Updated MSI Z170 Non-K Overclocking Guide (new BIOS!)

Five months after the first guide for MSI Z170 Non-K overclocking, we have some new insights which will make non-K OC safer, easier and better. Enjoy the updated MSI Z170 Non-K Overclocking Guide!

For those who are not aware of non-K OC: Depending on the CPU you can increase the clock between 15-70 % without any problems. In this quick guide I will explain how you can OC your non-K CPU on MSI Z170 boards.

Several media reported some stuff about microcode updates, Intel blocking non-K OC and all kind of stuff. However, I can confirm that non of that stuff is true. You can still happily overclock your non-K CPU!

In addition we found a way to read out the CPU temperature which was an issue before.


Updated MSI Z170 Non-K Overclocking Basics

Unlike K-CPUs which can be overclocked using the multiplier, non-K CPUs have to be overclocked using the BCLK. Pre-Skylake CPUs such as Haswell or Devils Canyon could only be overclocked by about 3-5% using the BCLK because the BCLK was still tied to the DMI and the PCIe.

slide-3However, for Skylake CPUs, BCLK and PCIe have a dedicated reference clock which always stays at 100 MHz – no matter how you change the BCLK. In other words: You can push the BCLK without worrying about other components.

The non-K BIOS is skipping some parts of the power-management, so there are few things you have to keep in mind:

  • The missing power-management will not allow to read out any core temperature. However, you can read-out the package temperature with the tool HWiNFO (make sure to stay below 70°C package temperature)
    0.00 KB | 25393 downloads
  • No C-States. CPUs will always run full speed and full voltage.
  • No Turbo-Mode.
  • No iGPU.
  • Intel AVX is screwed. Some benchmarks like Intel XTU use AVX and you will have about 4-5 times lower score. As far as I know no game is using AVX so it’s no problem to use this for gaming rigs. Not suitable for professional usage tho.
  • Avoid high memory clocks. Everything around 2600 MHz will be fine for the start. You can try to run higher memory clocks once you have a running system.

For 24/7 overclocking and gaming you don’t have to worry about any of these points. Pentium, i3 and i5 CPUs have a low power consumption which results in a low core temperature for 24/7. As long as follow my guide you don’t have to worry about the missing temperature readout.


Compatible CPUs for non-K OC:

CPU NameCoresStock ClockTurbo ClockHyperthreadingL3-CacheTDPAmazon
Pentium G440023300 MHz-No3 MB54 Wlink
Pentium G4400T22900 MHz-No3 MB35 W
Pentium G450023500 MHz-No3 MB51 Wlink
Pentium G4500T23000 MHz-No3 MB35 Wlink
Pentium G452023600 MHz-No3 MB51 Wlink
Core i3-6098P23600 MHzYes3MB54 Wlink
Core i3-610023700 MHz-Yes3 MB51 Wlink
Core i3-6100T23200 MHzYes3 MB35 Wlink
Core i3-630023800 MHz-Yes4 MB51 Wlink
Core i3-6300T23300 MHz-Yes4 MB35 Wlink
Core i3-632023900 MHz-Yes4 MB51 Wlink
Core i5-640042700 MHz3300 MHzNo6 MB65 Wlink
Core i5-6400T42200 MHz2800 MHzNo6 MB35 Wlink
Core i5-6402P42800 MHz3400 MHzNo6 MB65 Wlink
Core i5-650043200 MHz3600 MHzNo6 MB65 Wlink
Core i5-6500T42500 MHz3100 MHzNo6 MB35 Wlink
Core i5-660043500 MHz3900 MHzNo6 MB65 Wlink
Core i5-6600T42700 MHz3500 MHzNo6 MB35 Wlink
Core i7-670043400 MHz4000 MHzYes8 MB65 Wlink
Core i7-6700T42800 MHz3600 MHzYes8 MB35 Wlink


Depending on your budget you should only consider these CPUs:

All of the CPUs should easily reach 4400-4500 MHz and a high multiplier is not needed because you can compensate everything with the BCLK.


Updated MSI Z170 Non-K Overclocking BIOS

First of all get the correct BIOS for your board. You can find a list of BIOSes in the table below.

After downloading, enter the BIOS and use M-Flash to update to the Non-K Version:

Updated MSI Z170 Non-K Overclocking BIOS Updated MSI Z170 Non-K Overclocking BIOS

MSI Non-K Overclocking Motherboards and BIOSes

In the table below you can find the MSI motherboards that support Non-K overclocking using the BIOSes listed below. For more information on how to overclock the Skylake Non-K CPUs using MSI motherboards, check out the Detailed MSI Z170 Non-K OC Guide.
MotherboardBIOS DownloadAmazon
Z170A Gaming M9 ACKLink
Z170A Gaming M7
MSI Z170A Gaming M7 Non-K OC BIOS
6.87 MB | 2188 downloads
Z170A Gaming M5
MSI Z170A Gaming M5 Non-K OC BIOS
6.89 MB | 2287 downloads
Z170A-G45 Gaming
MSI Z170A-G45 Gaming Non-K OC BIOS
6.86 MB | 1272 downloads
Z170A Gaming M3
MSI Z170A Gaming M3 Non-K OC BIOS
6.80 MB | 5874 downloads
Z170A Gaming Pro
MSI Z170A Gaming Pro Non-K OC BIOS
6.50 MB | 1840 downloads
6.35 MB | 3538 downloads
Z170I Gaming Pro AC
MSI Z170I Gaming Pro AC Non-K OC BIOS
6.49 MB | 2237 downloads
Z170A TOMAHAWK (151)
6.87 MB | 1779 downloads
15.47 MB | 5252 downloads
6.27 MB | 1695 downloads
Z170A-G43 PLUS
6.24 MB | 1271 downloads
Z170A PC Mate
6.21 MB | 2701 downloads
MSI Z170A Krait Gaming Non-K OC BIOS
6.53 MB | 1768 downloads
6.69 MB | 1605 downloads
Z170-A Pro
MSI Z170-A Pro Non-K OC BIOS
6.41 MB | 5735 downloads


The CPU clock is a result of the BCLK x Multi. E.g. the i3-6100 has a stock clock of 3700 MHz (100×37). To overclock the CPU you simply have to fix the multi to the maximum (37 in this case) and increase the BCLK. For example a BCLK of 120 will result in a core clock of 4440 MHz.

You basically have to change 3 main values to overclock: CPU BCLK, CPU Multi (Ratio) and CPU Core Voltage. While you can always use around 1,325 Volt as CPU Core Voltage, the CPU Multi and BCLK depend on the exact CPU.

CPU NameCPU + Ring MultiBCLK for 4500 MHZ
Pentium G440033137
Core i3-610037122
Core i3-630038119
Core i5-640027167
Core i7-670034133

Make sure you have a sufficient CPU cooler. Don’t try this with the Intel Boxed cooler.


Updated MSI Z170 Non-K Overclocking 8 steps

Ratio and BCLK depend on the CPU. Check values in the table above.

  • Enter the BIOS
  • Go to OC on the left
  • Set OC Explore Mode to Expert
  • Set Beta Runner to NOC (this is the option to enable non-K OC!))
  • Change the CPU Base Clock (BCLK) to the value you need (in my case 120)
  • Set the Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) to Enabled
  • Adjust the DRAM Frequency to a value around 2600 MHz
  • Set the CPU Core Voltage to 1.325 (i had to use 1.350 to get it stable on this CPU)

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the forums:

Overclocking.Guide Forums


Updated MSI Z170 Non-K Overclocking BIOS Screenshots:

Updated MSI Z170 Non-K Overclocking BIOS Updated MSI Z170 Non-K Overclocking BIOS

Now boot into windows and test the stability with Prime95 1344K for at least one hour. For a detailed Prime95 Guide check HERE

These settings should work for almost all boards and CPUs. If you have problems just let me know in the comments or post on the forums (which can be easier with BIOS screenshots).

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  • Mac

    Will there bi new oc bios for MSI Z170A KRAIT GAMING R6 SIEGE Non-K OC BIOS

  • Steff

    mit dem PC MAte Bios funktioniert es immer noch nicht, PC bootet neu und läd falsche einstellungen, ist unmöglich zu übertakten.

    • der8auer

      Du hast Version A91 probiert?

      • Steff

        ja habe ich, da reicht wieder 101.00 um zu failen, beim reboot geht pc wieder aus und stellt komische einstellungen her, hab das bios 2 mal neu geflshed und alles versucht, er übernimmt auch die einstellungen oben nicht, es sind immer nur 3400mhz sichtbar trotz des übernehmens auf auto. hab eine i7 6700 und MSI PC MAte

        • der8auer

          Und du hast die Beta Runner Funktion aktiviert?

          • Steff

            ja habe ich 🙂 alles gemacht wie beschrieben

          • der8auer

            Welche CPU und RAM verwendest du? Dann besorge ich mir mal kurz die Konfig 🙂

          • Steff

            MSI PC Mate Z170A, I7 6700, Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR4 -2400

          • Steff

            nach etlichen bios updates, cmos resets hat es tatsächlich funktioniert 🙂 läuft mit 4,5 ghz stabil mit prime, hab eine H110 Wasserkühlung dürfte also kein problem sein, mein Gehäuse ist ein Coolermaster Stormstryker, also auch genug belüftung 🙂 mit HW info gehn die CPU Packages kaum über 56°C müsste ok sein oder?

          • Steff

            update 21.4.2016…

            Board im Eimer 😀 , kein signal, cmos reset bringt gar nix ….

            heute neues geholt MSI Gaming M3, super Brett, neues Bios drauf und gleich hochgetaktet ohne probleme, bei 4,75 ghz gabs im windows nen Bluescreen, Läuft aktuell mit 4,725 ghz und 1,424 volt vcore, denke das geht grad noch so, habe eine H110 Wasserkühlung von corsair, die Package war kurz maximal auf 68°C aber hat sich dann eingependelt bei 61-62°C, seit halber stunde stabil in Prime95 mit fft werde aber noch länger testen…. was meinst du dazu? temps zu hoch oder vcore an der grenze?

  • vovppi

    Do msi board support i7 6400t es cpu?

  • Cloud

    Thank you for this guide, as an amateur it helped a lot especially in clearing the rumours around Intel locking down on overclocking non-K.
    I intend to upgrade to Skylake some time soon, I wish to know how you arrived at the list of CPUs above “you should only consider these CPUs”. Because I had wanted to get the i5-6500, so would the i5-6400 on your list be better in terms of cost-performance or efficiency?

    • Hjodr

      No doubt the logic being that the 6400 is cheaper, and can hit the same 4.5GHz. They have the same # cores and same TDP, so performance will be the same.

      • Tutti

        Yeah but he mentioned all i5 skylakes. 6400-6500-6600. so now only 6400 CAN OVEROCLOCK? ONLY? Why?

        • David Sheldon

          all of the large list can overclock, but you will get the same performance from both the 6400 and the 6500, as they both reach 4.4Ghz, so you should go for the 6400 not the more expensive one

    • der8auer

      Like Hjodr said already, 6400 is cheaper and you can OC them to about the same level 🙂

      • Tutti

        Also, is need to crank the voltage? iT cant be stock voltage? Cause voltage increase is kinda wasting the “life” of the cpu. :/

    • Cloud

      I see, I completely missed that point 😛
      Thank you guys for explaining, cheers!

    • der8auer

      Klasse Ergebnis 🙂

      • Steff

        danke, ein Lob von einem Profi 🙂
        aber hätte da noch 2 Fragen, hab das natürlich total ausgereitzt zum testen wie weit es geht, ob das sinnvoll ist ist eine andere frage, aber angenommen ich würde das tatsächlich so lassen auf 4,7 ghz , brauche halt 1,408 volt ist das nicht schon an der grenze die die langlebigkeit der CPU verkürzt? der stromverbrauch dürfte nicht allzuhoch sein, mach mir halt wegen der Spannung bischen sorgen.

  • DASH2589


    erstmal danke an dich für deine tolle arbeit hier! Allerdings haut das alles noch nicht so hin wie ich das gerne hätte evtl kannst du mir ja weiter helfen.

    Meine Config:
    CPU: Intel i5 6400
    RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX rot DIMM 8GB, DDR4-2666, CL16-18-18-35

    Bios is der aktuelle hier aus deinem guide.

    Bin soweit gekommen das ich die CPU Stabil auf 3.9Ghz bekommen habe weiter leider nicht

    Bios Settings:

    Wie man auf dem Screenshot sehen kann habe ich eine Core Voltage von 1.2 eingetragen allerdings wird mir ein CPU-Z 1.312V angezeit (http://i.imgur.com/NeWoaPO.png) ist das normal oder liegt hier ein Fehler vor ? Wenn ich die hier empfohlenen 1.325 eintrage wird mir bei CPU-Z ~1.43 angezeigt.

    Auf die hier angegeben möglichen 4.4-4.5 Ghz komme ich leider lange nicht, ab einem BCLK von 150 Bleibt mein Bild Schwarz (BCLK 149 geht noch habe ich aber nicht stabil hinbekommen).

    Hoffe das du mir weiter helfen kannst.

  • :) smily

    for now which mainboard is the best for bclk overclocking? (in stablitly, performance, etc…)
    and which board has the longest support of bios with bclk overclock ability? (just give me a est. thingy or your opinion)

    as you know asrock recently block bclk overclock in the latest bios (h170 hyper, z170 pro4,extreme, etc…..)
    so asrock isn’t be a good choice?

    i saw msi’s latest bios update in april didn’t block bclk overclock yet.
    so than msi is the best choice for now?

    but by my exprience asus(except chip boards)and gigabyte has better quality than msi and asrock…(but msi’s vga is pertty nice tho)

    could you recomend the best mother boards vender for me?
    msi cuz of latest bios with bclk over clocking?
    or asrock cuz it still advertise their bclk overclocking function even latest bios dosen’t support it anymore?
    or asus and gigabyte cuz of good build quality than others?

  • :) smily

    one more question
    Is there h170 mother boards with bclk overclock like asrock h170 pro4/hyper, h170 performance/hyper?

  • enterprise24

    I know 2 games that support AVX (not sure about AVX2). That is Grid 2 and Grid Autosport. It would be very nice that someone try normal binary compare with AVX binary with high end GPU (to prevent GPU bottleneck).

  • Adam


    Thanks for the guide. Just a few questions, for anyone who replies thank you kindly.

    1.Using the msi gaming 5 and i3 6100 with corsair h100i gtx what is the safest Vcore? Can the mobo burn out? If my Temps are safe does that mean all is well or will it die after 8 months?

    *I am still testing stability and have had to set Vcore at 1.37 to achieve 3.5ghz and 2063 ddr 4 profile. This shows red in my bios but Temps are no higher than 60 under load adverage 51 and idle 32 adv. ( I live in UK )

    2.I have also noticed when setting the Vcore In bios this will fluctuate, fist setting the actual core slightly higher and then cpu-z reports slight dips. No options for llu but we do have cpu compensation which I haven’t touched as yet. Any ideas for this?

    3. May I also ask about some other options, would disabling hyperthreading help stability on the i3? Would the extra stability be a good trade of for the loss of preformance? The Dram voltage is auto 1.2 and I read a test saying upto 1.4 is OK. Would increasing this help stability?

    Hope someone can help with any of these points. On a side note the latest official msi bios allowed my to oc but I went ahead and used the uploaded one anyway. Can’t spot any difference other than 801 version.

  • Z170A PC Mate – the new version has the same problem, the CPU voltage settings do not work, just 1.160 obviously a little something for any serious. CPU i7-6700.

  • Adam

    After p95 testing I can confirm 1.380 vcore is still unstable using these settings with msi gaming 5 for me.

    After looking around it seems the voltage dips and rises are due to llc and the msi gaming 3 and 7 have this function but the 5 doesn’t. Llc from what I understand stops the Vcore dropping look up v droop. This may be why others can achieve stable oc with other boards. Of course I could raise my voltage as intel specify skylake can take 1.55 vcore….but that doesn’t mean my MOBO can. Seen as the llc issues make my 1.380 vcore about 1.393 Idle and then 1.386 load I can’t go up to 1.390 because my Idle would be above 1.4 vcore. I do have adequate cooling and temps in all tests have never been above 69oc load in fact usually 51oc but that’s just cpu core temp maybe there are MOBO parts I should be looking at.

    It’s hard because it could be a significant. Please case of more voltage needed and if the MOBO had llc this would maybe help…but to for me I really don’t think 4.55ghz is achievable at a safe vcore.

    I’m going to spend a few days changing things about and bringing in slow basic testskills and I might go to a vcore of 1.4 in BIOS if I can verify the MOBO and cpu temps are in check. I will turn the memory speed and voltages down and test more, maybe try some offset stuff and change SA and DRAM voltages to manual from auto. This will all be done with gpu are stock settings. If I get p95 to pass the half hour mark for blend I will start furmark at the same time for a further half hour. Final test will be raise of the tomb raider benchmark and firestrike.

    I will put how far in the Tets fail and why ( like won’t post, driver crash, game froze ) get some screen shots of CPUZ and hw monitor. If anyone knows how to get log files from Blue screens that would help.

    With a bit of luck this will give us all some tips for msi gaming 5 and similar.

    Drop me a quick reply if you want me to post the results somewere.

    • Adam

      Just to add running the 21hour blend for all of them could take forever, although not one I have ran so far gets past half hour.

      I might run those tests after and post in a couple of weeks or months haha.

      May set up a youtube channel for this but seen as so much hard work has gone into to this site I want to help here first.


      • Adam

        For anyone reading this before I publish the full results I have found 2 pottential issues.

        1. Memory – lower your memory XMP profile. I have found with 2666 memory you have to go lower than around 2600. I have seen such a small performance change from 2133 – 3000. So if your having stability issues lowering your mem might help.

        2.prime95 is being a little harsh. I seem to pass other bench mark tools fine but the new p95 is pretty harsh. I don’t think this product is bad but I will investage further how important that 22 hour blend is rather than Aida64 and real bench.

        • joe

          For some chips … 4.5Ghz is difficult to achieve safely ..

          My chip runs at 4.4Ghz @1.33 V @ 2600 ddr4.. load temperature around 75 degree Celcius (max).
          When gaming … temperature is less than 70.

          Once i try 4.5Ghz .. I need 1.41 V to run stable …. load temperature around 85 celcius …

          So i just went back to 4.4 Ghz and be happy with it … 4.5Ghz is just 2% faster than 4.4Ghz

  • Oarsman

    The vcore is 1.4 when i manually entered 1.325..is that normal? Cpu is a little hot min. 38°c max. 80°c..

    • Adam

      From my experience 1.325 VCORE in bios will not get near 1.4. More like 1.34 and that’s still a jump. I would expect 1.332 on Idle and 1.32 on load ( ish ) that’s with msi gaming 5 and an i3 6100. Using HWifo to report.

      I would flash your BIOS and start again. Leave at stock and check the Vcore default setting next to VCORE and also what this reports In BIOS are top right…then load and use HWIFO to check vcore again.

      If all is well follow the guide again checking in same places. Also what cooling do you have.

      • Oarsman

        My cooler is Thermaltake Contac 21.

        Dragon Age : Inquisition 1920×1080@Ultra

        I3 6100@4.45ghz. Max temp : 92°c

        I gues i need a good water cooling to play game @ultra details safe.

        i am running @3.8 ghz from msi command center now till i got a good water cooler or the 6700k monster 🙂

        • Adam

          OK just make sure it’s actually your cpu that’s the bottleneck for your game before you buy any AIO cooler

        • joe

          Try 4.4Ghz @ 1.33V (check this Volt in HWinfo, not the bios) and see if the temperature is alright ..
          ddr4 speed no more than 2600.

  • Wartheridon

    Hello guys!, im Wartheridon (aka Darthmind) Hello again der8auer! frist time here on site. i post a coment on your youtube channel, in MSI z170 non k Guide, cause i have a MSI 170A krait gaming…but cant pass 1.55 volts 🙁

    im a noob overclocker….just bench more for fun and stuff… My name on HWBOT is Wartheridon. hope someone help me.

    tks for your time and suport.

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  • Bombuster

    please update MSI Z170A TOMAHAWK AC Non-K BIOS

  • Pilskiller


    ich habe ähnliche Probleme wie die anderen, auf meinem PC Mate übernimmt er die Vcore nicht, oder wenn mal, dann bekommt die CPU 1.4V(laut CPUz) statt den 1.3V im Bios.#

    Die CPU (6700ES) lief so mit 4.6 GHZ@1.39V unter Last primestable.

    Nun nach nem Cmos-Clear lässt sich die CPU gar nicht mehr übertakten, er übernimmt keine Einstellung.

    Einer nee Idee?

  • Binsen

    Hi, i load updated bios a91 to oc my i5 6500 on krait gaming z170a. But It doesnt work now.

    I used to do oc on old bios. It been locked permanently? windows 10

  • Maly

    Hi , I did everything step by step :
    update bios
    Enter the BIOS
    Go to OC on the left
    Set OC Explore Mode to Expert
    Set Beta Runner to NOC
    Change the CPU Base Clock (BCLK)
    Set the Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) to Enabled
    Adjust the DRAM Frequency to a value around 2600 MHz
    Set the CPU Core Voltage

    yet my processor not overclocking , I have a msi z1701 pro gaming ac, i3 6100, GSkill ripjaw v 3200mz . someone help me?

  • Maly

    I found the solution , simply remove the battery, wait 1 minute, replace the battery, reboot the PC , apply the settings and VOILA 🙂 , here is the solution!!

  • Reinaldo Silveira

    Hi brotha der8auer .

    Thanks for the great job and assistance in this topic.

    I am returning after some time, my I3 6100 + MSI Z170-PRO + GTX 670, after 4 months (December / March) stability and games. I changed my old GTX 670 by a R9 390, and my Overclock is fall, red screen in Street Fighter V and my overclock did not work anymore.
    This weekend, I decided to try again, with new April bios, clear cmos and change new Vcore, 1.325 for 1.355-1.360. And luckily my Overclock returned, I am happy and, I hope to play Doom 2016 with this overclock.
    For now, I would like to thank you again and make two questions.

    1- 1.355-1.360 vcore in the good air cooler Hyper 212 EVO is too high?

    2- In another answer you, you said to a friend, do not buy MSI Z170-A and try another option (Asus, Gigabyte, Asrock).
    You could tell me a good motherboard, among these brands tested, not very expensive price ?

    Sorry, for my poor google english.


  • deuz

    Are these MSI bios official ones or mods?

  • deuz

    “Several media reported some stuff about microcode updates, Intel blocking non-K OC and all kind of stuff. However, I can confirm that non of that stuff is true. You can still happily overclock your non-K CPU!”

    So, i can buy any Z170 motherboard, update with latest official bios and overclock any non k cpu?

  • Eric

    So i haven’t been able to get my i5 6500 overclockable with my msi z170 pc-mate previously, and even with the current updated bios it still wont work. My problem is when i adjust the voltage to the recommended 1.325, it ends up going between 1.4 and 1.5 when the computer restarts. The core clock also doesn’t change besides this.

  • Arun Nayar

    I was using the beta A6T bios on my MSI Krait gaming board and was able to overclock to 4.3Ghz. Now with the official bios, I can only enter cpu clock of 121.88. Anything higher the system automatically changes it back to 121. Is this a new safety feature in the official bios. So the highest I can go for my i5 6500 is only 3.9Ghz. I am thinking of putting back the A6T!!!

  • Guide Z170A Pro no-k overclock:
    Flash bios (191) 2 times!
    Enter the BIOS
    Go to Adwanced (F7)
    Go to OC
    Set OC Explore Mode to Expert
    Set Beta Runner to NOC
    Set the Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) to Enabled
    Change the CPU Base Clock (BCLK)
    Adjust the DRAM Frequency to a value around 2400-2600 MHz
    Set the CPU Core Voltage to 1.225 -> (Result) 1.325-1.300

    And overclock will work. Tested on i5-6400 @150 4050MHz 1.325V MSI Z170A Pro DeepCool gammaxx 400.

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  • William

    Is this going to be available for other brands also?

  • Drags

    Hi all,

    ok so i don’t have the option “Set the Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) to Enabled” why ?

    ram : Gskillz ripjaws v 2133mhz DDr 4

    but I can click on the button xmp on / off.

    I tested a lot of things but I can’t overclock !

    my config –>

    motherboard: msi z170a gaming pro;
    Processor: I5 6500 3,2 ghz;
    Ram: 16 gb ( 4×4 gb) gskillz ripjaws v 2133mhz ddr4

    maybe the power supply ( corsair tx650w )

    Thank you in advance for your answers

  • Ben

    Help Me Please!

    My rig:
    MSI Z170 a-pro motherboard
    Core i5-6400 non-k
    G.Skill Ram (3 8GB sticks) 2400
    Evo 212 CPU cooler

    I had successfully over clocked to 4050mhz 27×150 1.35v, Xmp on at 2800. I went back I to my bios (version 191) and reduced the ram speed to 2400 to try to improve stability. Now I get no post from the bios and the red led debug light for the CPU is on constantly. I have tried resetting the bios several times and the problem persists. I have tried changing the ram configuration using one stick(I tried all 3) still the problem persists.
    Sorry for my bad grammer.. thanks for any help

  • Giacomo

    i tryed to follow your guide with my msi Z170M Mortar but my PC restarts and when i open cpu-z the bus clock is still at 99.9 mhz. I don’t know what’s the problem, can anyone help me please?

    • Batman

      Same here i need help too.
      i have 6500 and the BCLK won’t change

    • Batman

      i found a way and it is working flawlessly.
      you should CLR CMOS
      after that install the bios update that supports NON K OC and yeah thats it.
      my 6500 runs 4.48 Ghz @1.352 V stable , max temp 57C after 15 mins – max temp 64C after 2 hours of stress testing with my Cooler Master Hyper 212X Push/pull Config with dual Corsair SP120.

  • winter_girl

    Hi I was wondering if there’s a non-k overclock bios for the MSI Z170A SLI (Not Plus)

  • Mac

    Oc stopped working on my i5 6400 and z170a r6 edition and there is no new bios :S

  • Natoi

    Is there a successful overclock using an msi z170m mortar and i3 6100/i5 6400?

    What are the steps you’ve made?

    Im planning to buy those for my gaming rig…thanks

  • Hamza

    Does this mean that if I’m have an i3-6100 and i overclock with this method, it will always be running at 4.5GHz? f so wouldn’t the CPU get damaged or it’s lifespan shortened?

  • Rauhis

    Hello i used the MSI Z170A GAMING PRO CARBON Non-K OC BIOS.
    Every voltage setting was left on to auto.I tried oc with my i3 6100 using 110×37@4070 and ballistic 2400mhz memory kit was set to 2649 or something like that anyway very close to 2666mhz.Everything worked smoothly no issues when gaming using intel stock cooler…the only issue was that my Network did not work at all it was like the motherboard had lost that lan port .
    Conclusion overclocking worked but Network did not i need Network so i had to load newest bios from msi.com after flashing that bios Network was fine again so there might be some Network issue with this bios which can be download from this site for msi carbone motherboard .Everyone who are going to try to flash this bios i suggest you all to download that other bios too before you try to flash if you run into some issues and it is easily to get everything back working with that other bios…i was lucky i had lenovo tablet so i could use my wifi connection to download that other bios and transfer it to my pc usb stick.

  • Nuno Pereira

    Is this guide still ok ?

    Can we still overclock non K cpu’s ?

  • Mac92

    Yes this guide is still ok all works yust dl bios for your mb flash it and oc

  • Gazaman

    Thanks! This was working just fine for me for more than 2 weeks. I was using an old video card of mine at the time.
    I swapped video cards for a new one & now none of my overclocks apply upon boot. Very strange, any insight as to why? I’m using MSI Krait Gaming 3x Mobo.

    • Mac92

      Yes unplug your power cable from pc turn down power suply do a clear cmos see how to do it on you motherboard enter bios and do oc again

      • Gazaman

        Thank you very much for the help, unfortunately it still does not apply any settings given, even the slightest increment in BCLK fails. After I apply OC at next boot,I may get one message from the BIOS saying that it failed, but other times it boots normally to which I open up CPU-Z to see that I’m still at stock speeds.
        I am using a pretty basic unbranded generic 500w Power supply due to budget. Could that be the cause?

        • Mac

          No power supply woud not be the problem woth is your motherboard and cpu? which setting you applay when you try to oc give some pictures… and i think you didnt do a clear cmos exactly because i had same problem and after that i can oc again

          • Gazaman

            Hey Mac92 my motherboard is a Z170A Krait Gaming 3x & CPU is Intel Pentium G4500 my RAM is Avexir Budget Pro Series @ 3000mhz. Here is one of my OC settings that worked fine until I changed GPU from a old Radeon 4650 to a better r9 270. I tried the screenshot option however my Bios reported that resources could not be allocated, strange. I just took actual pictures instead.
            Bios screen
            Bios settings
            Message After bios reset, this is what came up the two profiles I had one at 4.2 & other at 4.5ghz

          • Gazaman

            Thanks Mac! After Clearing Cmos for the Third time it did just the trick. I just need to find a stable overclock now. 4.5 Ghz seems to be no longer be stable currently running at 4.2. but hey, it works! Thank you again !

          • Mac

            No problem mate i can do 4.5ghz 1.350 vcore and overide mode

          • GazaMan

            Hey Mac what CPU are you using? I’m using an Intel Pentium G4500, for RAM I have 16Gbs of Avexir Budget Pro series @3000Mhz. What settings would you suggest for a decent overclock. Also, I’ve never used overide mode. I’m struggling to find something 100% stable. Please help if you can :).. I did upload pics of my bios but admin did not approve my comment. Sorry for that.

  • Mark

    I have some trouble with oc my G4500.
    – Msi Z170A G43 Plus (bios v.361)
    – Pentium G4500
    – 16 Gb memory at 2666 Mhz (XMP)

    I try guide, i try many different setup configuration, i try clear cmos. But if i change bclk frequency, boot failed and start on default frequency. Led on motherboard show the problem with dram. But dram without change bclk oc very well.

    Someone help pls, i don’t know what do with this problem. Sry for my bad english.

  • Yigido

    Hallo Der8auer!

    Super, dass du auch an Low-Budget Leute denkst und solche Guides veröffentlichst. Das hat mich motiviert entsprechend des Guides meinen erstes OC PC zusammenbauen. Allerdings bin ich auch über deine DDR Guides gestolpert. Woher soll ich denn als Endkunde wissen, wieviele Ranks verbaut wurden und ob das Layout Single-sided oder double-Sided ist? Die RAMs sind ja teilweise komplett verdeckt. Könntest du vllt einen RAM für i5-6400 mit msi z170-a pro empfehlen?

    Bzw. würdest du empfehlen auf die neue Intel Kabylake (nach Skylake ) zu warten?


  • Elodorian

    Hello all,

    I followed the Guide here with that BIOS

    Z170-A Pro MSI Z170-A Pro Non-K OC BIOS
    6.41 MB | 2256 downloads

    However it only restarts with a black screen (so I guess he can’t handle something)
    and then starts with normal settings with a fixed BCKL of 100 but always 3700MHZ (so turbo function and everything is off). I tried it with lower BLCK than 122 for my 13 6100 but it won’t change things. Can you help me?

    it also said in the comments “Try this Bios instead” but he won’t regocnize it in MFLASH

    Field Value
    Motherboard Properties
    Motherboard ID 63-0100-000001-00101111-051315-Chipset$0AAAA000_BIOS DATE: 02/24/16 16:17:11 VER: V1.91
    Motherboard Name MSI Z170-A Pro (MS-7971)

    Front Side Bus Properties
    Bus Type BCLK
    Real Clock 100 MHz
    Effective Clock 100 MHz

    Memory Bus Properties
    Bus Type Dual DDR4 SDRAM
    Bus Width 128-bit
    DRAM:FSB Ratio 34:3
    Real Clock 1133 MHz (DDR)
    Effective Clock 2267 MHz
    Bandwidth 36267 MB/s

    best regards


  • chino

    Hey guys. Just doing an update I guess heh. Recently bought
    MSI Z170a M5
    1x8GB G.Skill F4-2400C15-8GNT

    MB came with BIOS version mentioned in this guide exactly from a brick and mortar store (I did not have to flash BIOS) and I have the exact specs tuned as this guide after some trial and error and will be tweaking for more.

    BCLK 120MHz
    Failed CPU Voltage @1.325
    Successful CPU Voltage @1.350
    DRAM Freq @2560
    I tested BCLK 110-120MHz tested @CPUV1.325: failed

    Under full load I get no more than 60°C with an old Cooler Master Seidon 120m

  • Robert

    Hi, hab seltsame Ergebnisse mit meinem z170i gaming pro ac erzielt. Mit meinem i3 6100 lief alles super auf 4,4ghz, hab jetzt nen i5 6400 gekauft und nun resettet sich der bclk immer(board startet für 2-3sec, geht aus und startet dann wieder). Scheint wohl ein ähnliches Problem zu sein wie bei Steff und dem PC-Mate. Nur seltsam ist dass es mit dem einen cpu ohne Probleme funktioniert und mit dem anderen nicht(der Rest des Systems ist exakt gleich geblieben, also auch keine andere Software/Bios)

  • amarD

    I have a Z170A Pro and an i5-6400. I flashed the modded BIOS successfully but it says XMP settings are unavailable. I did everything but that in the directions but HWiNFO says that the CPU is still running at 2.7 GHz. Is there something I’m missing/doing wrong? Do you need a specific type of RAM?

  • wln123


    I have 6700 and z170a gaming m7. I was thinking about changing BIOS into non-k version but ive tried to do it anyway on the newest one 1E0. I can setup BCLK up to 102.5 so basically I can reach with Turbo mode up to 4.1ghz. Everything is on auto like voltage etc. My memory gskill 3200 with XMP profile sets into 3278ghz. Above 102.5 didnt even let me post the computer and backup into last saved settings.
    Is it possible to OC without changing the BIOS? Maybe setting a manual voltage or manual settings of the memory 3200 or below will allow to OC w/o changing BIOS?

    sorry for my english.


  • I_should_have_bought_plus_model

    Would you make a bios for Z170A SLI (not plus)?

    bios for z170a sli plus does not works on it.

  • Valentine14

    Keep restarting after the Z170 KRAIT GAMING BIOS

    I flash it wrong ?or i miss something ?

  • Valentine

    bclk stuck at 118.19
    the system will always set it back to 118.19 when i try to go higher

    how can i push it up over 118.19?
    any suggestion?

    Ballistix Tactical 8GB DDR4-2666 x2

  • Georg

    Hei Leute vielleicht kann mir einer helfen.
    Ich habe z170 MSI Krait Gaming x3 und I5 6500.
    Und sobald ich bei dem geflashten BIOS über 3,9 GHz komme.
    Bleibt mein Rechner im loop nach dem Neustart. Er läuft auch wenn er den startet auch auf 4,4 GHz aber wenn man Neustart oder kalt Start macht bleibt er eine Weile in loop kann man das beheben?

  • Jason

    Working with i5-6500 at 4.5 GHz with 140.00 BCLK

    Full load temperature 49 C

    Thanks for the guide !

    And yes you can still use non-k Overclocking method.

  • Alex

    Guys, tell me whether there will be any problems when flashing non-k bios motherboard MSI Z170A-g43 plus purchased a week ago? BIOS to the latest did not upgrade, is factory 7970

  • Alex

    And is it possible for MSI to flash older versions of BIOS

  • Kim

    I had a sucessfull oveclock to 4,5ghz on my i5 6500 with a core voltage of 1.328V and a bus speed of 141.0mhz and i had my ram set to around 2600 mhz. I tried to push it a littlebit further trying to hit 4,6ghz/4,7ghz wizh apperently did not work. I cant get my pc posting in to bios anymore and i’ve tried everything including following steps: Reset bios manually by removing power cord and leaving the mobo battery out for an hour, i’ve tried unplugging everything and starting it up by just the basics, i’ve tried booting with only 1 ram stick and nothing seems to work. My motherboard is a z170 krait gaming 3x and i now fear that i’ve burnt my cpu or something because the CPU led is on at the motherboard. The fans and the pc starts but nothing else just blackscreen even when trying to use the onboard hdmi out. Using the hdmi port on my evga gtx 1070 doesnt work either. Please help me if you can because i cant afford a new cpu or motherboard. Sorry for my bad english.

  • metalhusky

    So i have an MSI Z170-A PRO, with the 190 BIOS on it and the option for bclk overclocking is already enabled, but i didn’t overclock yet, do i NEED to update the BIOS to 191? What exactly is the difference there?
    And why does the guy in comments here say to use the older version? http://overclocking.guide/download/msi-z170-pro/

  • Sergey

    I did everything according to instructions. But wearing the BIOS and in the windows of the frequency remains 2700. What could be the problem?

  • Faust

    For some bad, for some not that bad news. Intel has released microcode update which means no more non-k overclock. Fix comes with new boards, which can be downgraded.

    BUT, Microsoft has teamed up with Intel and now, with Windows 10 you won’t be able to overclock non-k anymore, because updates from Microsoft side won’t let you boot until you forcefully update! Some boards have an option to change microcode inside the BIOS, after the update, but I don’t know how that correlates with Microsoft’s forced BIOS update trough Windows 10 updates.

    Windows 7 support for Skylake CPUs will go until 2017.

    Anyway, if someone can confirm this Intel + Microsoft fuckfest, I’ll be thankfull.

  • Aljaz

    Hello i have a question about this does this still work? And if i downgrade my bios will things work or not cuz i tried it on my msi z170 krait gaming x3 and i didnt have the beta runner option so when i OCed my i5 6600 it should have been at like 4.46 GHz but my cpu didnt go pass 3.38 . Could you guys please help me with this i really want my i5 to be faster and btw im running a aio cooler so no problems with heat.

  • Oarsman


    I3 6100 @ 4.4GHZ on MSI Z170 Mortar with Thermaltake Contac 21 Air Cooling scores 6700 points on passmark cpu test with max 70 ° celcius temperature. Intel accidentally produced a $100 monster 🙂

    My question is; Can i use this setup daily? Gaming, browsing etc.

    Thanks for the nice and easy guide.

  • Jeffrey

    Hey man can you make a bios non k oc for MSI Z170a Mpower Titanium? Thanks 😀

  • Net

    hi, at new bios (version 7.00 10/4/2016) overclocking works?

  • Meteroson

    Moin, bei meinem MSI Z170-A Pro wird zwar angezeigt, dass ich auf 120 mhz laufe, nach dem Neustart ist die Taktung aber immernoch auf 3,2 Ghz. Alles gemacht wie beschrieben, aber nix! Auch bei Aida64 steht noch immer 3,2 Ghz. Bitte hilf mir!
    Meine Specs: MSI Z170-A Pro, intel core i5 6500, DDR4 Kingston HyperX Fury 2133 Mhz.

    • Meteroson

      Hab den Fehler zwar behoben, aber die CPU kann ich noch immer nicht übertakten. Habs mit 110 Mhz versucht und den RAM kanpp unter normalgeschwindigkeit gesetzt und der PC startet, das DRAM Lämpchen leuchtet und 10 Sek. später startet der PC wieder neu. Hab die CPU noch niedriger gesetzt, aber selbst 101 mhz funktionieren nicht. BITTE HILFE!!!

  • theo

    Asrock z170 itx/ac with latest bios (7.10)

    Still you have the option to change the base clock in bios as before. But in windows 10 you cant boot. The pc will restart. I think its a M$ thing because I can boot in debian live usb. I even deleted mcupdate_GenuineIntel.dll but won’t boot. The windows would send me to the recovery tools page thing.

    So I am convinced that its windows 10 that causing the problem.

    I someone find a solution please share

  • Ralph

    Where is the MSI Z170A SLI bios? I see the one for the plus but not the non-plus version. I have a z170 chipset and am sitting here stuck because I didn’t get a “k” cpu. Does this bios for this mobo even exist?

  • HP

    Hey friends, have been searching the whole freaking internet how to make the overclock work on my MSI Z170 A PRO.
    (It gave me a reboot loop after flashing the version Roman posted [thanks a lot for that though!!])

    Pinged support and voila – they sent me the link to the latest BIOS which supports Non-K overclocking:
    7971_1H1.zip (ask support to provide you with the link).

    Flashed the BIOS, made a Clear CMOS and set up the whole settings. Now my i5-6400 is running smoothly at 4GHz. Hope I could help anyone looking for an answer if it’s still possible to do. Cheers!

    • Hox

      Hi HP,

      Some questions if you don’t mind.
      Did you just messaged the MSI support about the latest stock non k overclocking bios?
      And which settings did you use for your 4GHz overclock?

      Thank you in advance:)

      • HP

        Yes, I asked them specifically for the latest BIOS version that supports NON-K overclocking.
        Settings just like described:
        Set Base Clock to 150 instead of 167 for my i5-6400 – the rest of settings – XMP, etc. were the same like in the post.
        So I have 4.050 GHz. Works still like a charm.


  • Jamie.T

    I have a MSI Z170A Gaming M3 and a i5 6400 and whenever I apply an overclock the pc shuts off twice boots into windows and stays at 2700mhz. Can some please help me.

    • Turntodust666


      I have the same board and settup as you. I just did everyrhing as it is in the last 2 screens in the post while that is also an i5-6400, and for me it worked perfect

  • Elias

    Ich habe einen i5 6600 und ein msi z170a gaming pro carbon und will den Prozessor auf 4,5 ghz laufen lassen.

    Ich habe mir die BIOS Version heruntergeladen und alle Einstellungen wie oben beschrieben gesetzt. Allerdings wird mir immernoch der alte Takt angezeigt. Liegt der Fehler bei mir oder funktioniert das mit der Hardware nicht mehr?

    • Bullseye

      wenn du Windows 10 als System nutzt, läuft es nicht mehr. Es worde wohl ein Microcode über Windows eingespielt der das verhindert. Das Probleme hatte ich auch, nach einer neu Installation lief es wieder, bis updates eingespielt wurden.

  • Max

    Hey Ich wollte dich mal nach einem Rat fragen undzwar habe ich mir ein i7 6700 gekauft und ihn probiert mit dem msi Z 170 carbon zu übertakten(habe das Bios geflasht) und irgendwie geht es nicht die Änderungen werden nicht übernommen bzw der Prozessor wird dann untertaktet bitte Hilfe

  • GOPster

    MSI Z170 – A PRO. BIOS version E7971IMS.191
    I have an i7 6700(non k). I tried overcklock by BCLK, changing the multiplier. But after loading the windows nothing changed. Modifier BCLK changes in the BIOS, and the frequency of the processor is not( When boot)

  • Kasut

    hello i have 2 question
    1.I have a MSI Z170 pc mate and i3 6100 ,can i overlock it ?
    2.in my country have new brand named “Colorful Battle AXE C.Z170-D3 DELUXE V20” can i overlock my i3 6100 with it ?

  • Dream

    hi i have msi Z170A MPower . i need bios non-k

  • aricksown

    can we still overclock the non-k skylake cpu? e.g g4400.

    i tried already but there’s nothing change in core speed but the cpu voltage is changing? what should i do?

    • GOPster

      You need to remove battery from MOBO, wait 30 second and put it back

      • Arickson

        I mean sir is when im trying to OC the g4400, i changed all the settings but the only setting the has changed was the cpu voltage? No changes in core speed

        • GOPster

          I initially understood you, you need to reset the CMOS, it needs to remove the battery from the motherboard by 30 seconds and reinsert

          • Matthew Dubya

            This is what I had to do as well as it was showing no difference but after doing this the OC took.

  • Is anyone working on a non-k overclock for the last lake CPUs

  • Matthew Dubya

    Thank you for this guide. Got my i5 6500 oced to 4.5 ghz with no issues. Awesome!

  • Benja

    Thank you for this very helpful guide!

    I finally figured out how to overclock my i5-6400 on a MSI Z170A-Pro.It took some while to figure out. What did I do?
    Two things are very important!
    1.Reset your CMOS, taking out the mb battery, before doing any OC’ing.

    2. If I adjust the CPU Core Voltage using “Override Mode” my Z170a-pro would set the CPU Core Voltage higher after rebooting. Right now I entered 1.250 V and after the reboot the bios and HWinfo are showing a CPU Core Voltage of 1.355 V.

    Result: My CPU is not stable at 4.4 Ghz or above running at 1.355V. Right now I am happily running it at 4.2 Ghz w/ 1.355V. I’ll keep testing though.

    Danke dir der 8auer! Viele Grüße aus Köln :->

  • christopher

    Looking for help. I have a mid level that I use for gaming and VR. I realize I will need to upgrade GPU/CPU eventually but I’m thinking my current config might benefit from a new MB that would allow me to overclock my cpu. Here’s what I have:
    i5-6402p, RX480 4GB, MSI Bazooka150, 24GB ram, SSD. Those should be the most important numbers.
    What I would like to do is OC the CPU to the 4.2GHz range and I was toying with adding another RX480 in crossfire (though I’m leaning toward saving for 1070 or such). I was looking at the Z170’s but does it make sense to get the Z270 for future upgrades?
    Does anyone know if we can use this method to OC on a Z270? In particular I’m looking at the Z270 SLI Plus.
    If not, which Z170 would be best for this cpu? I’m looking for comparable features and price point.

  • DerDingobaron

    I’ve overclocked my i5 6500 from 3.2GHZ to 3.7GHZ and already it pushes my CPU temps really high. 42°C in idle (instead of 30°C without the OC), I guess this is because of the disabled power settings. I also get sudden spikes to over 50°C in idle. Under stress (Battlefield 1) it has an average temp of 72°C and max temp of up to 83°C. I’ve reverted my BIOS to the official one, to see if anything was wrong with my cooler or something (installed it just yesterday). Nope. Running Prime95 right now without OC and it doesn’t go over 53°C.

    That’s really strange, seeing how other people here are overclocking their 6500 to like 4,5GHZ and get like 57°C under load. And my cooler is pretty decent (be quiet! Shadow Rock 2). Any suggestions?

    • DerDingobaron

      Update: So now I’ve re-overclocked my CPU to 3.8GHZ (BCLCK 120), the idle temps are still a bit high, and I’m getting about 59°C with Prime95. It seems like it’s Battlefield 1 that is causing the really high temperatures, and after a quick google search it appears that other people are getting really high temps from BF1, too.

      • DerDingobaron

        Another update: I’ve lowered the core voltage to 1.15V and it has significantly lowered my temps. I’m now getting 51°C while running Prime95. Here’s hoping that my CPU will stay stable with these settings.

  • conde morales

    Hello, i have msi z170 m3 and an intel i5-6400 ; i updated the mb and everything and followed all the steps, but when i turn the pc on it try to boot for about 15 seconds but nothing appears on the screen. Then it shuts down and it reboot windows normally. But when i check the BIOS everything remains as inputed earlier but the cpu speed stays the same, 2,7 ghz.
    PLease help, thank you

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  • Ron1n

    MSI Z170A PC Mate was overclocked with standart bios A.A0

    just add few more steps to usual 8

    9 enabled AUTO CLR_CMOS fuction at General -> Boot
    10 Override + Offset mode for vcore , vcore 1.240 & offset 0.005


    • C-yed Ahmed

      yo Ron1n, i am planing to buy the msi z170a pc mate mobo. to overclovk my i5 6500 can you tell me the details of your overclock like what memory are you using? as i have a 2133mhz rated memory will this be enough for me?
      and did you get A.A0 bios out of the box or did you downloaded from msi offcial website?
      reply is much appreciated…

  • Wollbrezel

    Hi, ich habe das MSI Z170A SLI Plus mit der entsprechenden BIOS Version geflasht. Leider fehlt mir die Beta Runner Option. Davon abgesehen, habe ich es auch ohne probiert… leider klappt es so nicht ^^ Kann mir wer sagen was ich falsch mache?

    Hey guys, im missing the beta runner option. Im using a msi z170a sli plus board. Any ideas?

  • Bearman

    MSI Z170A Gaming M3. i7 6700 non-k.

    (btw, can see microcode update after BIOS was 73. Bios version .61, which is before support for Kaby Lake was introduced. Just interesting.)

    Installed new BIOS. Removed CMOS battery for 1 min. Reboot. Apply settings as per guide.

    Stopped at 4400 MHZ, 1.325 Core, Mem # 2600ish. Worked beautifully.

    Did not work at with RAM at 2666, btw, so please notice that with RAM at over 2600 I was unsuccessful.

    (My ram is Corsair RAM native 2400 2x8GB kit with XMP 2666. )

    Also, if anyone was wondering, BIOS can still read CPU temp perfectly, so CPU fan curve could still be customized for cooling vs silence, as I prefer it. Might have to up the curve a but if I ever decide to run the overclock profile 24/7.

    For now I went back to stock 6700, as it’s plenty fast for what I do every day.

    Thanks, all! Read so many comments.

  • hi, can you help mod bios for msi b250 krait gaming ?? thank you

  • Lukas

    I also have no beta runner option with my Z170 Krait Gaming 3X but anyways the OC works. Is this is risk for my CPU or is it just fine?

  • Vladimir


    Tell me please, what was the reason for the impossibility of overclocking Celeron G3900,
    what kind of problems may arise?

    I also have both G3900 & MSI z170Pro.


  • Marc


    Eine etwas sehr spezielle Frage, die – fürchte ich – nur du als Großmeister selbst beantworten kannst 😉

    Meine Konfiguration: Asus VIII Hero, i7-6700 (non-k), 32 GB G.Skill 3400 MHz RAM, EVGA 1070 FTW.
    Meine Frage: In all deinen Overclocking Guides hast du bisher AVX immer mit einem Halbsatz abgewischt im Stil von “für Gamer und Normalnutzer nicht interessant”. Mein Rechner ist hauptsächlich fürs wissenschaftliche Rechnen da mit Intel MKL, das afair stark auf AVX2 setzt. Entsprechend ist gerade dieser Aspekt für mich leider von zentraler Bedeutung. Jetzt habe ich hier (http://hwbot.org/newsflash/3307_non_k_skylake_overclocking_hurts_avx2_performance_problem_related_to_256_bit_vector_warm_up_(hardware.fr) nachgelesen, dass die Performance mit OC eine Katastrophe sein soll (siehe Benchmark Plots dort). Was empfiehlst du für AVX Nutzer? Overclocking? Oder eher nicht?

    Unterm Strich will ich einfach nur Berechnungszeit sparen. Der Benchmark Plot von hwbot hat mich da etwas stutzig gemacht. Wäre schön, wenn du deine Artikel vielleicht doch noch um AVX Aspekte ergänzt. Ich habe in anderen Videos von dir etwas von AVX Offset in manchen BIOS Versionen gelesen. Kommt das hier ggf. zum Tragen?

    Danke im Voraus für weise Worte 😉

  • Frosty

    So I followed the guide and OCed my i6500 to 4.5GhZ, ran Prime95 for two hours and everything was fine. However, CPU-Z and HWinfo say that my voltage is about 1.45, while I set it to 1.35 in the BIOS. What’s the case here? My voltage setting is set to “Override”.

  • F3FFO

    Hi, I am new to this environment and I would have a doubt to clarify…
    CPU: i5 6600
    Motherboard: MSI Z170a GamingPro
    Ram: G.Skill ripjaws v 2x8GB 2133Mhz
    …can I enable the XMP profile as explained in the guide if yes, with those values or with others?
    -Thanks to everyone in advance for the answers!-

  • Joaquin

    Hello! This is my first attempt to do a overclock and im having no success…
    I have set the bclk to 120.00 on a msi z170a gaming m3 motherboard with non-k OC bios recently flashed on it, but even though i have tried many guides and my bios saves the results, on the bios cpu speed and on the cpu-z as well it shows that my i3 6100 is still at 3.70 ghz. What am I doing wrong? I would really appreciate some help! thanks in advance

  • Zexaxias

    I have MSI z170a Pc mate with non-k i5 6500. overcloking bios E79721IMS.A91 Newest at the moment.
    Done all the steps required to overclock following the guide. but for some reason the GHz won’t change at all from standard(3.2Ghz) to my new Bclk setting close to 118.00. to make it an even (3.7ghz). i can however change voltage with effect. but for some reason changing the bclk leaves no effect at all what so ever.

    Both Cpu-z and HWmonitor show stable 3190-3199 mhz.


  • Vimal

    I have the MSI Z170-A Krait Gaming R6 SIEGE motherboard paired with an i5 6500, for some reason when I updated the bios to the one I downloaded here, it still won’t overclock. The clock options are still disabled :/
    Is it not possible to overclock anymore? Help please.

  • DeV

    Hello, it’s that true I can nonK OC on MSI Z170 boards with lastest official MSI Bioses? I find so much information about people who can OC with bclk without custom bios.

  • HI,
    I ‘ve got some trouble with my OC I5 6400 on Msi Z170-A pc mate.
    I follow all the step but when I apply the new bclk (120 for example) on windows it still betwen 99 and 100 mhz, cpu ratio is 27, Ram is OC but not the cpu (cpu is at 100×27) :s
    could you help me ?

    • Ben

      Try resetting your bios adjustments (battery removal or jumper setting) after flashing. change BCLK and check after reboot in the BIOS first.

  • Pingback: Hey, mein Ram (Corsair Vengeance LPX (2x, 4GB, DDR4-3200) lässt sich nur auf maximal 2800 Takten. Mainboard: MSI Z170A Gaming M3.? – HTZ

  • Emanuel

    Z170A TOMAHAWK (151)

    Dear friends please reply if you know.

    Can it be used in this MSI Z170A TOMAHAWK “AC” or is it just for MSI Z170A TOMAHAWK?

    Thanks for your support…

  • Byron

    hi, im new to OC. i understand most of your guide and thank you for it. one thing though. i have a MSI z170a tomahawk AC motherboard. do i need to download the file you have specified for it then load it onto a flash drive then open it via the bios? To see the temps….. because my temps are showing at 100*c but my Vcore is default, i have OC the core speed to 3.8ghz and no crashes so i haven’t changed my Vcore. im a little lost…. any help would be appreciated.

    I have the i5 6500 (non-k)

    Thanks again.

    • Byron

      Update. i have installed HwINFO for my temp readings and everything looks good, other programs werent functioning properly. OC was a success, 3.2 to 3.8ghz, going to see if 4.0ghz is stable with 60*c plus minus. THANKS alot for this guide.

  • Joar

    PLEASE HELP !!!!!

    I am about to buy a new CPU if I can’t get this oc up and running. Have been trying on and off for years. Especially now that I finally got ahold of another rx 480 for the crossfire setup.

    I have a MSI Krait Gaming 3X mb and a i3-6100 that I want to overclock.

    Anyway. I did flash the bios to the one linked, namely E7A11IMS.21T


    However I try to change the BCLK it just won’t do anything. At the moment it says BCLK is set to 100 but it doesn’t do anything for the cpu speed, so the processor is still running @ 3.7ghz. The vcore is set to 1.35 as of this moment. Have tried everything I can think of. Maybe there’s some BIOS setting that is hindering me that I do not understand. PLEASE HELP!

    • Joar

      WHOOPS. Meant to say that BCLK is set to 110 atm!

      • Ben

        After flashing any new BIOS try resetting the entire Bios. remove battery or check manual for jumper setting to delete Bios adjustments. This step helped me. If this did not work try flashing the bios again. Check if there is a newer version available at the manufacture’s website. Personally I dowloaded a more recent BIOS for my MB (MSI z170a-pro) from the MSI webpage and could oc to 4,4 Ghz.
        Good luck.

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