deepest system-temperature and another delta temperature.

The result are 3 delta temperatures which I will check to see the quality of the different products:

  • Cooldown at -50°C
  • Maximum peak at the leidenfrost temperature
  • Full-Out at the lowest system temperature


  1. Introduction and Basics
  2. Test requirements
  3. Improvements compared to the last test
  4. Test circumstances and consistency
  5. Gramm vs. Volume
  6. Air-Cooling results and buy recommendation
  7. Extreme Cooling Test
  8. Extreme Cooling Test (results#1)
  9. Extreme Cooling Test (results#2)
  10. Extreme Cooling Test (results#3)
  11. Product Details
  12. Conclusion